5 Key Benefits of Hiring an Epic Consultant for Your EHR Implementation

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Epic electronic health records (EHR) software is quite robust and customizable. This means that there are plenty of components in the application that must be seamlessly implemented, optimized, and integrated into your healthcare organization’s technology. Here are five key ways that quality Epic consulting firms like HealthTECH Resources can help get the right people in place to ensure your healthcare facility is utilizing this technology to its maximum potential.

#1 Cutting Edge Knowledge

Epic, as a company, perpetually innovates to amplify the functionality and reach of its applications. Consequently, consultants providing Epic consulting services must consistently update their expertise to deliver the high-quality services that healthcare organizations require and expect. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptation is precisely what defines the professionals within our extensive network, enabling them to consistently deliver exceptional service.

#2 Niche Insights

Besides having the ultimate in current knowledge, Epic consultants must have the precise types of professional insights you require. Sometimes, that can involve the need for project management or other types of broad expertise. Other times, you may need Epic consultants with the ability to design and optimize workflows to precisely match how your end users will optimally navigate the technology. Still other times, you will need professionals who can migrate data or design and present engaging, interactive training programs as just two more examples. Fortunately, HealthTECH Resources offers Epic consulting services that cover the end-to-end spectrum of the implementation.

#3 Valuable Experience

Even when healthcare organizations have highly skilled, in-house IT professionals, these staff members probably haven’t been involved in many Epic implementations if any. When you rely upon an EHR consulting company to augment your IT team, you’ll have ready access to Epic consultants who perform their specific functions on a regular basis. They can help your healthcare organization avoid pitfalls, create workarounds, and otherwise enhance your implementation.

#4 Ongoing Support

From the planning stages throughout the implementation and beyond, experts who provide Epic consulting services can work alongside your in-house team, collaborating with them, filling in staffing gaps, and providing targeted support. Examples of this include pre-go-live support when your healthcare organization needs to ensure that all is ready to cross over and post-live support when your end users will be navigating Epic in a live environment. At HealthTECH Resources, we can provide you with Epic consultants who can support your IT team so that they, in turn, can support end users. Or you can select consultants who will directly provide support to end users.

#5 Customized Augmentation

As one of the most knowledgeable Epic consulting firms in the United States, HealthTECH Resources’ experienced leadership can help you to identify and analyze staffing gaps to fill them in for the best implementation experience possible.

We invite you to explore how we distinguish ourselves among other Epic consulting companies and how we can assist your healthcare organization. Feel free to reach out to us online or call us at (602) 903-7961. Our expert resources range from Epic consultants to contract-to-hire professionals and permanent placements, specifically tailored to meet the niche specialties your implementation process requires. We are here to facilitate your journey towards a successful EHR implementation.