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MEDITECH EHR Data Migration Planning

The quality of your data migration process from your legacy system to MEDITECH will have a significant impact on the integrity of your patient medical records in your robust new application. To maximize that quality, it’s crucial to have a solid migration plan in place for an EHR data conversion process that may become quite complex.

To help you fill in staffing gaps to create a highly knowledgeable team of MEDITECH consulting specialists, HealthTECH Resources maintains an in-depth network of professionals with niche expertise in healthcare IT, specifically in EMR/EHR-related specialties.To benefit from our unparalleled experience and professional network, contact us online; fill out the form below; or call (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Elements of EHR Migration Processes

The ability for medical professionals to access accurate data is at the heart of electronic health records (EHR) systems. So, effective MEDITECH data migration is a crucial part of your overall implementation project. Each step taken and each decision made should support your goals, objectives, and action plans for the overall project and fit within its scope, timelines, and budget.

As part of this decision making, your collaborative team will decide what data to migrate (and not to, such as patient bill balances) and what is inactive and ready to be archived. They must create customized strategies for cleaning and quality verification, removing duplicates, and migrating the data to MEDITECH with minimal interruption in your organization’s ability to provide healthcare services.

As part of your resource allocation, specifically for EHR data conversion tasks, include a line item for human talent who can plan and execute the migration effectively and cost efficiently. To source the professionals you need, you can count on HealthTECH Resources network of MEDITECH data migration experts.

Our experts possess extensive hands-on EHR data conversion knowledge that they’ll leverage to benefit your IT team and overall healthcare organization. Ways in which they can collaborate and contribute include:

  • Identifying possible pitfalls
  • Recommending and creating workarounds
  • Brainstorming and then implementing solutions

Throughout the process, they will focus on minimizing risk while maximizing the ROI on your new technology. Because no two MEDITECH projects are exactly the same, our EMR data migration/EHR data migration professionals will offer customized recommendations. So, whether you have paper records to upload or are migrating from an EMR or EHR system, HealthTECH Resources can augment your staff in just the right way for your unique situation.

Our boutique-style agency provides personalized recommendations and can meet even stringent staffing requests on urgent timelines. In fact, MEDITECH professionals can often be on site within 48 hours—and can be sourced as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements.

MEDITECH Data Cleaning, Conversion, and Migration

EMR data migration/EHR data migration experts from our network use best practices as they:

  • Assess and analyze your information
  • Clean and convert the data
  • Use definitions, attributes, and regulations adhered to by your organization

Once they complete these processes, our professionals will verify the success of the migration. This includes completeness, ease of data accessibility, and more, including that any processes undertaken did not hurt the integrity of the data or other workflows followed by your healthcare organization.

HealthTECH for Your MEDITECH Migration Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation agency solely focuses on providing healthcare organizations like yours with professions within the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space. With more than 20 years of experience, we have a deep and wide network of MEDITECH consulting experts that we can quickly connect your facility with—anywhere within the United States.

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced unprecedented demand for our services. So, to ensure that we can continue to provide an unsurpassed quality of EHR experts on a rapid timeline, we’ve proactively expanded our operations, including an enhanced focus on recruitment. Our processes and laser-targeted fulfillment services have been streamlined even further to create synergistic staff augmentation that benefits everyone involved.

To get connected with human talent who will leverage best-in-class technology to allow you to continue to provide world-class healthcare services, please fill out the form below.

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MEDITECH Data Migration FAQs

What is EHR migration and what is healthcare data migration?

People often use these terms interchangeably, so we’ll break them down here. EHR migration specifically refers to data transfers involving electronic health records (EHR). So, when migrating data to MEDITECH, which is an EHR, you’d be involved in EHR data migration. As a side note, if migrating from an electronic medical records (EMR) system, you might also hear the process called an EMR migration. Or, another term is an EHR data conversion.

Healthcare data migration, meanwhile, is a broader term because it doesn’t specify whether this is an EMR or an EHR migration. Any time that a hospital, emergency room, physician’s office, clinic, or other facility providing health care transfers data from one system to another, that’s an example of healthcare data migration.

What is a MEDITECH migration?

This specifically refers to migrating data to the MEDITECH application. Thousands of healthcare institutions use MEDITECH’s fully integrated modern software to provide quality care to the communities they serve.

Steps involved include assessing the formatting and functionalities of MEDITECH and comparing them to the data being imported into the software. EHR data conversion experts then create a plan to clean, categorize, verify, and transfer relevant data while archiving other pieces of information. Once this is complete, verification audits can ensure completeness of the conversion and accessibility of the data.

HealthTECH Resources is ready to help you fill in staffing gaps to create a powerful migration team from our highly qualified specialists. To seamlessly augment your in-house IT team, contact us today.

What are data migration requirements that your professionals follow?

MEDITECH experts in our network know, understand, and implement best practices. This holds true from the assessment stage of the project to its completion and verification of success.

Why is data migration necessary when transitioning to MEDITECH?

When switching from another EHR system, MEDITECH data migration is needed to transform the data structure to meet the requirements of the new system. Successful migration maintains the completeness, accuracy, and integrity of the data, which is essential for a healthcare system to continue to provide outstanding healthcare services. MEDITECH EHR data migration should be performed in ways that meet technical specifications and allow the healthcare organization to meet its business goals.

What types of data can be migrated to MEDITECH?

MEDITECH data migration involves the transition of data maintained in each patient’s EHR so that the information about diagnoses, prescriptions, allergies, and so forth can remain available to healthcare professionals and the patients themselves. For an optimal experience, the actual migration should be preceded by an analysis and de-duplication of data in the current EHR before MEDITECH data cleaning and transitioning occurs. Then, all should be double-checked for completion and accuracy.

What are the common challenges faced during MEDITECH data migration?

Before MEDITECH EHR data migration can take place, there must be mapping done to match fields from the current EHR system to the MEDITECH one, homogenizing the data fields for ease of transfer. A common challenge, then, involves data mapping discrepancies. Complications can occur during MEDITECH data cleaning, which has the potential to damage data integrity. Additional challenges surround the process of maintaining data privacy and security throughout the process as well as managing downtime during the actual MEDITECH migration.

Is it possible to perform a phased data migration with MEDITECH?

MEDITECH data migration in phases is possible and, when desired, this should be conducted after careful, strategic analysis and planning to ensure that the healthcare organization can address technical challenges while meeting business goals. Phases could occur, for example, by location or by medical specialties.

What steps should an organization take to prepare for MEDITECH data migration?

Just like any other EHR project, it’s important to establish goals, timelines, budgets, and to create your MEDITECH migration team. The process involves data mapping in which data fields in the current EHR system are matched to those in the new MEDITECH one; deciding which data should be migrated and what should be archived; MEDITECH data cleaning; and the actual cutover to the new system. This should involve careful project management, training of end users, and more.

How can data integrity and patient confidentiality be maintained during migration?

This is a crucial concern during MEDITECH data migration, and so it’s important to have team members on the project who understand the intricacies of data security throughout the process. There must be a clear understanding of the current data and quality assurance validation procedures must be built into the process with these best practices carefully adhered to.