HealthTECH Resources has specialized in providing skilled, seasoned healthcare IT services, consultants, and resources to hospitals and insurers across the United States for the last 20 years. Our wealth of experience benefits our clientele by allowing them to tap into our network of highly skilled professionals and strategic partners that cover all aspects of healthcare IT applications. We have a bench of qualified and respected Healthcare IT Consultants with extensive and in-depth relationships and  resources in all EMR applications.

Our singular focus on the Healthcare IT and Clinical Market allows us to understand and flex to the ever-changing IT resource needs of the industry. Whether it’s Analysts, Instructional Designers, PMs, or Directors, for Ambulatory, Laboratory, Pharmacy, or Analytics projects, we are prepared to react quickly with seasoned healthcare professionals in all technical skill sets that you will need.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.


Our personal approach and talent-selection expertise offer focus and initiative for quick, quality placement results. We partner with our clients to provide candidates who have led implementations from inception to completion and provide ongoing support resources for post-go-live situations to sustain the continuing operation of systems. Your organization will benefit from our specialization and extensive industry experience as we can respond and be flexible as challenges unfold with staffing initiatives that are both unpredictable and complex.

Take the opportunity to talk with us about your current or future resource planning needs. Or call us at (602) 903-7961.

Healthcare IT Consulting: Professional Menu of Service

As one of the most knowledgeable healthcare IT consulting firms in the industry today, we offer a broad range of services across many different EMR systems, including Epic consulting and implementation.

EHR Configuration & Optimization

We customize every solution to your organization, ensuring that your healthcare technology is precisely configured for your unique specifications: processes, procedures, and workflows. Each time that we flexibly configure an EHR system, we consider today’s requirements and what the facilities will need in the future as the organization expands and regulations evolve.

We also optimize the EHR system for maximum impact for the healthcare organization. This ensures that EHR systems are fully operational, structured to allow organizations to benefit from the modern system and realize ROI efficiently and cost effectively.

Cyber Security

Ransomware pirates target healthcare providers while criminals who specialize in identity theft put medical and billing records at risk. Threats come from all around the world and the resulting data breaches could put you out of HIPAA compliance—which can lead to expensive lawsuits that can also damage the reputation of your healthcare organization and lower the levels of trust that people put in you.

Professionals from our deep and wide network will provide your healthcare organization with the maximum of protection, proactively responding to threats, including emerging ones and those already active. Ever vigilant, HealthTECH Resources will create tailored solutions to protect patient and provider data so that your healthcare organization can maintain confidentiality.

EHR Data Migration

When you switch to a new brand of software, data needs to be transformed into a format that your new system can use. As part of this process, your organization may decide to archive some data while cleaning other information for ongoing use, removing duplicates, as needed. Although the general procedure is often the same, each client has unique challenges and goals, so we craft individualized data migration solutions to meet precise needs.

Our experienced professionals create and implement migration processes, getting it right the first time to provide healthcare organizations with seamless, no-stress solutions.

EHR Implemention and Support

EHR implementations require in-depth knowledge as well as finesse, a nuanced touch throughout the intricate planning process. When implementing and upgrading your technology, your healthcare organization will want to get it right the first time, given the significant investments made of time and money.

Implementations are multi-faceted projects and healthcare organizations typically need a myriad of healthcare IT consulting professionals: from planning through go-live, and everything in between. Fortunately, the experienced professionals at HealthTECH resources have proven expertise in all of the major systems used in North America.

Instruction Design and Go Live

From training your end users through customized educational programs created by instructional designers of unsurpassed quality to providing round the clock support, HealthTECH Resources is standing by, ready to troubleshoot, answer questions, address roadblocks, and more. No matter what you require, you can count on experienced, dedicated professionals ready to assist as you activate your new EHR technology.

HealthTECH Resources can provide professionals as you prepare to go live; throughout the transition; and after the cutover. Whatever you need, we have the expertise.

Legacy Support Systems

Unlike many other healthcare IT consulting firms, we’ll help your organization to extend the life of your legacy system, helping you to maintain the software while transitioning to a new application. Our boutique-style agency has more than 20 years of experience, which gives us a depth of perspective that allows us to provide you with the most seamless transition process possible.

Project Management

Healthcare IT projects can become quite complex, whether you’re transitioning paper records or an electronic medical records (EMR) system to a robust EHR one. HealthTECH Resources provides quality project management services for both the human resource and financial side of the IT project. This provides relief for in-house administrators as augmented project managers help your organization to complete IT projects on time and on budget. These experts can help you to meet mandates, avoid potential reimbursement penalties, and much more.

Revenue Cycle

Our healthcare IT consulting firm can help your organization to optimize your revenue cycle and supercharge your cash flow management in synchronous ways. By looking at the big picture and making recommendations to maximize financial intake cycles, we’ve saved clients thousands of dollars over the years and are ready to help your healthcare organization.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is at the heart of what our boutique-style agency does, filling in staffing gaps with invaluable additions to your in-house IT team. We’ve built a powerful network of professionals over the past 20 years, which means that recommended candidates are the best in their fields, well equipped to help your healthcare organization tackle your toughest IT challenges.

When you need healthcare IT staff supplementation, even on tight timelines with stringent requirements, contact us. We are the fastest of today’s healthcare IT consulting firms, often able to get highly qualified professionals on your site within 48 hours.

EHR Training & Adoption

We provide multiple training initiatives to engage physicians and other medical staff, management, and your front-line team: computerized provider order entry (CPOE), meaningful use (MU), ICD-10, and more.

The best technology available today won’t reach maximum effectiveness until confident adoption takes place in your workforce. When a new system is successfully adopted, then you can optimize patient care, financial management, and much more. Because each healthcare organization may prefer different training structures, our professionals create personalized ones that dovetail with your culture—along with customized delivery of engaging, interactive training programs, plenty of Q&A time, and as much support as you need.

Choose HealthTECH For Your Healthcare IT Services

HealthTECH Resources specializes in the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space as our only niche, augmenting staff and providing in-demand professional services. Our agency is extremely well connected to industry professionals and we’ve built an in-depth network to ensure that we can rapidly respond to staff supplementation requests.

As the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team in the EMR/EHR industry, we fulfill requirements with proven agility. Contact us online or call us at (602) 903-7961 to discuss your needs. Our expert team is here and ready to get started.

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