The candidates we recommend will be well-trained and fully equipped to be an invaluable addition to your team. Our mature recruiting process takes advantage of targeted social media recruiting to provide access to a talent pool that is both broad and deep.

If your organization is committed to finding the best possible people in their respective fields, we hope you take advantage of the industry contacts we have built over the last 20+ years.

We’re a full service partner that can help ramp up quickly when you need us. The best way to experience the HealthTECH Resources difference is to contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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Range of Healthcare IT Staff Augmentation

HealthTECH Resources specializes in staff supplementation in the healthcare EMR/EHR space. When you need to fill in staffing gaps in any of the following healthcare IT services, just let us know. 

EMR Consultants

If you’re updating your medical records technology or otherwise need IT assistance with your robust application, our EMR consulting company can help fill positions across the entire spectrum with these systems:

Types of healthcare IT staffing specialties available include these:

  • Implementation: Experts in our professional network can help your organization to create goals and timelines for your implementation project, breaking them down into tasks and deadlines. Our professionals can optimally assist in resource allocation, workflow management, and more. 
  • Integration and optimization: EMR consultants can identify and work around pitfalls to customize and maximize the power of your new application. The consultants will proceed at an optimal pace, too, to help you realize your return on investment in the most efficient and cost effective ways.
  • Process documentation and training: Our network experts can capture user-friendly documentation to use in training materials. EMR consultants can then create end user training programs that are engaging, interactive, and personalized for your organization’s unique use of your application. 
  • Data cleaning and migration: Data quality is at the heart of any medical records software, and specialized EMR consultants can clean and appropriately categorize yours. Experienced professionals at HealthTECH Resources can devise a customized plan, as well, to migrate data in optimal ways. 
  • Go-live cutover and post-live support: Before your application goes live, EMR consultants will test the setup, confer with your team members, check off punch list items and more before cutting over to the new application. We also have experts who can offer continuing application support. 

Legacy Support

If you need to extend the life of your legacy system, HealthTECH Resources can provide the support you need. Perhaps you’re not quite ready to upgrade your system or maybe you need to keep yours while you undergo a review of EHR possibilities for your facilities. No matter why you need to maintain the old software, we have the healthcare IT staffing available. 

Payor Systems

Whether you’ve decided upon HealthEdge’s HealthRules or Facets Healthcare as your payor system, professionals with unsurpassed skills will collaborate with your in-house IT team to efficiently and cost effectively implement your modern solution.

When one of these seamlessly intuitive applications are optimally integrated into your technology, you gain a real edge over competitors as you rapidly respond to industry changes in efficient ways. Members receive responsive customer service and your facilities can achieve improved auto-adjudication rates. Plus, you can stay in compliance in scalable ways.


Your healthcare organization is responsible for protecting patient data with data breaches sometimes resulting in HIPAA compliance issues—which can open you up to undesirable legal actions. Couple that with globally growing ransomware and identity theft challenges, and the need for strong cybersecurity measures is clear. 

HealthTECH Resources specializes in technologies and methodologies to keep you in compliance (and out of media headlines). Benefit from our personalized solutions and expert personnel as they provide you with proactive security measures that allow you to quickly respond to emerging and immediate threats. With securely protected data, you can effectively maintain patient confidentiality.

LIS Consulting

After selecting a laboratory information system (LIS), you’ll then need to strategically and optimally implement it for maximize usage. This involves gathering information from key stakeholders, examining workflows, and creating goals and project scope and budget. HealthTECH Resources provides healthcare IT staff augmentation services with experts who leverage best practices and cutting edge skills sets.

Experienced Professionals In Healthcare IT Services

No matter which type of professional assistance you need (EMR/EHR upgrades, legacy support, payor upgrades, cybersecurity, LIS consultant, or another one of our healthcare IT services), you can benefit from professional project management. 

Experienced professionals in our network can direct the process, streamlining complexities for your healthcare organization. Project managers can oversee human resources and financial ones, too, having dual expertise: in project management and in the health information systems of your choice. 

When you have the right project managers on your side, you can keep initiatives on schedule and budget without adding responsibilities to your already busy in-house management team. Experienced project managers in our system can also help you to meet federal electronic records mandates and otherwise stay in compliance in today’s increasingly more complex regulatory environment. They can help you to avoid any Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement penalties as they guide IT professionals—a combination of your in-house teams and any augmented staff—through tasks on deadline.

Healthcare IT Staffing Analysis

By assessing your current IT team and other resources, analyzing skills sets, determining IT needs and their deadlines, and more, you can then create a plan to maximize those resources. When you add a new initiative to the mix of IT responsibilities, you can then see what projects may be sidelined or delayed and decide if that’s optimal—or even acceptable.

Through this process, you may discover staffing gaps, which isn’t unusual at all. If, for example, you’re choosing and then implementing a new EHR or payor system, this isn’t a project that in-house IT teams regularly undertake and manage. Supplementing your in-house IT, then, with professionals with niche specialties can allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your technology needs.

HealthTECH Resources can help you with your healthcare IT staffing analysis. Over the past twenty years, we’ve helped organizations like yours to do exactly that. Then, we offer staff augmentation services that can allow you to have niche specialists on-site within 48 hours, even with the most stringent requirements.

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