We Provide Top IT Talent for Payer and Provider Market

As a leading provider of top IT talent to the Payer and Provider market nationwide, HealthTECH views itself as a kind of “Sports Agent” acting on behalf of our hospital and managed healthcare insurance clients nationwide.

We understand our clients resource needs and initiatives, with over 20 years of industry experience we understand who the best players in the Payer and provider industry are.  This unique status in the marketplace ensures we send only the right IT players to fill the right positions at our client’s facilities. We employ them, or we have access to them for our clients. Our vetting process has given HealthTECH a bench of high-level IT players who have an exceptional work ethic coupled with high performance. These characteristics make them an important part of our client’s EMR team. We only represent players who we have had excellent experience with.

We realize our Director or CIO clients are busy: they have been asked to do more with less budget, the resource needs they have are immediate and pressing, and they may be dealing with a pending merger or acquisition which is a growing trend in our industry that I see continuing strong into 2016. They don’t have the time to vet and choose the right EMR / IT support staff to get the job done. What they need are the players we represent: for us to receive a call from a client in New York needing a half dozen specific skill sets on any of the EMR applications we support on a Thursday, and needing them on site the following Monday for an undefined period of time. This is no problem for HealthTECH, because we have access to all EMR skill sets and can respond quickly.

Deep Roster of Outstanding IT Talent

We take pride in the fact that we listen to and understand our client’s needs: we represent them. With the information they give us, we secure resources from our roster of outstanding players, who have every imaginable skill set out there, and we send only the best fit for you. Our recruiters are an important part of the process, but the most important part are the IT players we represent. Our clients trust us. That trust comes from knowing they can call us on Thursday and have six coders or 6 specific EPIC or Cerner folks on site Monday anywhere across the country. When you need us, we’re there. We respond within 48–72 hours to placement needs in all 50 states, and that’s what sets HeathTECH apart from unspecialized staffing firms. Bottom line, we have the best healthcare IT bench in the industry.

Exceptional level of Service and Deliverability for Payers and Providers

I think it would be very, very difficult for someone outside the specialized provider and Payer IT space to meet our level of service and deliverability. I believe these are the reasons that St Josephs, Wellmed, Cedar Sinai, Johns Hopkins, Presbyterian and The University of Chicago, to name a few, have turned to HealthTECH and our bench of players for their EMR needs. We are also a top tier vendor with United Healthcare and Optum, who continue to reach out to us for staffing needs in a very short window of need.

We understand the market. We understand meaningful use stresses and guidelines for our clients in a migration, an implementation, an upgrade or a go-live. As we enter into the new year, we are confident that we will continue to serve the healthcare market, hospitals and universities, with skilled, knowledgeable IT players who bring an outstanding work ethic to our client’s teams.


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