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Plan Your NextGen EHR Data Migration

As part of your overall NextGen implementation, it’s crucial to convert and transfer data in highly effective, cost efficient, and accurate ways. When you dedicate appropriate amounts of time and resources to the data migration process, this will improve the quality of your patient medical records—and so it’s important to put significant attention on the process of transferring information from your legacy system to NextGen.

Data migration processes can become complex. HealthTECH Resources can help you to analyze your staffing gaps and fill them with highly knowledgeable NextGen consulting specialists from our in-depth professional network. Our boutique-style staff augmentation firm has one niche specialty: healthcare IT, specifically in EMR/EHR applications.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

EHR Data Migration Process

Upgrading to NextGen software allows you to streamline tasks and workflows to free up medical professionals to spend even more time on providing world-class healthcare. To make that happen, clinicians must have the ability to efficiently access up to date, accurate data—and this requires a seamless migration of relevant information.

Your NextGen data migration plan should support the goals and objectives you’ve set for the overall EHR implementation. They must also fit within your project’s scope and be accomplished within budget and timelines. Then, your collaborative team of in-house IT experts and specialists from our network can collectively make decisions about:

  • What data should be cleaned and migrated to NextGen
  • What data (such as patient bill balances) shouldn’t be migrated
  • What inactive data (such as old patient accounts) is ready to be archived
  • How to clean data (manually, automatically, or a combination)
  • How to merge/remove duplicate records before migrating them
  • How to verify conversion and migration success with minimal risk and interruption

To source the talented professionals who can help to plan and seamlessly execute your NextGen data migration, you can rely upon the HealthTECH Resources network. You’ll benefit from our expert consultants’ extensive hands-on experience as they analyze your legacy system and determine what conversions need to be made to migrate to NextGen.

Our specialists can identify potential pitfalls for the data conversion and brainstorm work-arounds; recommend and test solutions; and then implement the EMR data migration or EHR data migration (depending on whether the legacy system is an EMR or an EHR).

Because no two NextGen projects are identical, sourced experts will offer customized recommendations throughout the process, keeping an eye on minimizing risk and maximizing your new technology’s ROI. So, no matter the specifics of your project, HealthTECH Resources can augment your staff in ways to fill in gaps of your unique situation—meeting even stringent staffing requests on urgent timelines. NextGen professionals, whether consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements, can often be on site within 48 hours.

NextGen Data Cleaning, Conversion, and Migration

Our network’s EMR data migration/EHR data migration experts follow best practices and use your organization’s definitions, attributes, and regulations as they:

  • Assess your information
  • Analyze requirements
  • Clean data
  • Convert it to dovetail with NextGen’s structure
  • Verify migration success: completeness and accessibility
  • Ensure integrity of migrated data and workflows

HealthTECH for Your NextGen Migration Staff Augmentation

Over the past 20-years plus, we’ve built a deep and wide network of NextGen experts, which allows us to connect you with just the right healthcare IT/EMR/EHR professionals your healthcare organization needs across the country.

HealthTECH Resources has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years. In response, we’ve expanded our operations to continue to provide outstanding service to facilities like yours. We’ve also enhanced our recruiting and streamlined our fulfillment processes to continue to augment staff through a network of unsurpassed depth and quality.

In short, our synergistic system benefits all parties as we connect your world-class healthcare organization with top quality human talent with expertise in leveraging NextGen’s best-in-class technology.

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NextGen Data Migration FAQs

What are data migration methods?

In general, data migration involves transferring data from one system to your new one: NextGen. Data from legacy systems need to be cleaned and converted into the format that your new system uses. Our professionals follow best practices in all EHR data migration projects while customizing methodologies.

Sometimes, an all-in approach is preferred, one where the NextGen data migration takes place in one big transfer. Other times, the conversion happens in stages, perhaps by facility location or by department.

What is the best approach for data migration?

Each healthcare facility will have unique needs and an EMR migration/EHR migration will need to be customized for goals, objectives, workflows, and more. NextGen experts from our network will familiarize themselves with each of these as well as delve into the specifics of your legacy system.

From there, they will contribute to the formation of a plan and ensure that it fits with the project scope, timeline, budget, and more. This plan may include one major conversion and migration or may take a phased approach, depending upon your organization’s preferences, policies, and needs.

Once the migration plan is approved, our experts will continue to collaborate with your in-house IT team to implement the plan, test results, and verify success.

What is a NextGen migration?

This refers to a data migration from your current EMR/EHR system to the robust NextGen application that helps ambulatory care organizations leverage the power of its technology to manage population health issues, revenue cycles and more.

This migration involves data assessment, including the legacy system’s formatting and functionalities, and comparing them to NextGen’s data structure. After a conversion plan is created and approved, data is cleaned and categorized before being optimally imported into NextGen. They’ll confirm conversion and migration success in completeness, accuracy, and accessibility.