LIS Implementation & Support

After choosing a particular brand of LIS software, it is important to implement the application strategically to benefit the most from its usage and maximize your return on investment. As with most technological implementations, you’ll first want to gather input from key stakeholders across your organization and examine workflows.

Then, LIS implementation experts (perhaps a collaborative team of in-house IT experts and LIS consultants that specialize in implementation) can create a plan that meets your laboratory’s goals while also fitting well into your project’s scope and budget. Your LIS implementation team can then optimize the application for its best usage and integrate it into your laboratory’s overall IT.

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Laboratory Information System Training

Laboratory information system training (LIS training) allows your facility’s teams to learn about and gain confidence in using customized workflows to help use the application efficiently and cost‑effectively.

LIS training professionals can capture process documentation and create user-friendly training materials for educating your teams before the application Go-Live. These materials can also be used as workstation references, refresher training sessions, new employee onboarding, and more.

Training experts can craft user-specific training programs based on employee roles, or they can focus on a super‑use approach where select IT members in your organization are trained to teach others and answer employee questions.

Fill LIS Positions In Your Organization: We Can Help

It’s easy to recognize how in-demand professionals such as IT analysts and EHR project managers are—and in today’s ultra-competitive world, it can be hard to find the right experts. We can help with LIS staff augmentation services to help fill these positions at your organization:

LIS Consultant:

Laboratory information system consultants offer a broad range of services, from LIS implementation to training services and more. Whatever gaps exist in your internal staff, we can fill them through our premier staff augmentation services.

LIS Manager:

A professional LIS manager typically offers supervisory and other oversight functions while monitoring LIS functions in the laboratory and playing a role in problem resolution, in both HR and technical applications.

LIS Analyst:

Laboratories may have LIS analyst tiers with increasing levels of responsibility. Overall, this type of professional may install and configure applications, provide maintenance and troubleshooting, and offer LIS support across platforms for the rest of the laboratory team.

When seeking staff augmentation for your laboratory, please provide us with specifics about the application you use and the skill sets needed. For example, you may need a general Epic Beaker consultant—or, more specifically, you may need a level III Epic Beaker analyst.

HealthTECH Resources Supports LIS Modules

Professionals in our network offer LIS support for these modules:

Sunquest LIS:

Healthcare organizations use Sunquest LIS to manage complex workflows in their clinical laboratories. They benefit through this application’s ability to provide reliably accurate results to enhance patient outcomes.


The SCC LIS Suite optimizes laboratory operations through an integrated solution that provides consistent connectivity without the need for expensive add‑on items. Facilities can customize this LIS to dovetail with workflows.

Allscripts Lab:

Allscripts Lab is the LIS module of the single-platform, open API Sunrise EHR system, designed to support the entire spectrum of laboratory business models and to fully automate processes from start to finish.

Epic Beaker:

Epic Beaker is the LIS module of the Epic EHR system and supports workflows for both clinical pathology and anatomic pathology laboratories. This LIS allows users to manage specimens accurately within a site and across multiple sites.

Cerner Lab:

The Cerner Lab suite (formerly called Pathnet) optimizes laboratory workflows to facilitate information sharing across your network. This system reduces manual steps while broadening usability and functionality.

Orchard Harvest LIS:

Facilities that use Orchard Harvest LIS benefit from improved workflow efficiency and accuracy because of its decision-support technology and stellar process automation. The result: overall value-enhanced services.

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LIS Implementation & Training FAQs

What is the purpose of laboratory information systems?

A laboratory information system (LIS) is a type of software that processes data after a medical test or procedure and then stores and manages that data. These systems are used across multiple medical specialties and testing types (both inpatient and outpatient). Typical procedures involve accepting an entry and then processing the specimen and entering the result. The LIS then stores the medical information about that patient, so that professionals can reference it in the future for comparative and other purposes.

What type of facilities can benefit from LIS software?

LIS technology is used in laboratories across multiple medical specialties. If medical professionals need to gather information about their patients through testing and other medical procedures, they will need to work with a quality laboratory to get results. In today’s times, laboratories rely upon technologies like LIS software to deliver accurate information.

How can an LIS consultant help my facility?

First, there is a wide range of LIS consultants. Some of them offer broader services while others have niche specialties, such as providing LIS training programs. Meanwhile, others might focus on LIS implementation and optimization. What’s most important is to be clear about what skill gaps exist in your laboratory and to find the right niche professionals to provide the LIS support you need. This is where HealthTECH Resources can help—through our unrivaled leadership, vast network of professional LIS consultants, and more.