EMR Technology: Closing the Communication Gap Between Patients and Providers

Several years ago, HealthTechMagazine acknowledged how helpful technology can be in facilitating patient-provider communication. Both parties, the article reads, saw equal value in having internet access to healthcare information and in using web-based patient portals. That said, 78 percent of patients wanted easier access than what they currently had with 48 percent of them recognizing […]

Real Risks Involved With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technologies come with significant benefits. The decentralized structure of the blockchain allows organizations to share data in an environment where no one entity is totally in charge, so organizations can build trust with one another as information is exchanged and stored. The nearly unalterable transaction records are encrypted from end to end, making it […]

How Technology is Affecting Hospitals From the Top Down: The Role of Today’s CIO

The role of IT personnel in healthcare organizations is rapidly evolving due to the impact of technology. Instead of operating behind the scenes, CIOs are increasingly taking on a more visible role, explaining how new technologies will impact operations and how to proactively address upcoming mandates and advancements. By staying ahead of the curve, they […]

How to ‘Be’ the CIO Your Organization Needs in 2023

Plenty of changes have occurred over the past few years that affect your role as CIO and how you lead your healthcare company’s IT department: some because of COVID; others because of increasingly more sophisticated hackers; and still others because of rapidly advancing technologies. No matter what challenges you face and opportunities you encounter, be […]

Healthcare Information Technology Salary

Demand for healthcare workers and for IT professionals are both significantly increasing, much faster than the average for overall occupations. Looking at healthcare employment, this is expected to grow by 13 percent from 2021-2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); looking at IT occupations, openings are expected to grow by 15 percent over […]

More Than Two Years Into The Pandemic, Hospital Budgets Are Beginning to Crack

The COVID-19 virus has put a strain on what we once considered ordinary life: from supply chains to how we interact in schools and other public places. The pandemic has also put significant pressure on where people go when they are hit with an illness: our healthcare systems. In August 2022, the Kaiser Family Foundation […]

Overcoming Obstacles to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can offer numerous benefits, we discussed several of these benefits in a recent article. As a recap, blockchain use in healthcare can: Provide a complete, single source of accurate medical patient records Allow for direct access to validated services by insurers Be confirmed directly by patients with no intermediary Save time and money […]

Electronic Medical Records Market Experiencing Tremendous Growth

According to Mordor Intelligence, there has been a “dramatic increase” in electronic health record (EHR) platform adoption during the pandemic. Several countries, they report, embraced these systems “to a notable extent” to provide information about their infection status. This adoption rate is significant—and the report provides information about continuing momentum. The EHR market is expected […]

Telehealth and RPM Interoperability with EHR Systems Improved Patient Care After Covid

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, healthcare organizations needed to respond in ways to help keep people safe during their medical appointments—with telehealth serving as a key element of the response. Patients embraced this option, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) report from December 2021 revealed a “63-fold increase” in telehealth usage. According […]

How New Epic EHR Partnerships Will Improve Molecular Testing Processes

On July 7, 2022, Caris Life Sciences announced a partnership with Epic Systems to enhance the ability of oncologists to access molecular testing for their patients. Molecular profile services added include whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing for blood and tissue samples—making Caris the first Epic partner with these capabilities. This partnership provides these services […]