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Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite contains numerous modules that are each designed to streamline human resource efficiencies throughout your healthcare facilities; provide visibility into data for enhanced decision making abilities; recruit, compensate, retain and reward employees; address compliance issues; manage projects; and much more.

The implementation and integration process can be complex as you tailor the software to your specific needs—with HealthTECH Resources providing premier Workday support from start to finish, often within 48 hours to meet your most urgent timelines. We specialize in healthcare IT Workday staffing and are the fastest, most reliable, and most knowledgeable staff augmentation agency available for HR/HCM consulting needs.

To benefit from our leadership, experience, and unsurpassed network of healthcare IT professionals, please contact us online today or call us at (602) 903-7961.

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Workday Data Conversion

As your healthcare facilities transition to this HCM application, crucial decisions need to be made about what data to archive and what data should be cleaned, converted, and migrated. To help manage those decisions and perform the specialized tasks, HealthTECH provides premier Workday data conversion and Workday data migration professionals from our deep, wide network.

Workday Implementation and Integration Consultants

This HCM application is robust and highly customizable, with the ability to serve the needs of a wide range of healthcare facilities. To maximize the process, our network has the talented and experienced Workday implementation and integration consultants you need for optimal success. Consultants can collaborate with your in-house teams with strategic planning, nuanced decision making and more within the project’s scope and budget.

Workday Support and Training

Workday consultants from HealthTECH can help you to educate your team through personalized, role-specific training programs that demonstrate how the live application will look—which will provide opportunities for your teams to gain confidence in usage.

We also have outstanding EHR professionals who capture process documentation and create manuals for initial and refreshing training programs, new employee onboarding, and more. In addition, we provide support personnel who can guide you through the processes and continue to provide necessary Workday support, post live.

Workday Modules

Workday support is available through our network of professional consultants for the following modules:

  • Human Resource Management: organize, staff, and pay a global workforce
  • Payroll: flexibly handle enterprise payroll needs
  • Benefits: uniquely define, manage, and adjust plans
  • Time Tracking: reduce labor costs while increasing worker productivity
  • Talent Management: assess and reward your human resource talent
  • Project and Work Management: link strategy with people and tasks
  • Recruiting: find and hire the best candidates (internal and external)
  • Big Data Analytics: harness data to address key HR and finance issues
  • Planning and Analytics: align human resource supply and demand
  • Plus Financial Management, Expenses, Procurement, Grants Management, and Integration Cloud

HealthTECH Resources for Comprehensive Workday Support

Benefit from all that our boutique-style staff augmentation for healthcare payer services provide, leveraging our 20+ years of experience, quality professional resources, and unparalleled expertise in healthcare IT staffing—whether as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements. We’ll work with your healthcare facility to identify and analyze staffing gaps and optimally fill them for maximum implementation success.

Expert assistance can rapidly be on its way, often as short as 48 hours, to provide premier staffing that maximizes your IT project and facilitates your ability to continue to deliver world-class healthcare IT services. To get started, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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Workday Consulting FAQs

What is Workday HR software?

This software streamlines the human resource process for companies for highly effective, cost efficiency management. Benefits include the ability to organize your workforce—from recruiting to retention—while lowering labor costs and increasing productivity while also reducing compliance risk. You can manage benefits plans, handle project management, align human resource supply and demand, and much more through this robust human capital management software suite.

Machine learning algorithms capture and share the skill sets of your current team, which allows you to identify skill gaps and enhance talent for today and the future. Using the software, you can provide each of your employees with curated recommendations and career guidance, as needed, along with learning suggestions.

Augmented analytics collates vast amounts of data to provide insights in easily digestible narratives with intelligent automation taking you throughout the employee lifecycle, eliminating routine tasks while empowering and rewarding your workforce.

What does Workday do?

This software allows your healthcare facilities to manage your workforce from recruiting and developing new team members to tracking their professional growth. You can adjust operational models and adapt new organizational management policies and procedures. Your facilities can create and manage compensation packages, administer benefits plans, handle payroll and much more.

How does Workday software work?

After selecting this application for your healthcare facilities, you can implement and optimize it to streamline the software for your organizational needs to effectively and cost efficiently manage your human resource activities. You can pick from numerous modules or use the entire human capital management suite.

What is a Workday HCM consultant?

When you hire someone for Workday consulting services, this person can help you to choose the appropriate modules, implement/integrate the software into your healthcare facility’s IT, optimize its usage for your unique needs, and train and support your in-house team on the application and its capabilities. Each Workday consulting professional will have their own specialties and you can find exactly the ones you need at HealthTECH Resources.

What do Workday consultants do?

Workday consulting professionals help your healthcare facilities to maximize your usage of the application in the most time efficient ways. This allows you to optimize your IT investment and realize your return on investment more quickly. How a consultant plays a role varies by their specialities. It can be through highly effective software implementation, optimization, and integration; through engaging and interactive role-based training; the creation of training manuals that can also be used at facility workstations and new employee onboarding; through post-live support; and much more.