Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Staffing Agency

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A healthcare organization needs the highest quality team of IT specialists possible. After all, these experts create the technical framework and offer the support that allow medical professionals to provide essential health services to patients in need. Using a staffing agency makes sense to supplement your in-house team with pre-screened healthcare IT professionals who are the right fit for each position. However, it is important to first make sure that your staffing agency is the right one and that it can fulfill your hiring needs.

So, how do you choose the right healthcare IT staffing agency? There are a few things to look for as you make your choice—and this post will share information about five key aspects.

#1 Specializes in Healthcare IT Services

First and foremost, look for a staffing agency that specializes in healthcare IT rather than a general purpose staffing agency. This will ensure they know exactly what is involved and have domain expertise within the EHR/EMR space. Plus, when you choose an experienced healthcare IT staffing agency, you’ll benefit from all of their connections in the health-tech industry and their ability to source the best consultants. Then they’ll provide you with experts who will best fit your needs.

Beware of agencies that advertise how they “specialize” in multiple industries: say, finance, education, healthcare, and so forth. It’s possible that they’ve identified what industries may have the greatest need for staff supplementation and then listed them all, hoping to get clients that way. Although that may work for the agency, they aren’t specializing in a niche the way that HealthTECH Resources does.

We have only one specialty: EMR/EMR/healthcare IT services. Because our niche is carefully defined, we’re knowledgeable about what healthcare organizations like yours need in consultants—and we know exactly where to source those in-demand experts.

#2 Offers Services in the Healthcare Technologies You Need

Electronic health record (EHR) systems are complex technologies with each brand coming with unique capabilities and intricacies. Choosing the right EHR system for your healthcare facilities is crucial, and so is the optimal implementation, integration, and more.

If you need help in choosing the best system, check to see if the healthcare IT staffing agency you’re considering offers that service. Once you know what EHR software you’re going to implement and use, ensure that the agency has expertise in this application and experts in that software in ways you require.

See how up to date the agency services are. If you’re looking to implement the Epic EHR system, how well informed are they about new modules? This includes Epic Cheers, Garden Plot, and Best Care for My Patient.

Other EHR systems we provide professionals for include:

#3 Maintains Deep Professional Networks

You should also look for a staffing agency with an extensive roster of talent so you are able to get the support staff you need quickly. A good staffing agency should be able to help you find professionals to fill your empty positions within tight timeframes, and be able to respond and be flexible as challenges unfold with staffing initiatives that are both unpredictable and complex.

At HealthTECH Resources, we provide professionals as consultants, contract to hire, and permanent placements with a wide range of expertise. This includes experts who can help you to choose the best software, project managers, and more, including:

  • Trainers: EHR applications can be customized to dovetail with your healthcare organization’s workflows. So, it’s important to have experienced trainers who understand your customizations, and your facility’s training needs and processes, and then craft engaging, interactive training programs.
  • Process documentation: Technical writers in our professional network can capture processes and present them in user-friendly ways. You can use this material for training purposes, onboarding new employees, refresher programs, and at workstations.
  • Implementation: Our experts can assist your healthcare organization with the creation of goals, tasks, timelines, and deadlines, and help to prioritize and allocate resources. Experts sourced from our healthcare IT staffing augmentation services can seamlessly help you to address challenges, create workarounds, and much more.
  • Integration and optimization: Consultants can integrate your new software into your organization’s overall technology in ways that maximize effectiveness and help you to more quickly reach your desired return on investment. They will right-pace the project to ensure that all important steps are addressed in efficient ways.
  • Go-Live cutover: Professionals from our network will test your application’s setup, check off punch list items, consult with people in diverse roles within your organization, and otherwise make sure that everything is optimally complete before going live with your new software.
  • Data cleaning migration: Data integrity is crucial for quality EHR usage, and our consultants can assess your current data and determine what steps need to be taken for optimal use in your new application. Data can be cleaned, de-duped and, in some cases, archived.

Our deep and wide network contains the professionals you need for your healthcare IT staffing augmentation.

#4 Possesses Significant, Relevant Experience

Look for the number of years the staffing agency has been in business and their roster of clients to see if they are trusted. A good healthcare IT staffing agency will have been around for a long time and established a reputation with industry players.

Remember, the right healthcare IT staffing agency can make all the difference in the quality of your medical practice’s services and operations. Choose wisely to make the smart investment in your practice.

HealthTECH Resources has more than twenty years of experience in providing top quality healthcare IT services. During those two decades-plus, we’ve built a track record of proven excellence and demonstrated results as we help leading healthcare organizations to solve complex challenges through strategic healthcare IT staffing augmentation.

We carefully listen to your needs and discern your workplace culture. We can help you to analyze where staffing gaps exist and how you can most strategically fill them in. This allows you to maximize how you use in-house IT professionals in ways that highlight their skill sets and meshes with their bandwidth.

This process allows us to supplement your IT team in the most effective and cost efficient ways. We’ll explain our processes clearly and concisely and answer all of your questions.

#5 Values Your Time and Your Organization

Look for a healthcare IT staffing agency that does more than check the boxes. You’ll want to partner with a staff augmentation firm that cares about the success of your organization, both today and for the long term. Some agencies are too big to give you the personalized attention you want and deserve. At our boutique-style agency, though, you’ll benefit from a personal touch as we provide dedicated Account Management and Recruitment staff to assist you in clarifying resource needs, aligning resources with your short- and long-term goals, and participating in monitoring staff performance to ensure that your performance objectives are being met.

HealthTECH Resources for Your Healthcare IT Services

Our mission is to help people and companies achieve their goals by providing the highest quality of outsourced employment and human resource services, and in turn expand opportunities for the healthcare system and the IT workforce within it.

We recognize how the healthcare industry evolves quickly. As a healthcare organization, you need to rely upon your vendors to possess current knowledge so you can focus on offering world class healthcare—and that’s our approach and promise to you.

To get started with us or to get answers to your questions, please contact us online today or call (602) 903-7961. We offer rapid staff augmentation services with experts often on site within forty-eight hours, professionals who support you so that you can continue to provide outstanding patient care.