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“I have worked with the Larry Hodge, President & CEO of HealthTECH, and his leadership team for almost my entire management career across multiple firms and verticals. He takes the time to hire only the best relationship managers and recruiters and it shows in their tenure and the quality of the resources they bring to the table. Unlike larger managed solutions providers like the big offshore firms who typically throw numbers and hope you get the right fit, HealthTECH brings a much more customer-focused approach to finding resources and spend the time to ensure a good fit and successful engagement. I will continue to partner with HealthTECH no matter where my career takes me.”

Jim Berlinger, Sr. Manager of Application Development – Healthfirst Florida

About HealthTECH – What We Are

From our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, HealthTECH Resources provides top-quality healthcare IT and consulting professionals to hospitals and insurers across the U.S. We are about a proven track record of excellence in the healthcare IT field. We’re proud to be counted as one of the nation’s top providers of IT consultants to hospitals, universities, and insurance providers.

HealthTECH maintains a comprehensive “bench” of qualified staff available on site within 48 hours, including all skill sets identified below. With our network of highly skilled professionals and strategic partners, HealthTECH is confident we will be able to meet your staffing requirements.

Our firm has experienced record growth over the last few years and we are confident that this will continue through this year as clients continue to ramp up hiring objectives. We have expanded not only our corporate operations and facilities but also our specialized recruiting functions and internal and automated procedures. This expansion streamlines our processes and delivery systems to accommodate the competitive hiring horizon over the next five years.

About HealthTECH – What We Are Not

We’re not a two-year-old company or a startup hoping to go public before it runs out of cash. We’re a 20-year-old, financially secure company that is committed to the health care industry and the clients we serve every day. We bring a huge skill set and some outstanding talent to help meet the short- and long-term needs of our clients.

HealthTech Resources Inc Logo Large, Healthcare IT, Phoenix, AZ.

Advantages of using HealthTECH:

  1. Specialized and flexible consulting solutions to meet client goals & objectives
  2. Financial stability
  3. Broad range of healthcare IT consultants
  4. Competitive pricing
  5. Familiarity with vendor management systems
  6. Dedicated recruiting team to each client

HealthTECH Resources Areas of Expertise:

  • Claims configuration / testing
  • Business analyst, Business systems analysts
  • Project management
  • .NET developers (C#, SQL…etc.)
  • ETL developers
  • Systems engineers (AIX, Citrix, Windows…etc.)
  • SAS analysts/developers
  • Database administrators
  • Report developers
  • COBOL programmers
  • Network engineers
  • Datastage developers
  • HL7 analysts
  • Testing engineers
  • Q/A
  • SQA analysts/architects
  • BI Analysts/developers
  • Data modelers
  • WebSphere administrators
  • Informatics
  • Mainframe systems engineers
  • Programmer analysts
  • Application developers
  • Data integration
  • …and more


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