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NextGen Optimization: Filling in Talent Gaps

NextGen is a robust, scalable electronic health record (EHR) system that can be flexibly tailored to your healthcare organization’s unique needs. To customize your system in highly effective and targeted ways, your IT team will need to strategically create pathways for a wide variety of end user types to navigate.

When this is accomplished, you’ve optimized the application. When assembling your implementation team, you may discover that you need to augment your in-house team with professionals with niche specialties. This isn’t unusual because EHR implementation isn’t within an IT team’s typical scope of work.

HealthTECH Resources helps hospitals and other medical centers to maximize the power of their NextGen application in efficient, cost-effective ways by supplementing their staff with time-tested professionals. We fulfill upon the most stringent requirements on urgent timelines in streamlined ways, often having experts on site within 48 hours.

Our boutique agency has just one niche: the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space. So, when you need to configure and personalize your new EHR application, you can augment your staff with NextGen consulting experts with unsurpassed knowledge and experience.

If you’re ready to benefit from our 20-plus years of industry experience and tap into our in-depth professional network, please contact us online or call us at (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Building Your EHR Optimization Team

First, look at your in-house team. How much more work would each person have to take on with implementation, integration, and optimization tasks? What specialized skills do they possess that dovetail with this project? If they get assigned to the NextGen optimization project, what current or upcoming projects might be put on hold? Is that prioritization acceptable?

After this analysis, you should have a sense of staffing gaps and time constraints. Once you get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to walk through the company’s staffing gap analyses with you and help create a plan to fill your team with the EHR implementation specialists needed.

We offer plenty of flexibility when augmenting staff. Our network’s professionals are available as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and permanent candidates.

Enhancing Healthcare Operations

Well crafted digital workflows streamline daily processes as doctors, nurses, insurance specialists and more complete their work more efficiently. Plus, by saving time, this automatically creates cost savings that contribute to the bottom line and frees professionals up to spend more time on quality patient care.

Accurate data, analytics, and transparent reporting are at the heart of EHR systems and, when optimizing your new application, you can maximize these aspects. For example, when refreshing your data strategy, decide what legacy data to archive; how to remove duplicate data; what to clean and migrate; and how to help ensure that this strategy is as forward thinking as possible.

You can also use this opportunity to enhance analytics, using the data and calculations to create transparent, actionable reporting. All of this can be crafted to meet current compliance needs while effectively positioning you for future regulatory updates.

Optimizing Pacing

Although pacing isn’t always considered as a factor in optimization, it should be. When moving too quickly with a NextGen optimization, it’s possible that not enough attention will be given to key aspects of the implementation with some steps even overlooked entirely. Go too slowly—perhaps because the NextGen team is too small or because unanticipated problems arise—and this can prevent full ROI realization. Both scenarios (meaning, too fast or too slow) can lead to wasted time and dollars along with high levels of frustration.

To benefit from the most effective, cost efficient solution, right-size your pacing. Our network professionals can help through their abilities to proactively plan their projects in ways to keep everything on time and on budget.

HealthTECH Resources for NextGen Optimization Specialists

You need niche specialists of unsurpassed quality for your EHR optimization—and that’s exactly what we provide from our deep and wide professional network. Thanks to our extensive experience and professional leadership, we seamlessly and expediently fill staffing requests.

Over the past few years, our boutique agency has experienced unprecedented growth. To continue to provide top-notch fulfillment quality, we’ve expanded our consulting network; streamlined our processes, including delivery systems; enhanced our specialized recruiting systems; and continued to improve our expanded operations.

To fully optimize your NextGen system, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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NextGen Optimization FAQs

What is NextGen optimization?

You can think of optimization in this context as optimally customizing, implementing, and integrating your EHR system. When you implement and integrate NextGen into your healthcare organization’s technology in strategically targeted ways, you’ll save time and money and realize ROI more quickly.

Now consider optimal usage of the application. This requires educating end users in ways that dovetail with their daily tasks and workflows. If this doesn’t happen, then your organization can’t fully recognize the benefits of this powerful technology. So, optimization includes appropriate training and the creation of manuals and other educational material. Forward-thinking NextGen optimization also considers how needs can evolve as compliance regulations do.

Each optimization project is unique because each healthcare organization and its needs are unique. So, as you develop your plan, it will involve both strategic planning and the need for nuanced decision making.

What are the benefits of NextGen optimization?

With customized pathways in the application:

  • End users complete workflows with ease; this can include doctors, nurses, insurance specialists, and more.
  • This saves time, money, and frustration.
  • This frees up time for even more world-class patient care.
  • Optimized NextGen applications can contribute to your healthcare organization’s bottom line.
How should we prepare for the optimization of our new NextGen application?

Analyze your in-house IT team’s bandwidth and any staffing gaps. Then, supplement your team with NextGen experts, including optimization professionals, trainers, and more to work collaboratively with your in-house experts.