The transition to an EHR system doesn’t have to be a confusing process, but sometimes issues during implementation can occur. To combat this, HealthTECH Resources offers “go live” support around the clock. Our team of trained application coordinators, instructional designers, principal trainers, and more will be standing by to assist you in the case of any road blocks you may encounter during setup.

Go live support is more than just occasional troubleshooting. We bring our experience and dedication to every aspect of the installation and activation process of your new system to ensure that your system and the staff behind it are ready for action.

With go live support, you have quick, easy access to years of EHR experience to make your transition a smooth and stress-free one. For more information or to get started, contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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Professional Instructional Design

After choosing the best EMR/EHR software for your healthcare facilities’ needs, it’s crucial to ensure that end users have all the training and resources they need to use the application with confidence. Although not all EMR consulting companies specialize in offering this service, HealthTECH Resources recognizes the importance of professional instructional design—and our network contains exactly the specialized consultants you need for these robust solutions:

Or, perhaps your healthcare organization is upgrading to a modern payor system. HealthTECH Resources offers instructional designers of unsurpassed experience and skills in:

Effective training that facilitates high adoption is vital for the successful transition to your organization’s new system, one that enhances patient care quality. So, we support healthcare organizations with their training initiatives. We provide experienced professionals who create engaging and interactive educational programs that dovetail with how you’ve customized your new technology and seamlessly mesh with your workflows.

Ways in which our EHR consulting specialists can help include:

  • Strategically capture process documentation for training and onboarding manuals, workstation reference materials, and so forth
  • Work alongside your implementation team to fully understand workflows and how the application will be configured
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to determine how to engage and train end users in role-specific ways
  • Offer super user training, as desired, to prepare your in-house IT team to serve as an ongoing resource for your facilities
  • Create customized training programs according to your preferences that incorporate process documentation in user-friendly ways
  • Listen to end user feedback to further enhance training programs and reference materials
  • Answer all questions in clear ways without using confusing jargon

Experts can train your healthcare teams in other initiatives, as well, including payor system instruction, computerized provider order entry (CPOE), meaningful use (MU), and ICD-10. Instructional design experts in our network can engage professionals across your facilities from front-line staff to doctors and nurses to management and more in ways that are meaningful.

HealthTECH Resources recognizes how each healthcare organization is unique with differing cultures. Our expert trainers will collaborate with you to create programs and curriculum materials that suit your organization’s style and allow you to accomplish your goals for your new technologies.

EMR/EHR Go Live Consulting

Implementations of new EMR/EHR systems can be complex with plenty of moving parts. The implementation, integration, and optimization process can take several months to a couple of years, depending upon scheduled phases, with each action designed to bring your organization closer to going live.

When you need EMR go live support, let’s talk. HealthTECH Resources stands out among EMR consulting companies, serving as the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable staff augmentation firm in the EMR/EHR industry. That’s because of our 20+ years of experience, deep and wide network of professionals, and ability to rapidly provide recommendations to meet the most stringent requirements and urgent timelines.

Planning to go live really starts from the moment you choose your application and create an implementation plan. So, consider bringing in EHR go live specialists early on in the process. That way, you won’t have to experience the frustration, missed deadlines, and extra expense that organizations sometimes do when planning isn’t optimal.

EMR go live consultants in our network gather information from a diverse range of people in your organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of the implementation project and its goals. They also create lists of tasks that must be appropriately accomplished before the application transitions to being live.

Tasks can include:

  • Proper training of all end users
  • Change management activities
  • Data migration and integrity checks
  • Application testing and configuration checks
  • Ensuring that support systems are in place
  • Assigning user names and passwords
  • Holding test runs that simulate a patient visit

When the cutover is optimally planned and the plan is seamlessly executed, your organization can maximize the impact of your new technology and realize return on investment more quickly. On the actual EHR go live date, experts from our network can ensure that everything transitions properly and offer support to your in-house IT team and end users in a live environment.

Healthcare IT Staffing Analysis

When your facility is transitioning to new systems, having the proper educational and technological support can make all the difference. In many cases, healthcare organizations don’t have personnel with the necessary skill sets—and that isn’t unusual. Implementing a new EHR software or other healthcare technology is outside the typical scope of work for in-house IT professionals. Fortunately, our boutique-style staff augmentation agency specializes in helping healthcare organizations to assess their current staffing, identify gaps, and seamlessly close them.

HealthTECH Resources has only one niche: staff supplementation services in the EMR/EHR space. Our deep and wide network contains healthcare IT professionals who are available as consultants, contract-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements throughout the United States. We can help you assess your current human resources and analyze their skills sets.

Our experienced leaders can then help you to review the bandwidth of your in-house team and determine if your facilities have what they need to meet deadlines for your key initiatives. Can any of these projects be delayed? If that happens, how will that affect your facilities and their technological needs?

To help, we can optimally augment your in-house with instructional designers and EHR go live professionals—as well as other implementation and optimization specialists, project managers, and more.

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Over the past few years, we’ve expanded operations and recruiting while streamlining internal processes to continue to meet demand for our quality professionals, including EMR go live experts of unsurpassed abilities. When you choose HealthTECH among available EMR consulting companies, you’ll benefit from our deep experience, extensive network and industrial connections, rapid response times, and more. To get started, please contact us online or call us: (602) 903-7961.

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