With more than 20 years of experience and some great talent to deploy on-site, we can help you to extend the useful life of your legacy software. At HealthTECH Resources, it’s about maintaining the old, while ushering in the new, and making sure that the process is as seamless as possible. If you need help with your legacy system, contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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Benefits of Legacy Healthcare IT Solutions

Defining a “legacy system” as a still-operable one in a space where newer healthcare IT solutions exist, there are reasons why a healthcare organization might want to extend the legacy’s life. First, your teams are quite familiar and likely comfortable with its workflows, which means there aren’t many problems with knowing how to use the system.

The only people who need to be trained would be newly on-boarded employees who haven’t used this legacy system before. Because it’s familiar, this can provide a sense of business continuity. You won’t experience slowdowns in usage like you might when you transition to a new application. Plus, when you’re able to extend the life of your legacy system, you won’t need to invest in today’s technology.

When hospitals decide to continue usage of a legacy system, it can be hard to find healthcare IT consulting firms that will provide their expertise. We’re not like other healthcare IT solutions companies, though, and we’ll be happy to augment your staff so you can continue using your legacy system.

Knowing When to Transition

As part of an annual review, perhaps when creating your budget for the upcoming year, it can make sense to estimate the costs of keeping the legacy system. This includes the most obvious one—maintenance costs—as well as less apparent ones. Keeping an older system going can take more of your IT team’s time, especially if they need to seek out fixes and find ways to address incompatibility issues.

If it’s more challenging to keep the data secure with the legacy system, include those costs in your calculation. This can include any damages caused by breaches; the IT team’s time to keep the system safe enough; and so forth. Also factor in any downtime whether related to security issues, compatibility problems, or something else.

Finally, it can be helpful to determine how much more efficient you could be with one of the newer healthcare IT solutions. What dollar amount can you put on that? What opportunities are you missing?

There is no one right answer. The goal is to evaluate as objectively as possible.

Through this process, you may decide to continue to use your legacy system. If so, remember that HealthTECH Resources isn’t like other healthcare IT consulting firms: we’re happy to supplement your IT team with professionals who can provide their legacy system expertise.

Or, you might decide to create a timeline for when to replace your system. If so, when the time is right, we have specialists in our network who can help you to compare EHR systems to decide what’s right for you and otherwise provide expertise. No matter where you are in this process, HealthTECH Resources can provide you with the experts you need.

Benefits of Modern EHR Solutions

With a robust EHR application, your healthcare organization can seamlessly share patient data with specialists, emergency care facilities, pharmacies, clinics, laboratories, and much more. Each patient will have a holistic electronic health record with data from all of the medical professionals involved in their care.

The result? Well-coordinated quality patient care that’s safer.

Leveraging the data found in your EHR system, medical professionals can provide diagnoses more efficiently with fewer medical errors. The system can be customized to your specific workflows, which enhances usage. The system reduces paperwork; lowers testing duplication; and much more. Plus, you can benefit from maximum levels of security with today’s EHR systems while still allowing ease of access in role-based ways and streamlining financial and administration functions.

Upgrading Your Healthcare IT Solutions

When you’re ready to upgrade your EHR system, HealthTECH Resources provides professionals with a comprehensive range of skills. Using the Epic EHR system as the example, we offer consultants with a broad scope of knowledge in the application as well as those with niche specialties. This includes those with expertise in:

When you need to augment your IT team, contact us. HealthTECH is the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable choice of healthcare IT solutions companies today. We have only one niche—the healthcare IT, EMR, EHR industry—and we provide ultra-efficient solutions with professionals available as consultants, contract to hire, and permanent placements.

Our experienced leadership team can help you to analyze your current IT team to identify gaps in specialties and bandwidths. We’re here to help in ways that suit you the best.

Contact HealthTECH Resources

Because of our boutique-style agency’s unparalleled experience in augmenting healthcare IT teams at an accelerated pace, you can count on our ability to supply the professionals you need. This is true if you’re satisfied with your legacy system; are considering a new solution as part of a five-year plan; or are ready to modernize your technology now.

We seamlessly solve client pain points without all the red tape they might experience with other healthcare IT consulting firms. It isn’t unusual for healthcare organizations to hire us after having an unsatisfactory experience at another one of the healthcare IT solutions companies. Organizations also appreciate our speed. We can often have professionals on-site within 48 hours—even with the most stringent requirements.

To share your staffing needs, please contact us online or call us at (602) 903-7961.

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