Implementing and upgrading Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems is a healthcare IT service that requires careful planning and attention to detail.

You can’t hope for the best. You need to work with the best and then BE the best.

EHR systems typically represent significant investments and there simply is no substitute for experience. The proven EHR experts at HeathTECH Resources are experienced with all of the major systems used in North America.

From project planning and the collection of business intelligence through the planning and go-live phases of your project, our experienced professionals will work to help make your implementation a success.


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  • System selection
  • Legacy application support
  • EHR implementation and optimization
  • Data migration
  • Cross platform integration
  • EHR system testing
  • EHR training and process documentation
  • Go-live support
  • Follow-up data collection and analysis

EHR System Selection

Professionals within our broad network have in-depth knowledge of today’s best EHR systems, including:

Each system comes with unique benefits, designed for specific types of healthcare organizations. If you’re looking for EHR experts who can discuss and analyze your needs for a new application and use these inputs to recommend the right EHR software and its modules, just let us know. We have unsurpassed professionals in our network with extensive knowledge of modern EHR applications who can help you to achieve that goal.

When your healthcare organization provides our specialists with your timelines and budget, they can provide you with the insights and analyses you need. As just one example, you may ask them to select the best two systems for your requirements, share reasons why, and rank them. You can then make the right choice for your facilities.

Legacy Application Support

Depending upon the complexity of your healthcare system—such as the number of locations, types of specialties, amounts of data, and so forth—an EMR implementation to your new system can take months or years. You may decide to switch all over at once or implement the new application in phases. In any case, you won’t instantly switch over and so you’ll need support for your legacy system in the meantime. HealthTECH Resources can provide exactly the professional support you require for a seamless experience.

EHR Implementation and Optimization

At the heart of this process is the actual implementation of the software with professionals optimizing it to dovetail with your precise needs through strategical selections of configurations and customizations. As you form your implementation team, it isn’t unusual to find that relying solely on your in-house IT pros will create bandwidth issues and cause other projects to become delayed or shelved. It also isn’t unusual to discover skills gaps because EMR implementations aren’t everyday tasks, even for many IT professionals.

Investing in and implementing the best EHR software for your organization’s needs is crucial—but to maximize its benefits and help you to fully realize your technology’s return on investment, it’s vital to have experts optimize your robust, flexible new application. Through this process, your healthcare organization can proactively identify and work around potential pitfalls and customize workflows in the most streamlined, effective, and cost efficient ways.

Data Migration

Quality of data that’s migrated from your legacy application to your new EHR system will largely determine how well your medical teams and other end users can leverage this data. As part of this process, plenty of decision points will exist, including what data to archive; what to clean and de-duplicate; how to transform the data to the new application’s format; and how and when to migrate the data. No matter which legacy-to-new system migration will occur, this process requires deep knowledge and a nuanced touch.

After data migration is completed, it must be checked for integrity, and EHR experts will also need to ensure that the process did not negatively impact any other processes with your healthcare organization’s technologies.

Cross Platform Integration

Although modern EHR systems are quite comprehensive, your healthcare organization will still need to ensure that the application is appropriately integrated into other technologies used in your facilities. This can involve, as just two examples, ensuring that your system can successfully communicate with other key organizations (pharmacies, for example) and their systems, and to discover and eliminate redundancies.

The ultimate goal is to integrate the new EHR implementation into any relevant technologies in ways that are so seamless that end users can use your organization’s workflows so efficiently that they’re not aware of the integration. The HealthTECH Resources network contains professionals who excel at this process.

EHR System Testing

While the application is in a testing environment, experts should conduct strategically crafted experiments to make sure that the software is properly implemented and integrated. Failing to do so can lead to costly errors and expensive do-over procedures that your healthcare organization will want to avoid. Substandard system testing can lead to missed deadlines, added expenses, and plenty of unnecessary frustration. Specialists in our network are highly experienced in minimizing risk to maximize success.

EHR Training and Process Documentation

Some consultants in our network focus on crafting engaging, interactive training programs that will dovetail with the configurations and customization made during the EHR implementation. These specialists can then present the training sessions to groups of end users in a role-based fashion; train your in-house IT super users; or through another method of choice. This facilitates your in-house end users’ ability to use the application with confidence by the time it goes live.

Our experts can also capture complex process documentation and translate that information into user-friendly training manuals; workstation reference materials; onboarding guides; refresher training information; and more.

Go-Live Support

As items get checked off your project’s list, after carefully planning and dedicated work, your organization will approach the transition day. Experts who specialize in EHR implementation support can help to ensure that all training is completed and questions answered; change management tasks are resolved; data integrity is verified; and more. HealthTECH Resources can augment your in-house IT team with specialists who can manage these verifications and ensure that all components of the application are in place in optimal ways before cutting over.

Follow-Up Data Collection and Analysis

As another form of EHR implementation support, healthcare organizations like yours typically benefit from post-go-live support. You may, for example, want to analyze data to determine how well your personalized patient care approach is documented by your new system’s workflows and/or to see how streamlined administrative functions are reducing costs. Needs can vary by facility, but professionals in the network of our boutique-style agency will have the experience, knowledge, and skills that you need to maximize your implementation and realize your ROI.

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At HealthTECH, our mission is to help you implement and upgrade with confidence. Please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961 to discuss your upcoming project and we will be pleased to provide you with references and project specifics.

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