Healthcare Information Technology Salary

healthcare it salary
Demand for healthcare workers and for IT professionals are both significantly increasing, much faster than the average for overall occupations. Looking at healthcare employment, this is expected to grow by 13 percent from 2021-2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); looking at IT occupations, openings are expected to grow by 15 percent over that same time period. That’s good news for skilled workers in these fields.

With demand so high for qualified health IT professionals, healthcare employers are paying top dollar for great talent that can help them stay on pace with ever-growing federal regulations. They include the 21st Century CARES Act which focuses on the exchange of electronic medical information; the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA); the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH); the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA, section 618); the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); and the Affordable Care Act. When a consultant has knowledge in how to implement software in ways that allow healthcare organizations to stay in compliance; provide required reporting; and proactively look towards staying in compliance, these are valuable skills, indeed.

In-Demand Healthcare Skills

Naturally, if you possess these kinds of skills, such high demand brings rise to increased earning potential. Depending on your specific skill sets and experience, you can expect to earn a good health information technology salary (with averages for specialties listed in the BLS for IT workers) and benefit from the room for career growth in the industry.

Some IT professionals go the more traditional route of applying for a job at a healthcare facility. Others work on a consultant basis for a healthcare IT company. Here’s more about the second route.

Benefits of Healthcare IT Consulting

When you provide healthcare IT support as a consultant, you open up new possibilities for your career, working on a variety of projects with diversely exciting teams. As you interact with other professionals, you broaden your experience and skill sets even further: such as your technical knowledge, organizational skills, communication methods, and more. You can explore alternatives together and expand your already established IT competencies even further.

As a consultant offering healthcare IT support, you can have more control over the direction of your career and typically have key responsibilities from the start, offering prestige. You can choose whom to offer your services to and what positions to accept, carving out your career path.

When you are part of a time-tested, trustworthy healthcare IT company’s network, you often receive in-demand placements that you might not get when applying for a job in the more traditional way. That’s because quality agencies that provide healthcare IT services, like HealthTECH Resources does, have outstanding healthcare clients—and we strategically match ours with expert consultants. As new technologies come out, such as new Epic modules (Cheers, Garden Plot, and Best Care for My Patient), you’ll be on the ground floor as they’re implemented and used in real-life situations.

A seasoned healthtech IT company like HealthTECH can provide lucrative compensation for services provided by consultants. Plus, being a consultant in our network provides you with the flexibility you want and need.

You can use your knowledge in practical ways to help healthcare organizations improve their abilities to enhance patient care and outcomes. So, although it often isn’t discussed, your IT skills will play a crucial role in helping people receive better healthcare.

Become Part of Our Healthcare IT Company

You can become part of our network of healthcare IT consultants and offer your support to clients. HealthTECH Resources has twenty-plus years of experience in connecting IT professionals with healthcare organizations that need those skills. At HealthTECH, you can make a very comfortable living putting your skills to work, especially when you let us match you with the best available jobs.

We provide EHR implementation services to healthcare organizations that need healthcare IT support in EHR systems like these:

In each of these applications, we look for healthcare IT support in helping organizations choose the right system; training; process documentation; implementation; integration; optimization; go-live cutover support; data cleaning migration; overall project management; and more.

In all of the healthcare IT services we provide to organizations, HealthTECH Resources ensures their consultants get top-notch pay rates; so, if your health information technology salary expectations are high, then we’re just the team you need to see to it that you earn what you deserve. Leveraging our industry experience provides you with a vast array of benefits, including:

  • Quick job placement and the commitment to keep you working. No matter what life might throw at you, our team has the resources needed to help you select the best options for healthcare benefits, retirement plans, and more.
  • High-paying jobs and the ability to match you with jobs in your area of expertise. The companies we work with know our reputation for placing highly relevant talent in their organizations.
  • We’re people, too, so we understand the importance of having a personalized experience and building meaningful relationships. Once you connect with one of our recruiters, they will be your single point of contact throughout the entire process.

Take a moment to check our job listings now and see what we can do for you! You can apply for positions or get into our network of experts by submitting a resume or through LinkedIn. We place experts like you as consultants, contract to hire professionals, and permanent placements, meshing your desired status with a healthcare organization in need of your talent. You can find more about our company’s mission and more here. We look forward to adding you to our deep and wide professional network!