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Innovative New Epic Modules: Cheers, Garden Plot, and Best Care for My Patient

A sign of a quality EHR application is that the company refuses to rest on its laurels—and that perfectly describes Epic Systems. They’ve recently launched two new modules and are at the pre-launch stage of a third one, so we thought we’d share insights into all three of them for your healthcare organization. Epic Cheers […]

What Should I Look For in a Healthcare IT Consulting Firm?

Implementing and managing your organization’s electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) software is typically an in-depth undertaking. So, it’s important to have the right experts on your team, experienced professionals with exactly the specialties you need. When choosing among healthcare IT consulting firms, here are seven key issues to consider. #1 Expertise […]

What is EHR Technology and Why is it Important?

HealthIT.gov defines an electronic health record (EHR) as a “digital version of a patient’s paper chart . . . real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users.” An EHR system therefore includes a broad range of patient-specific data along with decision making tools for healthcare providers that streamline workflows. In […]

Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade or Replace Your EMR System

There are several reasons to consider changing or upgrading to your healthcare facility’s EHR system. With technology continuing to advance and ever-changing healthcare rules and regulations, a change could be on the horizon for your organization. But how do you determine when to make the leap. In this article, we’ll talk about seven signs that […]

What is the Role of an EHR Consultant?

The term “EHR consultant” is broad, encompassing a wide range of professionals with the knowledge and in-depth skill sets in implement, integrate, and optimize electronic health record (EHR) applications such as these: Epic Cerner Allscripts MEDITECH NextGen EHR consultants often have other areas of expertise, such as the ability to train end users in the […]

Why Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry Requires a Holistic Approach

Data privacy has been thrust into the spotlight this year, with several high-profile breaches and new global threats seemingly popping up each day. While information security is important for all consumer industries, healthcare organizations possess highly-sensitive personal data and therefore have a critical responsibility to keep their patients safe. According to a report by cybersecurity […]

How Leading Healthcare Providers Are Turning Data into Insights

Healthcare organizations sit on top of a mountain of available patient data records. Of course, this raw data is useless on its own, but when analyzed properly it can be turned into actionable information that can help better diagnose and manage illness, research new treatments, and even prevent disease. In today’s ever-changing world, leading providers […]

How Healthcare Providers Can Use Technology to Their Advantage

While healthcare providers’ primary responsibility is to their patients, of course, maintaining a healthy business is still of considerable importance. As technology has become increasingly complex, healthcare leaders have faced new challenges in ensuring stability and growth for their organizations. According to a recent Forbes article by healthcare reporter Claire Rychlewski, poor implementation and management […]

3 Trends Driving the Future of Healthcare Technology

Amidst regulatory changes, evolving patient expectations, and emerging technology, healthcare providers find themselves in a very interesting, and challenging, ecosystem. Of course, while these pressures present obstacles to success, they also present an enormous opportunity for providers that are able to be nimble and adapt to a continually shifting “new normal.” Today, healthcare providers are […]

How to Build a Successful Healthcare Technology Team

In the healthcare space, much attention is often paid to the implementation of revolutionary new technology, from Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Certainly, this is understandable given the importance of these functions to healthcare data management, and the rapidly evolving capabilities of these systems to […]