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We make sure that your McKesson system is properly integrated according to industry best practices and your established workflows and processes. From initial project setup to launch day and beyond, our trained professionals will be there at every turn to make sure the EHR implementation process is a smooth and painless one.

Most importantly, HealthTECH Resources has the leadership experience required to ensure that your staff is well trained and well informed, offering top-notch support every step of the way. To benefit from our huge network of premier consultants and our team’s unparalleled expertise in healthcare IT, please contact us today by either filling out the contact form below or calling us at (602) 903-7961. Expert assistance can be on the way in as short as 48 hours.

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Healthcare Staff Augmentation for McKesson Implementation Services

Benefits of choosing our boutique staff augmentation services for your healthcare IT projects include our:

    • Accelerated solutions that allow you to get your projects off the ground much more efficiently
    • Deep and wide EHR consultant network
    • Unparalleled experience in McKesson implementation, integration, and optimization
    • Well-deserved reputation for solving pain points that other staff augmentation companies couldn’t—and with much less red tape
    • Sole, dedicated focus on the niche of healthcare IT

Professionals provided to your company by HealthTECH will have hands-on experience in providing healthcare IT consulting services to large hospitals, academic medical centers, rural health systems, and other healthcare providers. HealthTECH is one of the top providers of EHR consultants in the United States with a proven track record of ongoing excellence—and proprietary processes and deep industry knowledge that allow us to speedily fill in staffing gaps with expert talent.

A comprehensive bench of premier professionals can be available, on site, within 48 hours, including consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements. Examples of specialists that can meet your most stringent staffing requirements and urgent needs include the following: Analysts, Application Coordinators, Instructional Designers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Directors and more with experience in these McKesson modules.

We specialize in several different service areas of McKesson staffing, please read on to learn about them.

McKesson Training

Training specialists create and provide services that facilitate confident use of McKesson technology within your healthcare organization—and, at HealthTECH, we provide leading McKesson consultants who specifically focus on this niche.

Because this application can be configured in unique ways to meet your customized needs, McKesson training programs must be designed to dovetail with those configurations and to present role-based information to departments within your facilities. For example, the needs of retail-based pharmacists will be different from physicians or insurance specialists, and vice versa. Experienced McKesson training consultants will present information differently to each group to meet their needs in engaging and interactive ways.

Plus, there are technical writing professionals within the HealthTECH network that focus on creating process documentation that can be used during McKesson training sessions and beyond at facility workstations.

McKesson Consulting

“McKesson consulting professional” is a pretty broad term. In order to provide you with the consulting services your organization needs, when you reach out to us for staff augmentation services we’ll ask for specifics about the knowledge and experience you need your McKesson EHR consultants to have. This software is both robust and intricate, which means that facilities like yours often need multiple types of EHR consultants, each with their own niche specialties—and deep knowledge about their particular forte.

For example, you might need a McKesson consulting professional to help you build and develop certain Paragon, Horizon, and/or RelayHealth modules. Or, you might need to supplement your staff for your EHR optimization or when cutting over to go-live with your technology. Other times, you may need a professional to provide project management or another broad scope of services.

Just let us know! We staff McKesson projects of all lengths and complexities, whether professionals are needed for a short amount of time or as a permanent hire.

McKesson Implementation

It isn’t unusual, as you build your EHR implementation team, to discover gaps in skill sets. Perhaps there is a specific implementation area where you won’t have enough skilled staff; or, in some cases, you may find that you don’t have anyone on your team with a highly specialized set of skills that you’ll need during the implementation period.

Strategically filling in those gaps from the start will help your facility to optimally create and execute processes. McKesson implementation experts can play a key role by crafting goals, tasks, timelines, and deadlines; optimally allocating resources; cleaning and migrating data; identifying and addressing workflow challenges; and more within the project’s budget and scope.

When determining how much staff augmentation you’ll need, first analyze your in-house healthcare IT staff. How big is your internal team? What specialties do they have? If a staff member gets assigned to the McKesson EHR implementation, what tasks will they no longer be able to handle, time-wise? Is that acceptable or the best use of human resources?

Please contact us to discuss how to right-size your McKesson implementation team.

McKesson Optimization

Go beyond basic implementation of your McKesson application by optimizing the technology to maximize how you’ll use this robust, highly flexible software. HealthTECH Resources offers McKesson consultants who specialize in doing exactly that.

Pacing of the McKesson implementation and optimization is key. When the process is rushed, it’s easy to skip over the myriad of intricate workflows that the software must manage. On the other hand, when the process isn’t streamlined before making the software available to users, these end users will spend too much time using the technology. McKesson optimization specialists can leverage their experience to appropriately pace the implementation and optimization processes; pinpoint possible pitfalls; and develop workarounds to maximize benefits for medical professionals, pharmacists, and patients.

McKesson Go-Live Services

All of your facility’s careful planning and hard work will culminate in one key day: your highly anticipated McKesson go-live date. Optimal success of this go-live cutover requires targeted training, change management implementations, and more. When strategically handled, the result is the successful launch of a robust system that will allow your organization to maximize usage and financial benefits alike.

Contrast this scenario to what can happen when a lack of planning or poor planning has complicated the transition. This leads to missed deadlines, extra expenses, and plenty of frustration.

McKesson consultants in our network gather input from people in diverse roles to minimize transition issues, checking off punch list items one by one as they test the application setup before going live. Before the software goes live, EHR consultants can ensure that all is optimally complete, including configurations, role-specific user training sessions, support systems, and more.

McKesson EHR/EMR Migration

Each healthcare organization has unique needs with their McKesson migration project, in part because each has a unique starting point. Some may need EHR/EMR migration and implementation services to upload paper records into digital form while others are upgrading from an EMR system to a robust EHR. No matter the specifics, the process can be complex, including:

  • Assessing your current EMR/EHR system and functionalities
  • Exploring the McKesson system and functionalities
  • Crafting a streamlined yet highly effective process plan
  • Appropriately staffing your migration team through in-house/staff augmentation
  • McKesson implementation, integration, and optimization processes
  • Go-live switchover
  • McKesson training and change management services

Data migration decisions will likely need to be made in these ways:

  • Analyzing data integrity
  • Determining degrees of data duplication
  • Choosing migration/integration processes
  • Deciding what data to NOT migrate
  • Selecting what data will be archived

Each element of your EMR migration/EHR migration can be crucial with the quality of this process significantly affecting the integrity of medical records from that point on.

We support these McKesson modules:


  • Materials Management
  • Payroll
  • Patient Supply Charging
  • Physician WebStation
  • Clinical CareStation (CA&CP)
  • Operating Room Management
  • Medication Administration
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Pharmacy
  • Order Management
  • Emergency Department
  • Physician Documentation
  • CPOE
  • Compliance Advisor
  • Radiology
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Laboratory
  • Microbiology
  • Medical Records /UR/ROI/MRT
  • Patient Management/Registration
  • Forms Routing
  • General Ledger / Accounts Payable

Horizon Clinicals

  • Expert Plan
  • Health Summary
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Imaging
  • Meds Manager
  • Physician Portal
  • Radiology Manager
  • Admin-RX
  • Blood Bank
  • Cardiology
  • Emergency Care
  • Expert Documentation
  • Expert Notes
  • Expert Orders

Horizon Ambulatory Care/Horizon Practice Plus

  • Horizon Homecare


  • Pathways
  • Star 2000
  • Series 2000
  • HealthQuest 2000

HealthTECH Resources for Your McKesson Staff Augmentation

The benefits of choosing HealthTECH Resources for your IT staff augmentation services include our depth and breadth of experience over the past 20-plus years—decades in which we’ve specialized in just one niche: the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space. We’ve developed extensive networks, connecting to first-rate professionals who provide services to pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare centers, which allows us to rapidly fulfill staff augmentation requests.

We’re an agile boutique firm that provides personalized service with the fastest, most reliable, and most knowledgeable recruiting team in the healthcare IT human resource/EMR/EHR industry. You can proceed with confidence, knowing you’ll receive the very best service and high-qualty professionals when filling in staffing gaps in the United States.

Over the past few years, HealthTECH has experienced unprecedented growth because of our ability to match healthcare facilities with the professionals they need. Fortunately, we’ve prepared for this growth—and for the growth yet to come as our clients continue to ramp up their staff augmentation needs. How? By expanding our networks, operations, and specialized recruiting functions while streamlining processes and delivery systems.

This expansion will benefit your healthcare facilities in numerous ways, including in the increased depth of first-in-class professionals you can rapidly access in our network to continue delivering world-class health care services.

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McKesson FAQs

What is McKesson software used for?

McKesson is an advanced software that helps facilitate your organization’s ability to improve patient care. The technology provides highly efficient, secure workflow tools to help pharmacies and other healthcare facilities to boost patient outcomes while also accelerating revenue and profitability and reducing the amount of working capital needed. Your organizations can securely host data; obtain centralized, real-time information across locations; manage workflow streams; and create targeted reporting, all in a customizable and scalable way.

Paragon by McKesson, for example, is a robust EHR system that comprehensively integrates clinical and financial functions for health systems of all sizes. Benefits of Paragon include the ability of your facilities to reduce the complexity of your EHR system and simplify data management at a lowered cost of ownership. Applications are easy to use with anytime/anywhere web access through mobile devices.

As another example, Horizon Home Care by McKesson helps healthcare facilities to expedite front-end processes to shorten revenue cycles through streamlined billing rules and more.

What are the differences between EHR and EMR implementations?

The overall processes can be similar as both involve the implementation of digital systems to maintain health records although EHR implementations can be more complex. Here’s why. An electronic medical record (EMR) implementation digitizes paper charts and typically include a person’s medical history, diagnoses, allergies, and so forth. They provide easy access for medical professionals within an individual health system but don’t have sharing capabilities that go much beyond that.

An electronic health record (EHR) has much more robust capabilities. They contain what you’d find in a patient’s EMR plus insurance information, imaging reports, lab data, wellness device inputs, and more. Plus, besides its broader scope of data sources, medical providers can share information in real time among healthcare systems to collaborate on patient care.

What are the benefits of EHR implementation?

The benefits of EHR implementations are numerous, including how facilities can provide enhanced quality of care through information exchanges that can take place in real time. Availability of up-to-date, accurate information improves care delivery and reduces the possibility of errors; for example, electronic prescribing eliminates errors that can occur by misreading handwriting on paper prescriptions, including dosage errors. This saves time for physicians, pharmacies, and patients alike, while protecting everyone.

Another benefit comes from reduced paperwork, which frees up healthcare and pharmacy workers to focus on more meaningful tasks. Plus, as paperwork is lessened, less storage space is needed, which leads to reduced costs, and ease of information retrieval further streamlines processes and their associated costs. Yet another benefit is the trackability of communications among physicians, pharmacies, insurance providers and more, including medical coding information. Communications are stored within the system for ease of reference, which reduces the likelihood of errors and the need for followup calls.

Our healthcare facility needs McKesson implementation/consulting services. What should we do first?

The experts at HealthTECH are ready and willing to discuss your healthcare IT staffing needs, including augmentations from our extensive network of top-quality McKesson consultants. To leverage our unparalleled expertise, either fill out our online form or call us at (602) 903-7961. We look forward to discussing your project staffing needs!

How can I become part of your McKesson consultant network?

Thanks for your interest in becoming part of our premier network! We make it quick and easy to apply. You can find open positions here and then click on the currently available professional positions to read more detailed descriptions. For each one you qualify for, you can click on the orange “Apply For Job” button to submit your application. Or, there are two other options. You can submit your resume or you can apply for open positions through LinkedIn.