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Overcoming Obstacles to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can offer numerous benefits, we discussed several of these benefits in a recent article. As a recap, blockchain use in healthcare can: Provide a complete, single source of accurate medical patient records Allow for direct access to validated services by insurers Be confirmed directly by patients with no intermediary Save time and money […]

How to Build a Successful Healthcare Technology Team

In the healthcare space, much attention is often paid to the implementation of revolutionary new technology from electronic health records (EHR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Certainly, this is understandable given the importance of these functions to healthcare data management and the rapidly evolving capabilities of these systems to […]

Hire a Consultant for IT Changes and Keep Your Hospital Running Smoothly

Hospitals have had to make substantial changes in regards to information technology (IT) practices over the past decade, which called for a significant degree of technical knowledge. The transition to electronic health records required choosing the correct program, getting it installed and up and running, inputting all patient information, and learning how to use it. […]

IT Consultant Profile on Matt Perdue

Photo of sunlit sky with rock formation, Healthtech Resources, Inc., Healthcare IT, Phoenix, AZ.

An excellent example of a value-driven staffing firm is when a consultant places their loyalty and respect in the company they work with. Senior healthcare IT consultant Matt Perdue can testify to the power of these values at HealthTECH Resources, Inc. (HTR). Matt has worked with HTR for the last 20 years. In fact, Matt […]

IT Consultant Profile on Teresa Smith

Teresa is a veteran healthcare IT Consultant with 18 years in the business. Over the course of her career, she’s worked with many recruiters. Teresa worked with HeathTECH Resources, Inc. (HTR) for four years and considers HTR an easy stand out as the “best recruiting firm” she’s worked with. We recently spoke with Teresa about […]