Converting from paper to electronic records can be especially challenging because it requires a background in both project management and health information services. Our experienced project managers augment your staff and help to complete projects on schedule and on budget.

With help from HealthTECH Resources, your organization gains experienced project managers who can help you to meet federal electronic records mandates and avoid potential Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement penalties. We can assist with meeting efficiency guidelines, new system installations, records management, and other key project management functions.

If you’re in need of experienced EHR project managers, please contact us online or call us at (602) 903-7961.

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Comprehensive Project Management Requirements

Implementation of a new EHR system comes with numerous moving parts, technically speaking. Plus, this requires careful coordination of IT generalists and specialists in ways that meet deadlines and keep the project within scope and budget. Besides guiding people, professional project managers must also oversee multiple intricate processes to keep EHR implementations optimally on track, having a clear understanding of objectives and specific deliverables.

Fortunately, EMR consultants with project management expertise in our network excel in this crucial specialty. They will collaborate with key contacts in your healthcare organization to ensure clarity of purpose and expectations, obtain executive buy-in, and clearly communicate information to all relevant parties. Our project managers can help your healthcare organization to make sure that your objectives align with your overall mission and vision, strategic plan, operational goals, and more.

Professionals in our network will then take the objectives and transform them into actionable tasks with deadlines that dovetail with the overall timeline. Throughout the project, they will collect necessary inputs and communicate progress to all stakeholders in targeted ways based on their roles. This can range from high-level updates to executives to more granular communications to IT professionals.

When the overall project plan needs to be modified, our project managers are skilled at evaluating options and associated risks, determining costs and how they fit within the budget, handling change and risk management activities and more. After receiving approvals for recommended changes, they will be effectively communicated.

As the EHR application is implemented, integrated, and optimized, the EMR consultants overseeing your project management can ensure that appropriate process documentation occurs. This way, your healthcare facilities will have detailed documentation about customizations made, which will be crucial when your teams are trained in usage.

As part of overall management, EMR consultants from our network can oversee the completion of data cleaning, migrating, and archiving; ensure successful validations and testing before the go-live day; verify workarounds; and more. Project managers can also supervise go-live activities and govern post-go-live reviews.

A Word About Scope Creep

Project managers juggle multiple responsibilities, and one of the most important is to effectively manage scope creep. EHR implementations can be quite complex with multiple routes to consider for workflow customizations.

Because of this, it’s far too easy for EHR implementation teams to veer off the streamlined pathway laid out for the project. When this happens, it’s more likely that costs will rise (delaying your return on investment in this technology) and deadlines will not be met, which triggers its own costs.

Experienced project managers will thoughtfully consider each time that an implementation plan may need to be adjusted, weighing pros and cons, costs and timelines. Then, after gathering intelligence and gleaning insights, the optimal decision can be made.

Benefits of Quality EHR Project Management

Professionals at your healthcare organization already maintain busy schedules, including:

  • Doctors, specialists, and nurses focusing on quality patient care
  • Risk management professionals keeping your facilities in compliance
  • Controllers, insurance specialists, and more managing revenue
  • Your IT team handling a wide range of specialized technical functions

Harnessing the expertise of a project manager with technical, financial, and human resource skills eases your workload. This professional can oversee the timelines and budget of the EHR implementation and serve as a central resource for your IT team as they customize your new technology to seamlessly meet the needs of the groups mentioned above (and more).

Project managers from our network, such as our Epic consultants, can supervise a combination of in-house IT professionals who are assigned to the implementation along with EMR consultants selected to fill in staffing gaps.

Healthcare EMR Staff Augmentation Services

At HealthTECH Resources, we specialize in staff augmentation services for healthcare IT projects. We provide ultra-efficient solutions when you need EMR consultants for your project: experts in implementation, integration, and optimization; training and process documentation; data cleaning and migration; go-live and post-go-live support—and, of course, project management.

We specialize in just one niche—EHR / EMR consulting—providing professionals with unsurpassed experience and knowledge to hospitals, universities, and insurers throughout the country. As one of the country’s top providers of EMR consultants, we have a proven track record of healthcare IT service excellence that will allow your healthcare organization to proceed with confidence.

You can analyze your IT staff, including their specialties and bandwidths—or you can select a project manager from our deep and wide network to do that for you.

Contact HealthTECH Resources for Your EMR Consultants

Our accelerated staff augmentation services and unparalleled experience in supplementing healthcare IT teams allow our clients to get their projects off the ground and completed more quickly. Our boutique-style EMR consulting agency has a well-deserved reputation for solving pain points for our clients with far less red tape than what they may have experienced with another staff augmentation firm. In fact, companies often hire us after having a bad experience elsewhere, and they truly appreciate our speed of quality service. 

You can choose from EHR consultants, contract-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements. You can source analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, program managers, directors, and much more with in-depth knowledge of the technology of your choice. To discuss your needs, please contact us online or call us at (602) 903-7961. We can often have professionals on your site within 48 hours even with stringent requirements.

CIO or IT Director Needing Project Management Services?

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