We Provide Facets Healthcare Software Resources and Guidance to Payor Clients Nationwide

Today’s healthcare organizations require tools and strategies to remain compliant while optimizing for business success. The Facets Healthcare Core Administration Platform offers unique capabilities, helping payor clients to achieve ICD-10 compliance, meet MLR standards, and address shifting market pressures driven by increased competition. To learn more about how we can help you better utilize Facets Healthcare products, contact us directly to talk to one of our expert strategists.

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Facets Healthcare Software Benefits and Capabilities

This robust yet flexible modern solution allows healthcare organizations to manage administrative, clinical, and financial requirements in one seamless platform. Benefits of Facets Healthcare software include the following:

  • Provides healthcare organizations with a scalable solution
  • Enhances efficiency and productivity in a forward-thinking way
  • Improves the end user experience while lowering costs
  • Allows healthcare organizations to meet evolving compliance demands

Facets products and services that we support through our augmented staffing services include:

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Larry Hodge, president & CEO of HealthTECH, and his team for almost my entire career. He takes time to hire only the best candidates and it shows in their tenure and quality of talent. Unlike larger providers who throw numbers and hope for the right fit, HealthTECH brings a much more customer-focused approach to finding resources and ensuring successful engagement. I will continue to partner with HealthTECH no matter where my career takes me.”

Jim Berlinger

Sr. Manager of Application Development

Healthfirst Florida

“HealthTECH is a detail oriented company that understands that hiring the right candidate for a career position for your organization is the most important factor for success. They will provide you outstanding service, qualified candidates with industry experience and ongoing communication to ensure you are extremely satisfied.”

Joe Gallo

VP, Health Plan

CVS Health

TriZetto QNXT

Payor Software decisions can be tough. Our TriZetto consultants can make it easier.

TriZetto’s QNXT Enterprise Core Administration System delivers an award-winning administrative solution to healthcare organizations and aims to give them a competitive edge. The system gives organizations the tools they need to meet the demands of today’s healthcare industry, including 5010 and ICD-10 compliance, meeting MLR standards, increased financial pressure, and increased competition. The system also enables organizations to improve the quality of care and increase administrative efficiency in a strategic manner that allows for evolution as the industry changes.

These are just some of the reasons HealthTECH supports TriZetto’s QNXT system. Contact us today to learn how professionals in our extensive network can help your healthcare organization to maximize usage of this powerful application and realize your return on investment.

Facets Healthcare Software Implementation and Integration

When healthcare organizations plan a Facets implementation project, it’s not unusual to discover staffing gaps. After all, implementing and integrating a healthcare payor application into your organization’s technology is outside the scope of typical professional IT duties. To calculate your gap specifics, review your IT teams’ current projects and consider whether you can move forward on them and also have your in-house specialists implement Facets. Will any projects need to be delayed? Is that advisable?

To optimally fill in gaps with experienced professionals, contact us. We can provide IT experts with exactly the niche specialties you need to efficiently and cost effectively reach your goals within project scope and budget. HealthTECH Resources can also help with your staffing analyses and then right-size your Facets implementation and integration team.

Facets Healthcare Software Optimization

Throughout the implementation, you will encounter key decision making points—and the choices you make will determine how effectively Facets will dovetail with your internal processes and workflows. In other words, these decisions will determine how optimally you’re implementing and integrating your Facets Healthcare software.

We can help. HealthTECH Resources augments staffing in optimal ways and helps your in-house team to analyze internal and external factors for the most effective implementation possible. We’ll work closely with your team, collaborating while leveraging Facets in robust yet nuanced ways and identifying opportunities to streamline workflows, lower costs, reduce risks and manual processes, improve satisfaction levels, and facilitate change management.

Facets Healthcare Consulting

Consultants in our deep and wide network possess a broad range of consulting expertise: from niche specialties to overall project management talent.They’ll share insights gleaned from their deep knowledge and expertise whether you need a deeper understanding of this software’s technical capacity or to gain clarity about what each module provides or something else entirely. Our experienced professionals can also help you to establish and leverage best practices in ways that can transform your organization.

Because consultants in our network possess such a broad scope of expertise, let us know specifically what you need and we’ll match you up, even when you have stringent requirements and urgent timelines.

Facets Healthcare Training

To streamline operations and realize return on investment, it’s crucial to train your healthcare teams how to use this application in role-based ways. The best application, even when strategically implemented, needs to be clearly understood by end users before its benefits can be fully realized. In our HealthTECH network, we have outstanding Facets Healthcare training experts who will listen and learn about your organization’s goals and then create a customized training program to dovetail with your processes and workflows.

Different departments will use the application differently and our Facets Healthcare training pros will nimbly adjust to provide exactly what a particular group of end users needs in efficient and cost effective ways. The result? Confident use of your powerful new application.

Facets Healthcare training experts can also capture process documentation information and then transform it into user-friendly training materials, workstation reference books, new employee onboarding resources, refresher training guides, and more.

Choose HealthTech for Facet Healthcare Resources

Our boutique-style agency is extremely well connected to the healthcare IT industry. In fact, augmenting healthcare IT in-house teams with professionals of unsurpassed quality is our sole niche. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped healthcare organizations like yours to analyze their staffing gaps, identify their needs, and then rapidly fulfill upon requests, often within 48 hours.

As the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team in the healthcare IT industry, we’ve experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years. In response, we’ve further expanded our operations and specialized recruiting functions while also streamlining our processes and delivery systems—which means that we’re better positioned to help you today than we’ve ever been.

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Facets Healthcare Software FAQs

What is Facets software?

Facets Healthcare software is a robust yet flexible application that allows healthcare organizations to automate functions in efficient and cost effective ways. These include administration functions, billing and claims processing, patient care, and more. You can configure this software in unique ways to mesh with your unique processes and workflows during the implementation, integration, and optimization phases of your Facets project.

Core modules allow healthcare organizations to seamlessly manage a wide range of health plans from individual and commercial group policies as well as Managed Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and more.

What is TriZetto used for?

This award-winning software gives healthcare organizations a competitive edge to enhance revenue through highly efficient administrative functions while improving member and patient experiences, as well as quality of care. Tools are designed to meet compliance standards as they evolve and otherwise help the organization grow and thrive in today’s highly competitive, always changing environment.

How can Facets benefit our healthcare organization?

This application is powerful and robust while also being flexible and scalable, able to be configured in unique ways to meet the needs of your specific healthcare organization. Facets allow facilities to manage administrative, financial, and clinical workflows in one single platform in ways that keep them in compliance even in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

This scalable solution allows healthcare facilities to enhance operations in efficient, cost-effective ways with additional modules expanding capabilities. Experienced professionals in the HealthTECH Resources network can help you to maximize the possibilities in the powerful Facets Healthcare software. To ask questions or to get started, please contact us online or call 855-218-7371 today.