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Electronic Medical Records Market Experiencing Tremendous Growth

According to Mordor Intelligence, there has been a “dramatic increase” in electronic health record (EHR) platform adoption during the pandemic. Several countries, they report, embraced these systems “to a notable extent” to provide information about their infection status. This adoption rate is significant—and the report provides information about continuing momentum. The EHR market is expected […]

Telehealth and RPM Interoperability with EHR Systems Improved Patient Care After Covid

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, healthcare organizations needed to respond in ways to help keep people safe during their medical appointments—with telehealth serving as a key element of the response. Patients embraced this option, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) report from December 2021 revealed a “63-fold increase” in telehealth usage. According […]

How New Epic EHR Partnerships Will Improve Molecular Testing Processes

On July 7, 2022, Caris Life Sciences announced a partnership with Epic Systems to enhance the ability of oncologists to access molecular testing for their patients. Molecular profile services added include whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing for blood and tissue samples—making Caris the first Epic partner with these capabilities. This partnership provides these services […]

How Leading Healthcare Providers Are Turning Data into Insights

Healthcare organizations sit on top of a mountain of available patient data records. Of course, this raw data is useless on its own but, when analyzed properly, it can be turned into actionable information that can help better diagnose and manage illness, research new treatments, and even prevent disease. In today’s ever-changing world, leading providers […]

How to Enhance EHR Use Measures to Mitigate Clinician Burnout

Healthcare is a career in which burnout is an ongoing risk. Days are full, typically without enough hours in the day to get everything done at a reasonable pace. The potential for crises is always just around the corner, which sets the stage for emotional exhaustion. Burned-out medical personnel can depersonalize patients in an effort […]

Choosing the Right EHR Vendor For Your Organization

Electronic health record (EHR) systems come with plenty of benefits for the healthcare organization that’s using this technology. EHR applications allow them to share and receive crucial information across healthcare organizations, which facilitates their ability to provide safe, high-quality, well-coordinated patient care. EHR systems allow medical professionals to make more effective diagnoses, reducing errors. Communication […]

Optimizing Your Healthcare Organization’s Data Management

Secure, effective data management in your electronic health records (EHR) system and other technologies is crucial to protect your patients and your organization. EHR applications with clean, secure, relevant data allow your facilities to streamline patient care in cost effective ways while protecting data privacy. Employees at healthcare facilities can seamlessly enter patient information into […]

EHR Data Analytics Real-World Impact on Patient Outcomes

At the highest level, electronic health record (EHR) systems are used to input massive amounts of data; refer to data points, as needed; and analyze outputs through reporting. An EHR consists of raw data for each patient with even small practices and healthcare facilities having large amounts of data to manage. Well-implemented EHR applications allow […]

How Telehealth Has Changed During the COVID Pandemic and Its Impact on EHR Use

According to a December 2021 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), “massive increases” in telehealth occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic: an astonishing 63-fold increase. This report, which focuses on Medicare-related usage, shares how telehealth allowed people to receive health care services during an extremely challenging time. An HHS representative compared […]

What Should I Look For in a Healthcare IT Consulting Firm?

Implementing and managing your organization’s electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) software is typically an in-depth undertaking. So, it’s important to have the right experts on your team, experienced professionals with exactly the specialties you need. When choosing among healthcare IT consulting firms, here are seven key issues to consider. #1 Expertise […]