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Epic Community Connect Program: A Look Into the Benefits and Best Practices

Interoperability—the ability of different healthcare technologies to exchange and use information effectively—is at the heart of Epic Community Connect. This system allows healthcare providers to: Access patient data efficiently Streamline operational functions Ensure continuity and improve health outcomes Effectively manage costs What is Epic Community Connect? Epic Community Connect is a collaborative system by Epic […]

Epic Upgrades: Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

When your healthcare organization needs to upgrade your current Epic system to a newer or more advanced version, that’s considered an Epic upgrade. This improved version allows your healthcare facility staff to have the optimal Epic experience with each upgrade addressing one or more facets of the software. One, for example, may add new features […]

Role of Epic Consultants in Epic Upgrades

Epic upgrades are crucial to have the latest in electronic health record (EHR) functionality, to maintain consistent regulatory compliance and enhanced security, and to provide better patient care. Here, we’ll share how Epic consultants can optimize software upgrades to help your healthcare organization succeed. What Are Epic Upgrades? Why Are They So Important? This term […]

5 Key Benefits of Hiring an Epic Consultant for Your EHR Implementation

Epic electronic health records (EHR) software is quite robust and customizable. This means that there are plenty of components in the application that must be seamlessly implemented, optimized, and integrated into your healthcare organization’s technology. Here are five key ways that quality Epic consulting firms like HealthTECH Resources can help get the right people in […]

Is Your Healthcare Organization Ready to Make the Move to Epic Hyperdrive?

In November 2021, Epic Hyperdrive was released for initial testing. Then, in May 2022, an update provided access to this application for most users, and some healthcare organizations began their Epic migration from Hyperspace at that time. If you haven’t yet done so, then your organization has until November 2023 to move to Epic Hyperdrive. […]

How Epic’s Market Dominance Affects The Healthcare System

Epic’s stronghold on the electronic health records (EHR) market is undeniable. With over 250 million patient records and a 32.9 percent hospital market share, it’s clear that this leading EHR system is having an impact on the healthcare industry. Additionally, its numbers continue to grow. In 2021, Epic was implemented in seventy-four hospitals, which was […]

Epic EHR and Google Cloud Announce Partnership

This new partnership between Epic and Google Cloud will allow hospitals using the Epic electronic health records (EHR) technology to store records in the cloud and benefit from specialized tools. Announced in November at the HLTH 2022 Conference, this greatly expands the options that healthcare organizations have when managing their records in a cloud environment. […]

How to Get Epic Certified

Epic is a leading electronic health record (EHR) system, and plenty of benefits exist when you become certified. Some professionals seek certification because they work in a healthcare environment that uses this robust application while others want to offer Epic consulting services. No matter why you’re interested in becoming certified in Epic, it’s a valuable […]

Innovative New Epic Modules: Cheers, Garden Plot, and Best Care for My Patient

A sign of a quality EHR application is that the company refuses to rest on its laurels—and that perfectly describes Epic Systems. They’ve recently launched two new modules and are at the pre-launch stage of a third one, so we thought we’d share insights into all three of them for your healthcare organization. Epic Cheers […]