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MEDITECH Optimization Professionals Fill in Gaps

After selecting MEDITECH as your facility’s electronic health record (EHR) system, it’s important to consider how this robust software will be optimized. This involves creating customized pathways and workflows in strategic ways that dovetail with usages by your medical professionals and support staff.

As you assemble your EHR implementation team, it’s normal to uncover staffing gaps. Implementing and optimizing EHR/EMR software is usually outside the typical scope of healthcare IT job duties, presenting the need for organizations like yours to supplement their staff to fill in those gaps.

This is where HealthTECH Resources comes in. We help hospitals and related facilities to supercharge their MEDITECH optimization by augmenting their in-house IT teams with professionals of unsurpassed quality. Because we know that time can be of the essence, these experts are often on site within 48 hours, even when you have stringent requirements.

Streamlined processes at our boutique-style agency allow you to supplement your in-house tech department’s ability to configure, streamline, and personalize MEDITECH. We specialize in the healthtech IT/EMR/EHR space as our only niche, which means we seamlessly augment hospital staff.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Create Your EHR Optimization Team

Early steps include an analysis of the bandwidth and specialized skills sets of your in-house tech team. If team members get assigned to the implementation and optimization of MEDITECH, will they have time for ongoing or other upcoming projects? If not, can those be put on hold? MEDITECH optimization takes unique knowledge and experience. Does your in-house IT team have all that’s needed to fully optimize your new application?

If gaps exist, that’s not unusual. As a next step, determine what you’ll need to address time constraints and other challenges you’ve identified. Then, contact us for staff augmentation services to maximize your technology investment. Or, contact us sooner in the process so that we can help you to analyze needs and create a staffing plan before supplementing your team.

Our network’s professionals are available as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and permanent candidates.

MEDITECH Optimization Enhances Operations

As you streamline workflows, you’re naturally enhancing individual processes as well as your overall operations. Effective EHR optimization reduces the amount of time that doctors, nurses, insurance specialists and more spend on paperwork and other routine tasks. Streamlined usage equals more cost effective usage, freeing up more time for your team to focus on providing world-class healthcare services.

As part of this process, you can refresh your data strategy, making forward-thinking decisions about what data to archive and what to clean and migrate. As you transition from your legacy solution, you can also enhance analytics and reporting to address current compliance needs while effectively positioning your organization for compliance updates in the future.

Optimizing Pacing

Appropriate pacing is a significant part of MEDITECH optimization. If you move too quickly, then important considerations can be hurried through with some steps skipped over entirely. The result: your medical teams and support staff will spend too much time on low priority tasks and become frustrated. The rush will cost your organization both time and money that could be better spent on patient care.

If you proceed too slowly, this can put a real dent in your return on investment. This may happen because of undiagnosed pitfalls that you encounter, which also wastes time and money while serving as a significant source of frustration.

When you right-size your pacing, you benefit from an effective, cost efficient solution. Professionals from our network can help through their proactive planning that keeps your project on time and on budget.

HealthTECH Resources for MEDITECH Optimization Specialists

Rely upon our deep network, extensive experience, and top leadership to provide you with niche MEDITECH consulting specialists of unsurpassed quality. We can seamlessly fill in your optimization team, often within 48 hours—even for the most stringent staffing requests.

HealthTECH Resources has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years. To continue to provide you with top shelf boutique service, we’ve expanded operations and our consulting network, streamlined processes and delivery systems, and enhanced our specialized recruiting functions to continue to grow our in-depth professional network.

To maximize your technology efficiently and cost effectively, please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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MEDITECH Optimization FAQs

What is MEDITECH optimization?

After selecting this robust EHR software, your healthcare organization must implement it into your overall technology. Optimizing the application involves the creation of customized integrations that dovetail with your needs. Optimizing your software in targeted ways saves organizations time and money.

Closely connected to optimization: training and creating manuals. The most effectively optimized EHR system won’t allow you to realize ROI if end users don’t know how to efficiently manage workflows—or if the application was optimized for today’s needs with no consideration of how requirements and regulations can evolve.

MEDITECH optimization is uniquely tailored to each organization that uses it, which requires close attention to detail throughout strategic planning and as you make nuanced decisions.

What are the benefits of MEDITECH optimization?

When applications are successfully tailored to dovetail with end user needs with navigational pathways customized for efficiency, then doctors, nurses, insurance professionals and more can complete workflows with ease. This can save plenty of time, money, and frustration. To achieve this, optimization specialists must craft targeted pathways for each type of use, tailored for departmental usage. Time and money saved through these cost efficiencies can go towards quality patient care and an improved bottom line.

How should we prepare for the optimization of our new MEDITECH application?
  • Analyze staffing gaps and time constraints
  • Complement your IT team with augmented consultants
  • Think ahead to determine how you’ll train so that users can proceed with confidence.

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