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MEDITECH Go-Live Preparation

Once your hospital system or healthcare facility selects MEDITECH for its new, robust EHR software, you and your team can then focus on flexibly customizing this application to enhance your facility capabilities, including financial and clinical.

As part of your project management, you strategically configure workflows for the professionals who will use your software; train each kind of end-user; analyze, clean, sort, and prepare to transition data; and much more.

As you effectively address key implementation issues and check them off your list, this means you’re approaching the cutover date—and you’ll want this process to be as seamless as possible. Fortunately, HealthTECH Resources provides healthcare facilities like yours with seasoned MEDITECH go-live support professionals who can handle the crucial steps with finesse.

Our niche staffing firm specializes in staff augmentation services for healthcare IT to provide you with the premier support you want, need, and deserve. To enhance your in-house team and benefit from our unsurpassed track record of success, please fill out the form below or call (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Overview of the Process

At a high level, your organization sets goals and objectives, your project’s scope, budget, and timelines. After choosing MEDITECH, IT experts examine facility workflows and recommend methods to configure the application optimally. Each step of the implementation and integration must contribute to the quality and cost-efficiency of the project to maximize ROI while enhancing the healthcare services provided.

Training professionals and technical writers document customized processes and workflows and educate your healthcare teams on efficiently using the software. Then, your MEDITECH go-live support team can ensure, among other key actions, the following:

  • Ask a diverse set of stakeholders to provide input on the system’s customizations and more.
  • Thoroughly test and validate data for optimal usage.
  • Doublecheck configurations to ensure that all gaps are closed.
  • Address remaining change management issues.
  • Verify the completeness of the implementation.

Each step must be delicately navigated, with EHR transition professionals handling this in nuanced ways. Consultants with less experience are still learning and may not be as savvy in identifying and sidestepping potential problems or may not have the knowledge to deftly solve them to keep the project on its timetable. Delays lead to frustration along with missed deadlines and associated (unnecessary) expenses.

Our knowledgeable MEDITECH consultants avoid pitfalls by seamlessly collaborating with other team members, both in-house and augmented experts. They prevent missteps by carefully managing a strategically created pre-cutover punch list. Once they fully confirm a completed list, they will efficiently and effectively manage the red-letter day transition.

HealthTECH for MEDITECH Staff Augmentation Services

Your healthcare organization can count on our boutique-style staff augmentation firm, the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team in the healthcare IT industry. For more than 20 years, we’ve fulfilled stringent requests for EHR professionals from our premier network, providing in-demand staffing services for even the most urgent requests and tightest timelines.

Over the past few years, HealthTECH Resources has experienced unprecedented growth. In response, we’ve strategically expanded our operations and specialized recruiting functions to provide you with a broader and more powerful in-depth network of professionals. Plus, we’ve streamlined our processes and delivery systems, which means you can count on truly timely fulfillment when you need MEDITECH go-live support, to enhance your ability to offer world-class healthcare services.

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How does MEDITECH go-live support help our healthcare organization?

Specialized MEDITECH go-live professionals help facilities like yours to ensure that all-important tasks are complete before you cut over to your new EHR software—then make sure that the actual transition is as seamless as possible.

Healthcare facilities typically also need post-go-live support. That’s because, even with the best training programs and materials, actually using an EHR application in a real-life setting can raise questions that didn’t come up during training sessions. Although the company that provides the software can answer some questions, your application will already be configured and customized for your unique needs—and a post-go-live professional can answer questions that are specific to your application workflows.

Many times a healthcare facility decides to use the superuser approach when training healthcare teams. This means that select members from the internal IT team have received broad, in-depth training in the software to answer in-house questions about its usage. When MEDITECH initially goes live, though, these super users will need a resource to help them, and that’s also where post-go-live experts can have a significant impact.

How long does it take for MEDITECH to go live?

The actual transition from your old EHR software to MEDITECH, it doesn’t take long. However, the entire process—from selecting the software through the implementation, integration, optimization, training, and more—can take anywhere from several months to a couple of years, depending upon the project’s complexity.

In part, this is true because some healthcare facilities use an all-in approach where all locations switch over to MEDITECH at the same time—this can reduce the amount of overall time when your facilities need support. Others phase in the go-live process by facility or department or whatever else makes sense for their needs, giving your organization more time to transition in a personalized way.

Making this type of strategic decision is another area where MEDITECH’s go-live support consultants from the HealthTECH Resources network can help you to maximize your application usage and dovetail it with your timeline, budget, and care environment.

How will we quickly benefit once MEDITECH goes live?

Some benefits to the MEDITECH EMR software that will your organization will notice soon after implementation include the application’s HIPAA-compliant patient charting system, customized clinical panels, segmented information displays, continuity of care documents (CCD), and the ability to transmit the CCDs electronically outside of your healthcare system.