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HealthTECH Resources possesses the technical knowledge to implement your NextGen system and we also know how to connect you with the right people to run the application. Our proven recruiting process provides organizations with quality recruits that ensure their facilities and healthcare IT technologies are being used to their full potential. Our state of the art training also ensures that your existing staff will be able to use the new system efficiently and effectively.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

World-Class NextGen EHR Implementation

HealthTECH Resources provides the unparalleled expertise in healthcare IT you need to optimally implement and integrate your NextGen software. Our company leadership will offer all the support you need, providing you with exactly the right professionals from our huge network of top-shelf EHR consultants to augment your staff. The result? A complete EHR implementation that dovetails with your company’s workflows and processes and a staff that’s well trained in their unique user roles within the application.

We recognize that your ambulatory and specialty care organizations often need rapid response times with staffing requests. That’s why we accelerate the augmentation of staff, fulfilling requests in a timeframe as short as 48 hours. To get started, please fill out the contact form below or call us at (602) 903-7961.

NextGen Implementation Services: Healthcare Staff Augmentation

As one of the top providers for healthcare IT consultants for ambulatory care facilities and specialty practices, both large and small, we offer staff augmentation services in an ultra efficient way with a boutique-style approach. We provide organizations like yours with experienced professionals who will expedite your project, from planning stages through implementation, optimization, go-live day and beyond.

Because of our unrelenting focus on quality and our deep industry knowledge, healthcare facilities that have been disappointed with other staff augmentation providers often turn to us. They appreciate our proprietary processes that allow us to cut through red tape and solve problems, along with our:

  • Network of top talent
  • Accelerated rate of fulfillment
  • Proven track record of excellence

Our first-rate professionals are highly skilled and experienced in NextGen modules, with job titles and abilities including but not limited to the following: analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors and more. Your organization can hire these experts as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and/or permanent placements, selecting exactly who you need from experts with a wide range of niches and specialties.

NextGen Training

When you change or upgrade your IT applications, your team will need to be trained in using the software in role-specific ways. After all, your insurance specialists will be using it differently from your physicians, and vice versa. HealthTECH Resources therefore rapidly fulfills requests for NextGen training professionals, providing your organizations with professionals who can create and present the training sessions you need.

Proactively addressing training needs means that, once your software is implemented and integrated, your team can navigate through the system with confidence and benefit from customized configurations for the maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

NextGen training professionals provided by HealthTECH Resources can create strategically segmented programs and present them in engaging ways, allowing your team to interactively learn the healthcare IT system. We also have NextGen consultants who are technical writers and can craft process documentation for the workstations at your facilities, and much more. Just let us know what you need.

NextGen Consulting Services

When you’re looking for NextGen consulting services, you may have a wide scope of job duties in mind. When seeking a NextGen consultant, it helps when you share specifics so that we can fulfill your requests with laser precision. What tasks and goals, for example, do you envision for this EHR consultant? What niche parts of the process will this person help to augment in the overall implementation? Where is especially deep knowledge needed?

An EHR consultant may, as just three examples, specialize in:

  • NextGen/EHR implementation
  • Module builds, such as with NextGen Practice Management (EPM), NextGen Patient Portal, and NextGen Health Information Exchange
  • NextGen go-live cutovers

No matter the length of your project or its complexities, HealthTECH Resources can help to augment staff with professionals ranging from short-term consultants to permanent hires.

NextGen Implementation

When determining how many staff members will be needed for your NextGen implementation, start by reviewing your in-house IT staff and what their specialties are, and to look at how many projects they are currently working on and how much time it will take to complete a successful implementation for each of them. Watch for skills gaps among your in-house team; avoid overloading too much responsibility on any one of them; and then calculate how much staff augmentation is needed, and in what specific areas.

Throughout this analysis, the goal will be to right-size your NextGen team to use your human resource talent in the most strategic ways possible. If you need help determining what’s optimal, you can contact the experts at HealthTECH Resources and we’ll guide you through the process.

Once human resources have been strategically organized, your healthcare facility can proceed with confidence on your NextGen implementation. Professionals from our extensive network of EHR consultants can help you to create goals, timelines, tasks, and deadlines within the framework of your scope and budget, and much more.

NextGen Optimization

We provide top-notch professionals from our network who can optimize this robust, highly flexible application that will dovetail with your facilities’ workflows and processes, going beyond baseline EHR implementation to maximize the application’s benefits.

During this stage of the software’s implementation, timing is crucial. When the process moves too slowly, then your facilities will only delay when they can benefit from its efficiencies. Move too slowly, though, and you may skip over important workflow steps, which will ultimately reduce the software’s effectiveness and cost efficiency. This is why having just the right professionals on your NextGen optimization is vital, experienced people who will advance the process at the optimal pace.

Our experienced professionals can identify pitfalls to avoid and create workarounds, as needed. The ultimate goal is to maximize NextGen so that it benefits all of your team’s users and benefits the patients you care for in your facilities.

NextGen Go-Live Services

Through a process of deliberation and streamlining, planning and EHR implementation and optimization, the red letter day will finally draw near: the NextGen go-live cutover. Your NextGen consultant team will likely review their punch list to ensure that:

  • Input is gathered from key stakeholders in diverse roles
  • The application setup is thoroughly tested for optimal effect
  • User-specific NextGen training sessions are complete
  • Configurations are double-checked
  • Change management issues are addressed

Once this list is complete and any potential problems addressed, it’s time for the official NextGen go-live cutover. Once this occurs, this integrated solution will greatly enhance the capabilities of your facilities while maximizing financial savings.

NextGen Data Migration

Each facility has its own unique opportunities and challenges, goals, processes and more that NextGen can help to solve. Sometimes, a facility may still be using paper records and is uploading them for the very first time during their EHR/EMR migration and implementation process. Other times, an organization is ready to move onto a more robust EHR system and they choose NextGen.

No matter the specifics, every facility needs clean, non-duplicated data in their new system for the maximum in data integrity. Decisions will need to be made about which data to migrate and what types (such as patient billing balances) should not be included; another important decision focuses on what inactive data should be archived. Facilities should handle these crucial decisions with care because the integrity of medical records will play a key role in the success of the EMR migration/EHR migration processes and the overall quality and usability of the new system.

The NextGen data migration process can be complex and can include these tasks:

  • Current IT system assessment
  • NextGen functionality exploration
  • Migration plan creation
  • Staff analysis and strategic augmentation
  • NextGen implementation and integration
  • NextGen optimization, go-live switchovers, and training

We support these NextGen modules:

  • NextGen Practice Management (EPM)
  • NextGen Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • NextGen Image Control System (ICS)
  • NextGen Mobile
  • NextGen Dashboard
  • NextGen Health Quality Measures
  • NextGen Patient Portal
  • NextGen Health Information Exchange

HealthTECH Resources For Your NextGen Staff Augmentation Services

HealthTECH Resources is the experienced choice with 20+ years of deep industry experience in one highly specialized niche: healthcare IT/EMR/EHR services. Your facilities will benefit from our extensive professional networks, accelerated staff augmentation processes, and unsurpassed quality as we serve your ambulatory and specialty care medical organizations.

Choose HealthTECH Resources for the fastest and more reliable service, managed by the most knowledgeable EMR/EHR recruiting team in the United States today to fill in healthcare IT staffing gaps. Because of our boutique size and structure, our client services are personalized and agilely delivered.

Our staffing services, over the past few years, have become even more in demand, which has led to unprecedented growth. Fortunately, we’ve prepared ourselves well for that growth and, as client needs have ramped up, so has the expansion of our network of first-in-class NextGen consultants to fill your staffing gaps. We’ve expanded our overall operations, including our specialized recruiting functions, while continuing to streamline our processes for the maximum in quality service. In short, we’re well prepared to continue to deliver world-class IT healthcare services.

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NextGen FAQs

What is NextGen software? What are its benefits?

NextGen is a comprehensive, first-in-class, integrated electronic health record (EHR) solution for ambulatory care facilities and specialty medical practices of all sizes, designed to enhance patient care. This all-in-one platform combines intuitive clinical and financial workflows and more to maximize practice efficiencies.

NextGen is a scalable solution that can be configured and right-sized for your organization and provide 24/7/365 access to care. Your facilities can improve care management and financial outcomes alike with the NextGen platform, with this application empowering patients to participate in their own care through a robust patient portal and self-scheduling capabilities.

Your facilities can seamlessly share health information in cost effective ways; boost operations at a reduced technology cost to enhance revenue; lessen administrative documentation burdens through simple charting capabilities; automate reporting in ways that facilitate regulatory requirements; and create a more efficient workflow, overall, to enhance practice productivity.

What are the differences between EHR and EMR implementation and what are the benefits of EHR systems?

Electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) both facilitate a healthcare organization’s ability to maintain digital patient health records, with the first type of system being a more simplified version. An EMR implementation/EMR migration is often compared to a traditional patient chart/medical history that’s been uploaded online. This can have value within a single medical practice.

What can be included in an EHR goes well beyond the content of an EMR, containing traditional medical record information along with imaging reports, lab data, insurance information, data forwarded from wellness devices and more. Plus, capabilities are much more robust as medical providers can share information in real time with one another and benefit from decision making tools, thereby transforming their ability to enhance delivery and coordination of care. Patients can change medical providers and still have access to their complete medical records. Overall, EHR can improve patient outcomes while also saving time and money for medical facilities.

We need NextGen consulting services and staff augmentation. How should we proceed?

We make it super simple to fill in staffing gaps through the professionals in our extensive network of experienced NextGen consultants. You can fill out our online form or call HealthTECH Resources at (602) 903-7961. Your organization can let us know what your staffing needs and timelines are, and then we’ll tap into our second-to-none network to provide you with just the right NextGen consulting services and top-notch professionals.

How can I become part of your NextGen consultant network?

Here are a few ways you can get started:

  1. Find open positions here and then click on the currently available professional positions you qualify for to read the more detailed descriptions. Then click on the orange “Apply For Job” button to submit your application.
  2. Submit your resume.
  3. Apply for open positions through LinkedIn.

Use whichever method is easiest for you. We’re always looking for qualified professionals to add to our network of EHR consultants and we appreciate your interest.