Is Your Healthcare Organization Ready to Make the Move to Epic Hyperdrive?

epic hyperdrive

In November 2021, Epic Hyperdrive was released for initial testing. Then, in May 2022, an update provided access to this application for most users, and some healthcare organizations began their Epic migration from Hyperspace at that time. If you haven’t yet done so, then your organization has until November 2023 to move to Epic Hyperdrive.

What is Epic Hyperdrive, and how is it different from Hyperspace?

Epic Hyperspace

This is the central access point of the Epic EHR system, typically seen on the end user interface when someone logs into the software. Once an end user logs in, they can see their menus and tasks. Epic Hyperdrive is a client/server application that’s hosted on Citrix.

Epic Hyperdrive

This is the web-based application that is replacing Hyperspace. Instead of needing a server, healthcare organizations just need a compatible web browser. Epic Systems Corporation has designed this application to be easier to deploy, update, and access with enhanced security features.

Prepare for the Epic Migration

Create a timeline for the migration and allot appropriate resources. Because November 2023 is only a few months away, you’ll need to ensure that enough hands are on deck to efficiently and effectively complete the Epic migration. If your organization consistently implemented features during previous Epic upgrades, this transition will likely be smoother.

However, you’ll still need to consider all the third-party applications your healthcare organization is using, such as payment solutions, transcription applications, imaging software, and so forth. Investigate the interface changes and associated coding requirements with them to ensure compatibility with Epic Hyperdrive.

Determine how much training will be required for this Epic upgrade and what training manuals and other resources you’ll need to update. Although changes won’t be major, some differences will exist between Hyperspace and Hyperdrive—and less than optimal training about the Epic migration can create inefficiencies and frustration for end users.

Create a schedule that highlights when end users will see differences in their EHR system, and communicate these dates well to all relevant parties. How will they access the system differently? How will this impact their workflows? How should they get answers to usage questions?

Epic Consultants for a Seamless Transition

In a busy healthcare environment, it can be challenging to add another IT project to your list. Epic consultants can take the heavy lifting off your hands by providing the professional services you’ll need for this upcoming Epic migration.

At HealthTECH Resources, we have exactly the right Epic consultants for this project, including ones that can work alongside your in-house team as you plan and execute the migration. Plus, consultants who specialize in training can provide educational sessions and training materials.

Contact HealthTECH Resources for Epic Consultants

Our experienced boutique-style agency maintains a strong, in-depth network of EHR consulting professionals who can fill in your staffing gaps to successfully manage this migration to Epic Hyperdrive. To get started, contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.