IT Consultant Profile on Matt Perdue

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An excellent example of a value-driven staffing firm is when a consultant places their loyalty and respect in the company they work with. Senior healthcare IT consultant Matt Perdue can testify to the power of these values at HealthTECH Resources, Inc. (HTR). Matt has worked with HTR for the last 20 years.

In fact, Matt started his IT career working closely with the President/CEO of HealthTECH Resources (HTR), Larry Hodge, in the mid 90’s. To this day, he primarily works with HTR: “I’d rather go through HTR than anybody else. They always take great care of me and are always concerned about my well-being and happiness on the assignment.” If you’re a healthcare IT consultant, you know there is no higher praise for a recruiting company than that.

IT Consultant with 20 years of experience with HealthTECH Resources

DesertMatt has stayed with HTR all these years because they keep current with their systems. He appreciates the online payment portal and electronic payments. Other companies he’s worked with are still using paper checks and FedEx. Matt recognizes what a waste of time and money this outdated system is.“HealthTECH Resources, Inc. is better than anybody else out there.”

Being treated like a human being and not a commodity is another important aspect of HTR’s relationship with Matt. “They treat you like a professional and expect you to behave like one. I work to make my manager/client look good, and that has led to many repeat performances.”

“I’ve worked for placement firms that are no longer in business. They treated IT, consultants like they were ‘a dime a dozen’, and I believe that is what led to their demise. They weren’t supportive. They were disrespectful toward consultants in written communications to the client.” He voiced his disapproval to one such firm and three years later, no surprise to Matt, they were out of business.

HealthTECH exhibits loyalty to their IT Consultants

When asked what he finds most rewarding about working in health IT, Matt describes the challenge of “getting the machines to do what I want them to do. It can be frustrating at times, but it sure is nice when it happens for the client and me. I also enjoy meeting people and finding out what their needs are. I like knowing that I can make their lives easier by coming up with a system they enjoy using!”

When talking to other IT consultants on the road, Matt always encourages them to reach out to HTR. He says, “HealthTECH is better than anybody else out there.” Matt should know. He’s been around since the beginning of HTR. HealthTECH has exhibited the same loyalty and commitment to Matt as he has to them.

Looking for a firm that you can commit to for the rest of your healthcare IT consulting career? Talk to HTR today. One human being to another.

IT Consultant Profile on Teresa Smith

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Teresa is a veteran healthcare IT Consultant with 18 years in the business. Over the course of her career, she’s worked with many recruiters. Teresa worked with HeathTECH Resources, Inc. (HTR) for four years and considers HTR an easy stand out as the “best recruiting firm” she’s worked with. We recently spoke with Teresa about her experience as an HTR consultant.

They (my recruiter) was concerned about the position I had, and future opportunities for HT and also my work-life balance. They were concerned about my life, my family life and my personal life, along with my work life. My recruiter was making sure that I had a good balance there.

HealthTECH Resources stands out… making sure you have a good work life balance

Teresa emphasized HTR stands out in the way they care about their consultants well-being and their quality of life. She said, They (my recruiter) was concerned about the position I had, and future opportunities for HT and my work-life balance. They were concerned about my personal life and my family, along with my work life. My recruiter was making sure that I had a good balance there.”

IT-Consultant-HealthTECH-Resources-3620-E-Campbell-Ave-Ste-C-Phoenix-AZ-85018An example of this was the time one of Theresa’s relatives became ill. HTR worked very closely with her; she said, to get her the time off she needed. “That is something that doesn’t happen with other recruiting firms. There was never an ‘if you can’t be there, we need to get someone else on the job’ attitude,” she said.

HeathTECH treats each IT Consultant like a human being and not revenue machine

HTR also sent her to an EPIC training. She noted that it is difficult to get firms to send consultants for training, but HTR paid for her to do go to training.

Teresa enjoyed her consulting position. She liked the travel and seeing other parts of the country. She enjoyed the challenge of working on new and interesting projects. As the healthcare landscape has changed, over her 18 years, she enjoyed the challenges that went along with it.

She said of her recruiter, Mike Grace, “Mike is wonderful. He’s probably one of the best recruiters I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many different recruiters over the years.” She went on to note, “His concern is what sets him apart. He will pick up the phone and ask me how I am. Not, ‘how is the job?’, not ‘what’s going on in the job?’, but ‘how are you? How are you handling your travel? How is your family? How is your family handling your travel? What can I do for you to help make your experience better?’ That’s something that you very seldom get. My experience with other placement firms is that once you have the assignment, recruiters are hands off or when they do contact you; they are more concerned about getting more work for their company, and treating me like an inside source.”

HealthTECH Resources cares about their IT consultants as human beings. Not just about the revenue they bring to the firm. A company that treats their team members with that attitude will make a significant difference in how a consultant feels about the job they are doing.

Teresa had an openness with her recruiter, Mike. She knew she could call him and tell him anything, ask him anything, ask for his help or his guidance. Other recruiters, she said, “were hard to contact after a placement or I wouldn’t hear from them at all.”

As of this posting, Teresa is working in a full-time position but indicated that if she ever decided to go back to consulting, HeathTECH Resources, Inc. would be her very first call.

We’d welcome you back with open arms, Theresa and wish you continued success and happiness.

If your IT placement firm turns their back on you when you need them, call our recruiters at HeathTECH Resources. Let us prove to you how valuable we believe you are. 


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