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Implementing your MEDITECH application is likely to be a complex endeavor and it is crucial to use experienced professionals with the specialized knowledge and skill sets you need. We focus on just one niche—the EHR/EMR implementation space—and we provide organizations like yours with flexible options for hiring the experts you need in a wide range of specialties.

As the fastest, most knowledgeable, and most reliable EMR/EHR staffing resource in the United States, we will place the professionals you need as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and/or permanent staff. HealthTECH Resources fulfill requests for the most stringent timelines, often within 48 hours.

To benefit from our unparalleled expertise and leadership and our large network of outstanding consultants, please contact us today by filling out the form below or calling (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Create Your MEDITECH EHR Implementation Support Team

As you plan your implementation, you will probably notice skills gaps in your in-house team. If so, that is perfectly natural because the implementation of an EHR solution is unique, unlike any other IT project that your internal staff would normally handle. To enhance your ability to optimally implement your healthcare application, it makes sense to fill those gaps using a professional staff-augmentation service.

Our premier MEDITECH consultants leverage their expertise to help you establish project goals and tasks along with timelines and deadlines within your scope and budget. Working closely with your in-house team, collaborative professionals maximize the success of your MEDITECH implementation.

It takes finesse to perfect staffing levels. Fortunately, our team is ready and waiting to analyze your healthcare organization’s needs and gaps and then help you to create a laser targeted, talented MEDITECH EHR implementation support team. To get started, just contact us.

Optimize Your MEDITECH Software

Specialists from our HealthTECH Resources’ broad network will help your healthcare organization go much further than the initial implementation to maximize the power of this robust EHR software. Our knowledgeable professionals will help you to customize MEDITECH to fit perfectly with your facility’s unique processes and workflows.

Your ideal team can then contribute to the timing of your MEDITECH implementation and optimization. They will keep the project on schedule by avoiding challenges when possible and creating workarounds when necessary—while also helping to prevent crucial steps that could be missed if the project is implemented too rapidly. They will accomplish this optimally balanced pace that will maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness.

A fully optimized MEDITECH application has wide-ranging benefits for your overall organization, including your physicians, other team members, your patients, and their families. As less time is spent on routine tasks, more time is freed up to provide quality patient care and world-class healthcare services.

Contact HealthTECH Resources for Staff Augmentation

We invite you to benefit from our more than two decades of deep industry experience, our broad industry connections, and highly developed networks of professionals. We also invite you to benefit from the personalized service offered by our boutique-style agency that focuses on one specialized niche: EMR/EHR/healthcare IT staffing services.

When you contact us with your staffing requests, we will respond rapidly because we recognize the urgency of building a premier team when implementing your MEDITECH software.

Over recent years, HealthTECH Resources has experienced unprecedented growth. In response, we have accelerated the expansion of our operations and bolstered our specialized recruiting functions to provide you with an even greater professional network. In addition, we have streamlined our processes and delivery services to ensure that, as your hiring needs increase, our proactivity will enable us to meet your needs for first-in-class MEDITECH professionals.

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MEDITECH Implementation FAQs

What are the features of MEDITECH Expanse that can really help our healthcare organization?

Components of the MEDITECH Expanse platform include the following: care coordination, community wellness, diagnostic services, financial and decision support, interoperability, patient access and revenue cycle, patient engagement, physician practices, and post-acute care. This web-based platform is accessible and intuitive while allowing healthcare organizations to further customize real-time notifications, patient trackers, status boards, clinical decision support tools, and more, in a structure that comes with embedded best practice content.

What do you need to know about the MEDITECH EHR system?

This EHR application allows healthcare organizations to optimally manage daily operations, both clinically and financially. Most often used in middle-sized and community-based hospitals, MEDITECH helps these facilities to electronically document and chart patient information, which improves quality while increasing efficiency—in turn enhancing revenue. Healthcare providers can view a patient’s health history, vital signs, medication information, laboratory results, and much more from a secure system that is HIPAA compliant.

The application also helps facilities to schedule staffing and patient appointments, manage revenue, support at-home patients, manage documentation, place orders, bill for services, and much more.

Organizations can customize clinical panels to view selected information on a single screen. This collates relevant information in a way that is customized for a physician’s specialty and purpose.

Also, the system’s Continuity of Care Documents provide key information about a patient’s appointment or hospital stay. You can electronically transmit this to physicians outside your healthcare system and further, if required.

What is the MEDITECH EHR implementation process?

The EHR implementation process is when experts configure and customize the EHR application and then integrate it into your healthcare organization’s overall IT to dovetail it with your unique processes. For the help you need to implement and optimize MEDITECH modules, contact HealthTECH Resources.