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IT Consultant Profile on Matt Perdue

Photo of sunlit sky with rock formation, Healthtech Resources, Inc., Healthcare IT, Phoenix, AZ.

An excellent example of a value-driven staffing firm is when a consultant places their loyalty and respect in the company they work with. Senior healthcare IT consultant Matt Perdue can testify to the power of these values at HealthTECH Resources, Inc. (HTR). Matt has worked with HTR for the last 20 years. In fact, Matt […]

IT Consultant Profile on Teresa Smith

Teresa is a veteran healthcare IT Consultant with 18 years in the business. Over the course of her career, she’s worked with many recruiters. Teresa worked with HeathTECH Resources, Inc. (HTR) for four years and considers HTR an easy stand out as the “best recruiting firm” she’s worked with. We recently spoke with Teresa about […]

How to ‘Be’ the CIO Your Organization Needs in 2016

In our recent post, “How Technology is Affecting Hospitals from the Top Down: The Role of Today’s CIO,” we addressed the evolving CIO role and the gap that’s formed in the traditional IT department. We highlighted the one way to fill this void – through the empowerment of your team. However, more is needed to […]

How Technology is Affecting Hospitals from the Top Down: The Role of Today’s CIO

The impact technology is having on information technology (IT) personnel within hospitals and other healthcare organizations is tremendous. CIOs are no longer behind a curtain controlling the switches on all of a hospital’s systems. Instead, our head IT professional is often found center stage, explaining how the latest technology will affect operations and how to […]

How to Succeed in HIT Implementation: Taking Technological Change to the Next Level

As a CIO or healthcare IT professional, much of your success is dependent on the success of your end users, your co-workers, your customers. The role of IT has changed, putting you in a position where you can’t afford to mark a project complete upon system installation. In fact, you’ve still got quite a bit […]

The Insurer Market Shake-up… What Will Hospitals Do?

Over the past few months, we’ve seen Aetna enter into an agreement to purchase Humana, a merger which just recently received overwhelming approval by both companies’ shareholders. And we’ve seen Anthem move forward in its plan to merge with Cigna, a $54.2 billion purchase. While both deals are under review by the U.S. Justice Department’s […]

EHR Satisfaction: A Look at Healthcare IT News’ 2015 Survey

Electronic health record (EHR) systems are playing an increasingly greater role in the operations of your hospital and its staff. Their effectiveness – or lack thereof – can even affect your bottom line in relation to achieving meaningful use requirements. This all makes the happiness of your EHR users critically important. With that said, it […]

Hire a Consultant for I.T. Changes and Keep Your Hospital Running Smoothly

Our hospitals have to make substantial changes in regards to information technology (I.T.) practices, which call for a significant degree of technical knowledge. The transition to electronic health records requires choosing the correct program, getting it installed and up and running, inputting all patient information, and learning how to use it. Electronic billing is now […]

Did Your Hospital’s ICD-10 Transition Happen October 1?

Starting October 1, hospitals and other healthcare providers were supposed to switch to the ICD-10 insurance codes instead of using the ICD-9 insurance codes. Any services that were performed prior to October 1, 2015, should have been billed using the old ICD-9 codes, but any services that were performed by hospitals and other healthcare providers on […]