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Electronic Medical Records Market Experiencing Tremendous Growth

According to Mordor Intelligence, there has been a “dramatic increase” in electronic health record (EHR) platform adoption during the pandemic. Several countries, they report, embraced these systems “to a notable extent” to provide information about their infection status. This adoption rate is significant—and the report provides information about continuing momentum. The EHR market is expected […]

How to Fix Your Healthcare IT Department’s Security Issues

There are strict privacy rules when it comes to patient information, and you need to ensure your information technology (IT) department is following the rules about protecting confidential information. IT professionals focused on making hardware and software work may not be fully aware of their obligations for maintaining the security that is essential in a […]

How to Build a Successful Healthcare Technology Team

In the healthcare space, much attention is often paid to the implementation of revolutionary new technology from electronic health records (EHR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Certainly, this is understandable given the importance of these functions to healthcare data management and the rapidly evolving capabilities of these systems to […]

Seven Trends Driving the Future of Healthcare Technology

Amidst regulatory changes, evolving patient expectations, and emerging technology, healthcare providers find themselves in a very interesting, and challenging, ecosystem. Of course, while these pressures present obstacles to success, they also present an enormous opportunity for providers that are able to be nimble and adapt to a continually shifting “new normal.” Today, healthcare providers are […]

Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Staffing Agency

A healthcare organization needs the highest quality team of IT specialists possible. After all, these experts create the technical framework and offer the support that allow medical professionals to provide essential health services to patients in need. Using a staffing agency makes sense to supplement your in-house team with pre-screened healthcare IT professionals who are […]

Where FHIR Currently Stands and the Future Outlook for Interoperability

  Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is an emerging standard for the electronic exchange of healthcare data. Published by HL7®, FHIR currently stands at R4B. If you’re already familiar with the evolution of this system, you can find technical insights into developments here. FHIR Solutions These technological solutions are built from resources, the name for […]

Overcoming Healthcare IT Staffing Challenges

Plenty of benefits exist when healthcare organizations use robust EHR systems and other modern software applications. HealthIT.gov list these benefits for EHR applications: More effective diagnoses Reduction in medical errors Improved communication Enhanced convenience Comprehensive, legible documentation Streamlined coding and billing Improved security Reduced paperwork Lowered testing duplication According to a September 2021 Gartner, Inc. […]

How Blockchain Technology Could Impact Healthcare

Healthcare systems are beginning to use blockchain technologies in transformative ways as organizations confidentially exchange patient data, identify errors in medical records, and otherwise improve and enhance security and performance. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can also analyze medical records more effectively, glean critical insights, and much more. This technology also helps to prevent deceptive […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) will become increasingly more integrated into healthcare technology, according to the Future Healthcare Journal. This is because of the growing complexity and amount of medical data that needs to be managed. Applications of this technology in healthcare currently include diagnostic and treatment-related activities; administrative actions; patient engagement; and more. This post explores […]

A Triple Play Updates CARE*Link

Analyst Cathie Stahl of HealthTECH Resources gives a recent project road show overview for Emergency Department nurses.

Pictured: Analyst Cathie Stahl of HealthTECH Resources gives a recent project road show overview for Emergency Department nurses. If you visit Epic headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin, you’ll find a star for The Queen’s Health Systems pretty close to the front door of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) “hall of fame.” The closer to the front […]