Did Your Hospital’s ICD-10 Transition Happen October 1?

Starting October 1, hospitals and other healthcare providers were supposed to switch to the ICD-10 insurance codes instead of using the ICD-9 insurance codes. Any services that were performed prior to October 1, 2015, should have been billed using the old ICD-9 codes, but any services that were performed by hospitals and other healthcare providers on […]

Electronic Medical Records Market Experiencing Tremendous Growth

HIT Consultant has published a report indicating there will be seven percent annual growth in the electronic medical records (EMR) market for the next five years. The EMR market is expected to grow anywhere between seven and eight percent each year because physicians will face penalties if they do not adopt EMR systems by 2015. […]

What are Hospitals Doing to Prepare for ICD-10?

ICD-10 is in the process of becoming integrated with hospital revenue cycle operations. This means that hospitals need to be prepared for a substantial change in insurance coding with ICD-10, and they are doing three primary things to get ready for the new coding protocols. One of the things hospitals are doing is trying to […]

How to Fix Your Healthcare IT Department’s Security Issues

There are strict privacy rules when it comes to patient information, and you need to ensure your information technology department is following the rules about protecting confidential information. IT professionals focused on making hardware and software work may not be fully aware of their obligations for maintaining the security that is essential in a healthcare […]

Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Staffing Agency

A healthcare company needs the highest quality staff to provide essential health services to patients in need. Using a staffing agency makes sense in order to get pre-screened applicants who are the right fit for each position. However, it is important to make sure that your staffing agency is the right one and that it […]

Healthcare Information Technology

Healthcare Information Technology is one of the most booming, lucrative, and incredibly exciting fields of any industry to date. By definition, healthcare IT is the use of technology to aid in making healthcare easier and more efficient for both providers and patients. Healthcare IT specialists work with various technologies—from medical imaging, to electronic records, to […]

Healthcare Information Technology Salary

With demand at an all-time high for qualified health IT professionals, healthcare employers are paying top-dollar for great talent that can help them stay on pace with ever-growing federal regulations. According to statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor, the rise in health IT jobs from now until 2018 is expected to be higher than […]

Healthcare Consulting Jobs

Are you a Healthcare IT consultant who’s currently in the market for a job? With demand continually being on the rise for skilled healthcare IT professionals, HealthTECH Resources can find the healthcare consulting jobs you’re most qualified for, then help place you in the one that perfectly matches your skill set, remuneration expectations, and lifestyle. […]