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Are you looking for an exciting healthcare IT role with top industry compensation?  We’ll make sure you land the perfect “fit” for your skill set and personal interests.

As a Healthcare IT professional, you have plenty of job placement options. You possess a valuable skill set that insurers and providers need, in order to keep their organizations operating efficiently. As we have specialized in the Provider/Payer market over the last 20 years, we respect your talent and have opportunities nationwide to fit your skill sets.

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Being an expert in your field has its perks

If you're looking for a great Health care IT job, your search is over, contact HealthTECH Resources, 3620 E. Campbell, Suite C, Phoenix, AZ 85018 today and start a great relationship.You get to see new places and meet new people. And when you find the right job, you’re well compensated for your expertise. But being a freelancer can be a struggle. Some placement agencies just want to fill openings as quickly as possible, without regard to your preferences or area of specialization. Others try to keep you on the hook with promises that don’t always turn out to be true.

If you feel like there’s no one looking out for you, get in touch with HealthTECH today.

At HealthTECH, we do things differently. Our goal is always to match the right job to the right consultant. We won’t try to force you into positions you’re not interested in taking, and we won’t keep you waiting around with false promises. If you manage to find a great position elsewhere before we can place you, we’ll encourage you to jump on it.

But we doubt you’ll want to work with other placement agencies once you’ve experienced what it’s like to be a part of the HealthTECH family. Our loyal roster of consultants loves our varied career opportunities and our commitment to keeping our professionals working.

Fast IT job placement and a promise to keep you working

Get the Health care IT jobs you've always wanted with HealthTECH Resources, 3620 E. Campbell, Suite C, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Enjoy rewarding and constant work with our recruiters.HealthTECH Resources is proud to offer healthcare insurance to our consultants in compliance with federal laws (ACA), in addition to our competitive pay rates to ensure that all of our team members have the resources they need to make the best decisions when it comes to selecting healthcare benefits, planning for retirement, and preparing for all of life’s other concerns.

We’ve been specializing in medical IT for more than 20 years

We’ve been specializing in the Provider and Payer IT markets for the last 20 years, and we have long-standing relationships with the nation’s top providers and insurers. Because we feature such an extensive list of satisfied clients, we can often find job placements in as little as 24 hours.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end once you are working with one of our clients, either. While you’re  in the field, you can rely on the fact that we’ll be diligently looking for your next opportunity. Our goal is to make sure we are always preparing for your “next” opportunity in advance.

Fast IT job placement and our promise to keep you working. Sound good? Contact HealthTECH Resources, 3620 E. Campbell, Suite C, Phoenix, AZ 85018 today.If you’re tired of being treated like a number, get in touch with us today.

You won’t get shuffled around from one recruiter to the other. You’ll have a single point of contact that takes your relationship personally and wants to know the role that will make you the happiest. When you need help, you’ll know just who to connect with.

Check out our job listings now; we probably have just the Healthcare IT job you’re looking for. On the off chance that you don’t find your ideal job there, get in touch with us anyway, our clients needs change every day, and many times we can “create” the perfect role for you with our clients.

HealthTECH has always gone above and beyond to find the right position for me. They are open, honest and responsive throughout the entire process — before, during and throughout the contracts that they have placed me on. HealthTECH is knowledgeable about Epic positions and what it takes to get you on-board with a potential client.

-Emily Hallier

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