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MEDITECH Trainers That Focus On End Users and Patients

The MEDITECH application allows healthcare facilities to reduce clinician burden while enhancing business practices through innovative technology that has a focus on improving patient care and outcomes.

This powerful software allows healthcare organizations to create personalized navigation pathways via intuitive widgets. This means you can eliminate cookie cutter approaches to patient care management—with expert on-site trainers providing interactive guidance.

HealthTECH Resources provides premier MEDITECH trainers through our unsurpassed staff augmentation services, professionals with extensive experience. To get started, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

MEDITECH EMR Training Benefits

This application can be customized to dovetail with your workflows and processes with interactive training programs allowing end users to practice usage before the software goes live. Our experienced MEDITECH trainers will create personalized user-specific training sessions that are engaging and crafted in easy-to-digest segments. A physician, for example, would receive information that’s targeted to their specific needs while an insurance specialist would be given what instructs and empowers them.

Besides offering role-based trainings that allow your staff to proceed with confidence, they can train select “super users” in your facilities who can, in turn, provide support to your entire team. They can also train based on processes or a combination of these methodologies, depending upon your preferences. Additionally, MEDITECH experts can gather process documentation and create facility-specific workstation manuals and employee onboarding materials.

Information Gathering

MEDITECH consultants will collect information about your user types, how you plan to use the software, and how you intend to customize the application. They’ll use this data to plan a laser-targeted, vigorous yet nuanced training program that efficiently and cost effectively meets your needs.

As they develop training programs, they will continue to identify key inputs from stakeholders and integrate them into the sessions. Throughout, their goal is to use team knowledge and insights into facility workflows and processes to create training sessions that allow users to experience MEDITECH as if live. The result is a highly effective, scalable training program that meets the needs of your staff where they are, knowledge-wise, guiding them towards their maximum usage of the application.

Best Practices MEDITECH Training Programs

The three most common structures of EHR training programs are role-based, super user, and process-based models. Professionals that augment your staff through HealthTECH sourcing will use your preferred method or combine them, as desired, with each one designed to prepare all end users to use the application with confidence.

Role-Based Training

Role-based sessions will provide usage demonstrations and interactive practices based on the attendees’ needs and job roles: nurses, for example, or pharmacists. As participants ask questions and offer feedback on the application, MEDITECH trainers can use this to further optimize the training sessions.

Super User Training

Strategically chosen staff members will become “super users” who will receive deep and broad training in MEDITECH. This empowers the super users to train other teams in your facilities and to ultimately serve as ongoing EHR support for your organization.

Process-Based Training

In this approach, expert trainers put your facilities’ processes at the heart of the sessions. This methodology can be combined with role-based and super user training programs.

Process Documentation

Outstanding technical writers in our network can create valuable process documentation for training sessions. These multi-purpose manuals can then be used at facility workstations and for onboarding new employees.

Post Go-Live MEDITECH Training Support

After the application goes live, end users will have questions with MEDITECH training professionals providing answers. They can provide support as users gain proficiency and, as needed, provide refresher sessions.

MEDITECH Training Services and More With HealthTECH

HealthTECH focuses on just one niche: providing healthcare facilities like yours with staff augmentation in the healthcare EMR/EHR space. With 20+ years in the industry, we have access to a network of experienced MEDITECH professionals that can help streamline your EMR/EHR implementation, optimization, and integration process from start to finish. Our MEDITECH trainers are available as consultants, contract-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements—often with the ability to be on site within 48 hours. Please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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What is MEDITECH training?

MEDITECH is a robust application that’s flexible and customizable. MEDITECH EMR training is an educational process that teaches end users at your healthcare facilities how to maximize their usage of this technology, usually provided when the application is being newly implemented but can also include refresher sessions and when you hire new employees. Professional trainers will examine the customizations you’re making to the software, determine how much technology knowledge your staff members have, and work with your facilities to choose a training approach to maximize success—avoiding generic, one-size-fits-all training programs.

What are the benefits of MEDITECH training from our experienced consultants?

MEDITECH is a powerful application that can help your facility improve patient care, enhance business operations, reduce the burden on busy clinicians, and much more. However, results are only as good as end users’ abilities to maximize their use of the software. MEDITECH EMR training professionals from the HealthTECH network prepare them for their role-specific processes and workflows; help to prevent them from making commonly-made mistakes; and provide interactive sessions that allow them to practice with the application before it goes live in an environment that resembles the post-go-live application.

Does MEDITECH training contribute to the success of an implementation project?

Definitely! MEDITECH is a versatile application that, during implementation and optimization stages, can be personalized to dovetail with your facility usage. Without effective training, end users will need to spend time learning how to navigate the application themselves, making mistakes and going down inefficient rabbit holes. With training, they can optimally use the application when it goes live, allowing your facilities to more quickly realize its benefits for a faster return on investment.