What are Hospitals Doing to Prepare for ICD-10?

ICD-10 is in the process of becoming integrated with hospital revenue cycle operations. This means that hospitals need to be prepared for a substantial change in insurance coding with ICD-10, and they are doing three primary things to get ready for the new coding protocols.

One of the things hospitals are doing is trying to bring in FTE and contract coders, trainers, and auditors. This allows the hospitals to have people on-staff who can facilitate the integration of ICD-10. Other hospitals, instead, are choosing to outsource the entire project of transition to ICD-10 to outside experts. This means they do not need to have additional on-staff personnel with a full understanding of this complex issue. Finally, the third option is for hospitals to have their current Electronic Medical Records Provider (EMR) provide staff for all of the coding, auditing, and training needs.

Not every EMR provider, however, has the option to assist hospitals with coding. Instead, these hospitals can partner with solution providers, like HealthTECH Resources. We stand ready to provide assistance, so visit our site today to learn more about the ways in which we can help your hospital be prepared when the ICD-10 transition occurs.

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