More Than Two Years Into The Pandemic, Hospital Budgets Are Beginning to Crack

hospital budgets

The COVID-19 virus has put a strain on what we once considered ordinary life: from supply chains to how we interact in schools and other public places. The pandemic has also put significant pressure on where people go when they are hit with an illness: our healthcare systems.

In August 2022, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported on the stresses experienced by hospitals, sharing how even a hospital located in a well-to-do area is losing money, laying off workers, and implementing a hiring freeze.

Other issues experienced in hospitals across the country include:

  • Staffing shortages
  • Rising costs
  • Longer wait times for patients
  • Skyrocketing payroll

Each of these is troublesome. According to an American Hospital Association representative, though, “If you talk with just about any hospital leader across the country, they would put workforce as their top one, two, and three priorities.”

Healthcare Staffing Shortages

By 2025, a report by industry market analytic firm Mercer estimates that there will be a shortage of:

  • 446,000 home health aides
  • 95,000 nursing assistants
  • 98,700 medical/lab technologists/technicians
  • 29,000 nurse practitioners

From a tech worker perspective, Sherweb.com also notes a shortage. Over a decade ago, more than half of CEOs felt concerned about the dearth of digital talent. In 2019, the concern was felt by 79% of C-suite executives surveyed. Add in this: 72% of tech workers in the United States shared they might leave their jobs over the next year.

Considering that information, overall, hospitals are likely experiencing or going to experience a shortage in their IT team.

Addressing Workplace Shortages

In a September 2022 survey by the professional services firm Aon, here are ways that hospitals are trying to attract and retain hospital staff:

  • Tuition reimbursement (94%)
  • Flexible work policies (78%)
  • Personal leave (74%)
  • Cash-out vacation policies (73%)
  • Financial wellness/planning support (72%)
  • Gender-affirming benefits (45%)
  • Adoption benefits (44%)
  • Additional behavioral health benefits (40%)
  • Student loan repayment plans (39%; another 41% considering)

Supplementing Healthcare Staff

If a healthcare organization is experiencing a shortage or knowledge gap in their staff, a popular option is to use knowledgeable consultants to fill in gaps. There are many advantages to this option, including how healthcare systems can use consultants to help with projects for a set timeframe. When the contracted time is up, then the engagement with the consultant can end without the procedures and challenges that typically occur when layoffs take place.

Expert consultants can provide information about best practices, objective feedback on hospital procedures, and so forth—and can generate significant savings in time and money. You’ll benefit from their expertise without needing to pay them benefits or fund payroll taxes like with employees.

Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Company

After your hospital decides that outsourcing to skilled consultants is the right move, it’s important to use an healthcare IT company that has the experience and the network of professionals that can fulfill your needs—those who have the knowledge and insight into helping your healthcare organization to move forward in strategic ways, ones that will help you to save time and money while keeping a keen focus on facilitating medical professionals’ ability to improve patient outcomes.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Specializes in healthcare IT: Plenty of staffing agencies offer general services; you’ll want laser focused consultants with targeted expertise. By choosing our EHR consulting company, you’ll benefit from consultants’ knowledge and skills while also benefiting from industry connections of our healthcare IT company.
  • Offers healthcare IT specialties you need: The concept of healthcare IT is still a fairly broad umbrella. So, make sure the agency and consultants you pick have expertise in your complex technologies. Perhaps you need help in choosing an EMR system; we can help. Or maybe you need help in implementing, integrating, and optimizing the one you’ve chosen. In that case, our EMR consulting company has the best team possible for systems like these:
  • Stays up to date with industry changes: If, for example, you’re implementing or already have Epic, you’ll want someone who can guide you through new modules such as Epic Cheers and Garden Plot, and the upcoming Best Care for My Patient. Quality consultants will glean insights into your needs and goals, and know how to optimize the applications for you.
  • Maintains deep professional connections: Choose a staffing firm with the in-depth roster you need to get niche talent quickly. At HealthTECH Resources, we fill empty positions efficiently under tight timelines, responding rapidly to your requests. We provide them as consultants, contract to hire professionals, and permanent places: whatever suits your needs and your hospital budget during these challenging times. We can augment your staff with professionals with expertise in choosing software; managing projects; training; creating process documentation; implementing your software; integrating and optimizing your applications; migrating data; going live; post go-live support; and more.
  • Possesses valuable, relevant experience: See how long the staffing agency has been supplementing staff and check their list of clients. You’ll want a healthcare IT company that’s been around for years with an excellent reputation. HealthTECH Resources has twenty-plus years of experience with outstanding clients.
  • Values you as a client: Partner with a healthcare IT company that cares about your success: today, tomorrow, and in the future. Our boutique-style EHR consulting firm gives you the personalized time and attention you want and deserve. As part of our personal touch, you’ll benefit from dedicated account management and recruitment staff from start to finish.

Choose HealthTECH Resources Today

We’ll help you to clarify your resource needs, and then dovetail human resources for your goals (short- and long-term). We’ll also make sure that your performance objectives are met.

HealthTECH Resources has a proven record with demonstrable excellent results as we help healthcare organizations like yours to solve complex challenges even during times like these. To augment your healthcare IT staff, contact our EMR consulting company: online or by calling (602) 903-7961.