Role of Oracle Cerner Consultants in Healthcare Transformation

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Healthcare organizations across the spectrum of sizes and specialties appreciate the cloud-based Cerner EHR system, ranging from physician offices to healthcare companies to ambulatory firms. Oracle Cerner allows them to deliver quality patient care while streamlining administrative functions.

Thanks to the system’s task automation features, medical professionals can put more of their time and attention on their patients instead of routine and repetitive tasks. This system can help to boost efficiencies, data security, and more — all while reducing costs. Leveraging the expertise of Oracle Cerner consultants can help a healthcare facility achieve the optimal benefits of this robust EHR system.

Before getting into how consultants can play a pivotal role in healthcare transformation, here’s more about the concept of transformation in the healthcare industry.

A Look at Healthcare Transformation

As far back as 2013, the U.S. government was calling the healthcare system “unsustainable,” noting in the National Library of Health (NIH) article “Health System Transformation and the Role of Health Information Law” that it had been that way for a “long” time. Unsustainable, though, doesn’t mean stagnant. From changes in regulations to technological advances and evolving patient expectations, the healthcare system is shifting and changing—with the goal being to do so in ways that are “more patient-centered, value-based, and coordinated [which] is understood to be an essential step in improving both patient and population health.”

Staying where you are isn’t really an option. The choice that each healthcare organization has to make is whether to try to hold on to old models that don’t work anymore or transition to a system that works well now and into the future.

Transformative steps to take include:

  • Moving to a more patient-centric model of health
  • Focusing on increasing access to affordable, quality services
  • Switching to a more preventive model
  • Nimbly adjusting as needed
  • Engaging with the best of today’s healthcare technologies such as Oracle Cerner EHR

Transformative technology is highlighted as a key pathway forward in another NIH publication from the National Center for Biotechnology Information titled “Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Technology Acceptance and Its Applications.”

More specifically, the publication shares how “Technological innovation has become an integral aspect of our daily life, such as wearable and information technology, virtual reality and the Internet of Things which have contributed to transforming healthcare business and operations. Patients will now have a broader range and more mindful healthcare choices and experience a new era of healthcare with a patient-centric culture. Digital transformation determines personal and institutional health care.”

At the forefront of digital transformation: EHR applications, like those from Oracle Cerner, continually improve to enhance the abilities of healthcare organizations to effectively transform to meet the needs of patients.

Benefits of Using Oracle Cerner Consultants

Strategically choosing the right Cerner consultants for your healthcare facility’s specific needs frees up your in-house IT team to keep current projects moving forward while implementing your new Cerner software.

You can choose consultants with precisely the areas of expertise you need to fill staffing gaps such as project management, training and process documentation, data cleaning and migration, and so forth. While IT teams in hospitals and other healthcare facilities will typically need to have a broad range of knowledge and skills, Cerner consultants will keep thoroughly up to date in their particular areas of expertise.

Each of the Cerner consultants should possess in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity within their specific niches, thereby helping your organization maintain full compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. You can also use consultants who specialize in cybersecurity to comprehensively protect patient data and more.

By following this trajectory, you can maximize your healthcare organization’s investment in your software; reduce operational risks; optimally configure your Cerner application; and streamline the entire integration process.

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Specific Roles for Oracle Cerner Consultants

Cerner consultants from HealthTECH Resources’ extensive network can work side by side with your team to set goals and timetables and then break them down into manageable tasks and deadlines.

Specific niches that your healthcare organization can benefit from include the following:

  • Comprehensive EHR implementation services as Cerner consultants devise ways to dovetail workflows to match your facilities’ processes for a variety of end user types
  • Seamless integration and optimization services where consultants identify pitfalls in the structure and create effective workarounds while also tailoring the application in streamlined ways
  • Engaging and interactive training services in which skilled training professionals gather inputs about your processes and workflows and present customized educational sessions
  • User-friendly process documentation to use as reference materials at training programs and beyond at workstations and more
  • Data cleaning and migration services that include careful data mapping and then assures your organization of the integrity of your data in your new Cerner system
  • Timely cutover services that occur after a thorough process to ensure readiness for the new system to effectively go live
  • Professional ongoing support services to allow your healthcare organization to proceed with confidence, knowing that expert Cerner consultants are available when needed

HealthTECH Resources for Your Oracle Cerner Consultants

HealthTECH Resources specializes exclusively in healthcare EHR/EMR consulting—which includes the nearly three dozen Cerner applications that we support through our boutique-style recruiting agency.

In the EMR/EHR industry, we’re the fastest, most reliable, and knowledgeable recruiting team available with two decades-plus of deep industry experience. Our highly developed networks of professionals play a key role in healthcare transformation in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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