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NextGen Trainers Personalize Navigation to Transform Ambulatory Care

Leverage the power of the NextGen software to streamline usage by end users with a keen eye on your healthcare organization’s bottom line—and on the ultimate goal: to boost patient outcomes.

This powerful application allows you to deliver high quality care through automated intake pathways and targeted workflows. This comprehensive solution permits your healthcare organization to customize usage while leveraging vendor-agnostic integrations.

To add premier NextGen trainers to your EHR implementation team, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961 to benefit from unsurpassed staff augmentation services.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

NextGen EMR Training Benefits

This application comes with customizable templates that allow you to dovetail navigational pathways with your organization’s unique workflows, processes, and goals. NextGen training professionals from the HealthTECH Resource network will craft interactive training sessions to ensure that your staff can practice with this software for each role-specific position. Training programs will engage and inform your healthcare teams, imparting knowledge in easy-to-understand sessions.

For example, ambulatory medical professionals would receive EMR training that will instruct and empower them while insurance experts would be given what facilitates their processes.

Expert trainers can go beyond role-based training by also imparting more advanced insights to people you choose as in-house “super users.” These internal staff members can then support your entire team across roles. Or, your training sessions can be process focused or even a combination of methodologies your organization prefers. NextGen experts can also create training materials that can, post-training sessions, serve as workstation manuals, refresher materials, and employee onboarding guides.

Intelligence Gathering

NextGen consultants that specialize in training will collaborate with your in-house IT team to gain a deep understanding of how your ambulatory care facilities will use this application—as well as information about who, specifically, will use this software and what template customizations will take place. They’ll use these inputs to create a vigorous yet laser-targeted training program that’s both efficient and cost effective.

Throughout the development and implementation of the EHR training sessions, they’ll continue to leverage stakeholder knowledge and inputs for the most powerful instruction possible. This scalable training program will allow your staff to practice using the NextGen application as if it was live, allowing them to start at the point of their personal knowledge and guiding them towards optimal usage.

NextGen Training Programs: Leveraging Best Practices

EHR training programs designed by HealthTECH-sourced professionals will use your preferred training methods to prepare your end users to proceed with confidence. The three most common structures used are role-based, super user, and process-based—or a combination of them.

Role-Based Training

Trainers will demonstrate application use and then facilitate interactive practice that will dovetail with the specific job roles of attendees. They’ll welcome questions and feedback and then integrate aspects of them to further optimize the training programs.

Super User Training

While, in a role-based approach, all end users would receive training, super user sessions focus on empowering strategically selected members of your staff to receive deep, in-depth training. This educates super users so that they can provide ongoing EHR support for your healthcare organization.

Process-Based Training

Your facility’s processes serve as the core of this training approach, one that can serve as the main structure of sessions or used in tandem with role-based and super user training programs.

Process Documentation

Technical writing specialists in the HealthTECH network can gather and distill process documentation to create practical hands-on manuals for end users. These can be used in the initial training programs and refresher sessions, at facility workstations, and for onboarding new employees.

EHR Training Support, Post Go-Live

Once NextGen is in real-time use, our training professionals can answer end users’ questions and provide support as they gain proficiency.

NextGen Training Services with HealthTECH—and Much More

Our boutique-style staff augmentation agency has one niche: providing healthcare facilities with staff augmentation services in the EMR/EHR space. Our outstanding network of NextGen professionals can help you throughout your entire implementation process from planning to post go-live and, because of our 20+ years of serving as an industry leader in the EMR/EHR staffing space, we can help you right-size your NextGen team.

NextGen trainers are available as consultants, contract-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements—often able to be on site within 48 hours.

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NextGen Training FAQs

Why is EHR training important when implementing NextGen?

NextGen is a robust ambulatory care application with customizable templates that allow healthcare organizations to personalize workflows. As your internal staff becomes more comfortable with and gains confidence in their use of the software, you’ll benefit even more from the NextGen application and can more quickly reach implementation goals and realize your desired return on investment.

Because the software’s templates are personalized to dovetail with end user processes, each of your healthcare teams will benefit from interactive practice sessions and role-based instruction—and that’s exactly what EHR training professionals from our stellar network do for healthcare organizations like yours.

How do you train for an EHR implementation?

Because each implementation process is unique with a customizable application like NextGen, different healthcare facilities and trainers will take different educational approaches. In general, role-based, super user, and process-based trainings form the core of these programs. The best training programs engage the participants, allow them to practice as if the application was live, and include question and answer sessions with quality feedback incorporated into future training sessions.

Capturing process documentation and creating practical, clearly written training manuals enhances the entire process. These manuals can then be updated, as needed, and placed at facility workstations and incorporated into refresher training programs and new employee onboarding.

To augment your IT team with quality EMR training professionals who specialize in NextGen, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961. We respond rapidly with professionals often on site in 48 hours.

When should my organization begin the NextGen training process?

Because all implementation projects are unique, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question with each healthcare organization having their own timeline and needs. In general, though, it makes sense to incorporate the training elements of the project into your overall implementation process. That way, the training consultants can be cognizant of how your application is being configured and customized, and then craft the appropriate process documentation and training materials to dovetail with them. We don’t recommend that your NextGen training program be something you add on near the end of the project.