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Leadership spotlight

Larry Hodge, President/CEO

Larry Hodge

Larry has specialized in building strategic healthcare relationships for over 25 years, helping the nation’s top payors and providers solve some of their most pressing business challenges through an intelligent mix of staffing services, training, and consulting.


Derek Sola
Sr. Director of Client Services

A leading authority in the provider/payer market, Derek works closely with major clients like UCLA Health, the University of Chicago and Duke Medicine to solve complex business challenges with strategic staffing support.

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Brandon Loomis
Director of Client Services

BlueCross BlueShield, United HealthCare, Scripps and Broward Health are among the companies Brandon has worked with to help with staff augmentation, legacy system support as well as cloud and cyber security.

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justin Cooper
Director of Recruitment

With over a decade of HIT recruiting experience, Justin is a veteran at finding difference makers: CIOs, Vice Presidents, Project Directors, Lead Application Coordinators, Report Developers, Instructional Designers, and more.

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Sherry Sipple
Vice President, Accounting, Administration & Benefits

Sherry has worked in HIT finance for nearly 20 years, with a diverse background of financial experience and a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry. Sherry leads HealthTECH’s teams in charge of Accounting and Human Resources.

Not Convinced?

Hear from Our Clients

“I have worked with Larry Hodge, president & CEO of HealthTECH, and his team for almost my entire career. He takes time to hire only the best candidates and it shows in their tenure and quality of talent. Unlike larger providers who throw numbers and hope for the right fit, HealthTECH brings a much more customer-focused approach to finding resources and ensuring successful engagement. I will continue to partner with HealthTECH no matter where my career takes me.”

Jim Berlinger

Sr. Manager of Application Development

Healthfirst Florida

“HealthTECH is a detail oriented company that understands that hiring the right candidate for a career position for your organization is the most important factor for success. They will provide you outstanding service, qualified candidates with industry experience and ongoing communication to ensure you are extremely satisfied.”

Joe Gallo

VP, Health Plan

CVS Health

“HealthTECH has provided our health system with multiple qualified consultants for a wide array of positions and all have been stellar performers. They are personable and professional through every step of the recruiting process.”

Mike B.

Epic Program Director

MemorialCare Medical Center

“The team at HealthTECH provided us with multiple resources during our Epic implementation. We also required legacy support during the implementation and they were able to help us with that as well. Once we were ready to go-live, they put a large team of trainers and instructional designers together which helped make the entire process run efficiently. “

Liz M.

Talent Acquisition

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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EHR/EMR Consulting FAQs

What is a healthcare EMR/EHR system?

This is a broad term for the electronic systems used by health care facilities and professionals to store, analyze, and share health-related info in collaborative ways. Patients are also using these systems, increasingly more often, to glean information about their medical diagnoses and participate in the management of their own health.

Examples of electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) are Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, among several other. Electronic health information can be encrypted for enhanced security and privacy, which means that only authorized users can access the info. Healthcare software can also track and maintain information about who has read the records as an added protocol.

What is the difference between EMR and EHR?

Both EMRs and EHRs house digital patient health records with slight differences. EMR stands for “electronic medical records” and they are more or less an electronic version of what would appear in a patient’s paper record from visits to a particular provider. We augment staff for healthcare facilities in need of experienced EMR consultants with a wide range of specialties.

EHR, meanwhile, stands for “electronic health records” and they are a more holistic solution, able to contain a patient’s record from multiple providers. Those providers can share those records among one other, making it a powerful collaborative tool. Examples of top EHR software used by medical facilities include Epic and Cerner. Here at HealthTECH Resources, we specialize in providing quality healthcare IT solutions by augmenting staff with knowledgeable and experienced Cerner and Epic consultants, as well as other professional EHR consultants with expertise in systems such as MEDITECH, NextGen, Allscripts, and more.

What is the role of EHR consulting services in healthcare?

As in just about any industry, knowledge is power, and having the right data at your fingertips is a genuine difference-maker. In the medical industry, having the correct information, easily accessed, can play a huge role in the quality of patient care being provided, enhancing a population’s overall health.

When a healthcare facility has clean and accurate patient data, communication between physicians/healthcare professionals and their patients is automatically enhanced—and it allows medical pros to provide more customized care, better prescription management, and much more. The right healthcare IT software will streamline the access of information; reduce repetitive tasks so that medical teams can put more time and attention on patient care; and can also reduce costs.

These systems, of course, aren’t set up and managed without the help of qualified EHR consultants who specialize in crucial niche areas where your staff needs to be augmented—and we can fill in your staffing gaps with Epic consultants, Cerner consultants, and much more.

What are the key benefits of working with an EHR/EMR consulting firm?

Experienced, quality healthcare IT consulting firms can match your organization with EMR consultants possessing exactly the right specialties to fill in staffing gaps to efficiently and effectively complete projects. HealthTECH Resources offers both long-term consultants (independent contractors) and permanent placements (employees). Our outstanding leadership will happily help analyze your needs and discuss the best options, providing you with niche experts that can save you time and money. A few other key benefits include:

  • Help your healthcare facility stay in compliance with evolving regulations
  • Get reimbursements more efficiently with shortened revenue cycles
  • Provide cyber-secure solutions
  • Enhance productivity
  • Realize a return on investment more quickly
What factors should we consider when choosing an EHR/EMR consulting company?

When you need an EHR consultant, it’s important to get exactly the right one—and not all healthcare IT companies that recruit and augment staff are equal in their abilities to place just the right professionals within your facilities. Things to look for when choosing healthcare IT service professionals include:

  • Specialized experience: If you need EMR/EHR consultants and also need to hit the ground running with projects, it doesn’t matter how proficient someone is with other EMR/EHR applications. You need consultants who can provide expertise and fuel momentum now.
  • Flexible options: Choose a healthcare IT recruiting and staffing company that offers the hiring options you need. If you’re looking for a permanent placement for a position, it won’t be helpful if an agency can only send short-term EHR consultants.
  • Fast response times: Many traditional Healthcare IT consulting companies can sometimes take weeks to deliver professionals, delaying your project.
  • Reliable: Consistency in staffing success is key, so it’s imperative that the healthcare IT company will provide you with the EHR consultants and other professionals you need. Hit and miss when it comes to healthcare IT consulting just won’t do it in today’s ultra-competitive world.

At HealthTECH Resources, you can count on being reliably staffed with top professionals that fit your niche needs, usually within 48 hours. To get started, please contact us online today.

What types of services are typically offered by EHR/EMR consultants?

EHR consulting companies can offer a variety of services, so we’ll focus on the world-class services provided by HealthTECH Resources. Some EMR consultants specialize in broad-scoped skills, such as cyber security, choosing the right EMR vendors, project management, and more. More niche specialties include training and process documentation, implementation, integration, optimization, go-live cutover support, post-live support, and data cleaning and migration.

Specialists within our deep and broad network have expertise in today’s top applications (Epic, Oracle Cerner/Allscripts/Altera, MEDITECH, and NextGen) while others have high-level expertise in managed care payers systems: HealthEdge-HealthRules and Facets Healthcare. To discuss your specific needs, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

How can an EHR/EMR consulting company help my healthcare facility overcome EMR/EHR implementation challenges?

By carefully analyzing your needs and comparing them to application configurations and customizations, our implementation experts can devise a thoughtful plan that takes workflows into account and includes seamless workarounds. Filling in staffing gaps with EMR consultants with specialized niches creates a solid team to proactively consider and efficiently address any challenges.

What makes HealthTECH Resources stand out compared to other healthcare IT consulting firms?

We’re the experienced choice that checks all of the boxes in the answer to “What factors should we consider when choosing an EHR/EMR consulting company?” We’re experienced with wide industry connections, and highly skilled in analyzing in-house staff and optimally augmenting them. Contact us online or call (602) 903-7961 to discuss specifics.

How can I become part of your EHR consultant network?

HealthTECH Resources has experienced record growth (and we have for the past few years) and we anticipate seeing this growth continue as our clients are accelerating their healthcare IT projects and, therefore, their hiring objectives. Our executives have responded to this increased recruiting and staffing demand by expanding corporate operations, our facilities, our specialized recruiting functions, and our internal and automated procedures.

Here’s what else is needed—top shelf professionals that we can recommend for our clients in need of healthcare IT experts.

Please check our current listing of open positions and see which ones fit your qualifications and interests. Click on each of these to read more detailed job descriptions and, when ready to apply for one or more of these healthcare IT consulting positions, simply click on the orange “Apply For Job” button to submit your application. Or you can submit your resume or apply for open positions through LinkedIn. Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the premier HealthTECH Resources network and in providing top notch healthcare IT services to hospitals, insurers, universities, and more!