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NextGen Go-Live Preparation

Once your ambulatory care center, specialty medical facility, or other healthcare organization selects NextGen as your EHR solution, you can then leverage the customizable preference settings to dovetail usage for your financial, clinical, reporting, and analytical needs for enhanced operations.

During the go-live preparations you’ll select each implementation and integration action taken with your end users in mind—configuring options and managing the project to capitalize on how this application streamlines usage to free up professionals with more time to deliver quality care.

Your NextGen team will also analyze and categorize data, clean what will transfer, archive what won’t be used going forward, and otherwise prepare for the optimal data transition.

After a process of comprehensively addressing any EHR implementation issues, your facilities will approach the NextGen cutover date. The actual software transition serves as the heart of the NextGen Go-Live process, and it’s crucial to ensure its seamless success. HealthTECH Resources offers the premier professionals that your healthcare organization will need to manage this cutover with finesse.

We specialize in just one niche: providing healthcare IT staff augmentation services, specifically in the EMR/EHR space. As part of that, we offer unsurpassed professionals who provide the quality of NextGen Go-Live support that your organization wants, needs, and deserves. To enhance your in-house team, please contact us online by filling out the form below or calling (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Process Overview

When your NextGen project commenced, your organization set goals and objectives for the implementation of this software. Your management team determined the scope and set the budget and timeline. Once this structure was crafted, IT experts could then analyze the processes and workflows in your facilities and departments and recommend ways to optimally configure the application for end users.

Your organization must make efficient and cost-effective decisions from start to finish with the software’s implementation and integration. These decisions must enhance healthcare services and facility operations while focusing on ROI goals.

Training experts can teach each healthcare team how to optimally use NextGen with technical writers crafting educational materials, workstation manuals, and other process documentation. At this point, your NextGen Go-Live support team will focus on a punch list containing items such as:

  • Consult with key stakeholders across departments and roles.
  • Gather input into the software’s setup and preference settings.
  • Incorporate valuable feedback for optimal usage.
  • Thoroughly test and validate data and double check configurations.
  • Verify completion of change management initiatives.
  • Confirm that the implementation process is completed.

Experienced professionals from our network can strategically handle each element of this punch list using their expertise to identify potential problems and create appropriate workarounds. They navigate each step of the transition with nuanced capabilities.

Compare this to less experienced consultants whose skills and knowledge gaps can mean a lesser ability to sidestep problems, manage budgets and deadlines, and solve problems. This often leads to plenty of frustration along with time and money challenges.

NextGen Go-Live support experts will seamlessly collaborate with in-house and augmented team members to manage the red-letter day transition with aplomb.

HealthTECH for NextGen Staff Augmentation Services

When you need fast, reliable recruiting services for your healthcare IT project—including stringent requests and urgent timelines—our knowledgeable, boutique-style staff augmentation firm is ready to help. For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered second to none professionals under these types of circumstances.

Because of our own unprecedented growth, we’ve strategically expanded our operations and specialized recruiting functions. This allows you to benefit from an even deeper, broader, and more powerful network of professionals. To ensure rapid fulfillment, we’ve further streamlined our processes and delivery systems. Contact us to get the experienced NextGen consultants and support professionals so that your organization’s transition to this software is smooth and seamless.

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NextGen Go-Live FAQs

In what ways can NextGen Go-Live professionals benefit our healthcare organization?

Here are three of the many ways: First, it’s crucial for healthcare facilities to ensure that all is in good order before cutting over to your new EHR application—and then to transition using the most efficient and cost-effective methods possible. Professionals from our network can assist in both of those endeavors.

After the application goes live, a post-Go-Live professional can answer questions from your team in a live environment. Even when a healthcare organization offers excellent training and process documentation, using the software in a controlled environment is not the same as using it on the go. This real-time usage will trigger new questions that NextGen Go-Live professionals can answer.

As a third benefit, many healthcare facilities utilize a superuser approach in their training programs. In this method, specifically chosen members of the organization’s in-house IT team receive deep and broad usage training. They, in turn, can answer many of the questions asked by your employees. But who will answer the superusers’ questions? This is another area where NextGen Go-Live experts can impact your project in meaningful ways.

What are some benefits that we’ll quickly realize after NextGen goes live?

Ambulatory care facilities, specialty medical practices, and other healthcare facilities can maximize efficiencies with this all-in-one platform because it intuitively combines client and financial workflows. You can easily and conveniently scale this solution to the right size fit for your organization, which in turn improves both care management and financial management. Plus, this software empowers patients via a robust portal that comes with self-scheduling capabilities.

How long does it take for the NextGen Go-Live process?

The actual crossover from one EHR brand of software to NextGen doesn’t take long itself. However, the time frame of the entire process of the transition will depend on specifics of your particular project. More straightforward projects can go live in several months while more complex ones can take a couple of years.