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Nextgen Implementation Professionals With Specialized Expertise

NextGen implementation requires specialized knowledge and skill sets to ensure that these complex endeavors are managed with care and finesse. For that to happen, you need just the right professionals, and HealthTECH Resources specializes in precisely that niche: providing quality staffing in the healthcare IT/EHR/EMR implementation space.

This is our only niche: We provide organizations like yours with flexible hiring options in a wide range of specialties. We’re the fastest, most knowledgeable, and most reliable EMR/EHR staffing resource in the country, fulfilling requests for even the most urgent timelines. Plus, we’ll place professionals as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and/or permanent hires. HealthTECH Resources rapidly fulfills requests—often within 48 hours.

To benefit from our vast network of NextGen consultants, please contact us online by filling out the form below or calling (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Assembling Your NextGen EHR Implementation Team

As you assemble your NextGen implementation team, it’s normal to discover gaps in your current internal IT team’s experience and skills. After all, choosing and installing new EHR software is unique, unlike your team’s more typical IT projects.

We invite you to leverage our industry leadership and unparalleled expertise to optimally implement your NextGen application and strategically fill staffing gaps through professional augmentation services.

The NextGen consultants in our premier network are primed and ready to help you establish project goals within your healthcare organization’s budget and scope. They’ll also assist with setting tasks, timelines, and deadlines in collaboration with your internal team to maximize the project’s success.

To create an ideally assembled NextGen EHR implementation team, contact us to provide the right-sized staff augmentation services. We’ll discuss your needs, analyze gaps, make recommendations, and fulfill them with a talented EHR implementation support team.

Optimizing Your NextGen EHR Implementation

During the implementation process, your healthcare organization will optimize the workflows and functionality that will maximize the power of your EHR application. Fortunately, specialists from our deep and wide network will help you to customize your software so that it dovetails with your facility’s unique system requirements.

A fully optimized application will benefit your organization overall, as well as your physicians, other medical professionals, and hard-working team members. Because it will empower you to enhance your world-class care, this optimization will also benefit your patients and their families.

To ensure the best results, it’s important to pace your EHR project appropriately, keeping everything on schedule. Our NextGen EHR implementation support professionals proactively avoid pitfalls while creating highly effective workarounds when challenges arise. Our expert consultants also avoid overly rapid pacing since this can lead to missing crucial steps. In short, they move at a well-balanced pace to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness with your ROI goals front of mind.

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Benefit from the deep industry experience that we’ve gleaned and leveraged over the past two decades-plus as a boutique-style agency with one specialized niche: EMR/EHR/healthcare IT augmented staffing services. Thanks to our broad industry connections and highly developed professional networks, you’ll receive the people you need through our personalized augmented staffing fulfillment services.

You can make staffing requests with confidence because we recognize the urgency involved in building a premier EHR/EMR implementation team. We’ll respond with the rapidity that your project fully deserves.

Throughout the entire journey of implementing, optimizing, and integrating your NextGen solution into your overall IT system, we can provide the consultants you need to reach your goal of providing unsurpassed patient care.

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NextGen Implementation FAQs

What are the uses of NextGen?

NextGen allows you to manage your medical facility or ambulatory care organization efficiently, effectively, and flexibly. NextGen meets the needs of healthcare providers, staff, and patients via a robustly integrated EHR solution.

The NextGen suite includes technology for client and financial applications as well as an empowering patient portal, population health management capabilities, and more. This application includes templates for more than twenty-five clinical specialties and allows you to meet regulatory goals through powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.

What is the NextGen EHR implementation process?

IT experts will appropriately configure the application, customize it for your unique workflows and integrate it with your existing technology. To find EMR implementation professionals you need for these NextGen modules, contact us.

What are the best practices for a successful EHR system implementation?

After verifying that you’ve chosen the right system for your healthcare organization, it’s important to dovetail your EHR/EMR implementation with your unique processes and workflows. Gathering input from key stakeholders across the organization can help you to optimally address this step.

Proactively consider and address pitfalls at the earliest reasonable stage of the implementation. Take a measured, balanced approach throughout, correctly pacing each step.

Invest in appropriate process documentation and training programs so that when it’s time to go live, your medical teams and other key staff are prepared to use the new application with confidence. Because different types of end users in your facilities will have different needs for the application, it’s important to create segmented training sessions for each to maximize your ROI in the technology.

Ensure that only clear, de-duped data is transferred into the new application. Make sure that all necessary data has been transferred.

Finally, work with an experienced EHR implementation support team to maximize your success.