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A Successful Approach With Experienced Epic Training Professionals

Setting the stage for success is crucial, which involves the processes of pinpointing specific needs, conducting effective and efficient planning, and delivering on promises on time while creating a well-structured, laser-targeted program.

To accomplish all this, the Epic Training Professionals from our network, such as Epic Principal Trainers and Credentialed Trainers, can gather information about the ways in which your healthcare facilities will use this application and your goals for its implementation; the types of users (from physicians to insurance professionals and everything in between); how your organization plans to uniquely configure and customize the application; and more. Once the information is collected, they will have the ability to create a vigorously useful yet nuanced training program with multiple touchpoints.

Epic trainers will then, in collaboration with key stakeholders, formulate a plan to move forward. This approach will allow each set of software users to experience the application in ways that they’ll actually use when the software is live.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Epic Training Programs

Professional trainers will take all of the inputs gathered in step one to design training programs for engaging, interactive, and highly useful sessions. These programs are created after identifying and integrating information about your teams’ knowledge, needs, processes, and more—and then dovetailing them with the capabilities of Epic software to maximize effectiveness and cost efficiencies, both short- and long-term.

Training professionals will then move forward with the actual training sessions in the ways that are desired by your healthcare facility. There are multiple approaches to EHR training with three of them being role-based, super user, and process-based—or you may decide to use a combination of techniques. Here’s more about each approach.

Role-Based Epic Training

Experts will provide training that’s designed to highlight specific users’ needs in an environment that welcomes questions and incorporates valuable feedback to optimize the role-based approach. The end goal: each set of users will confidently move forward with the software after implementation is complete and all goes live.

Super User Epic Training

You could leverage a training approach where your facility will strategically select a group of super users who will be trained to become experts in the application, ultimately serving as a resource to all EHR users within your facilities.

Process-Based Epic Training

With this approach, your facility’s workflows are at the heart of the training’s design and presentation. Rather than training with a person’s role in mind or through super users, the Epic trainers can consider each of your typical processes and guide healthcare teams through each of them.

Following Best Practices

Professionals provided by HealthTECH Resources will provide best practices training sessions while avoiding common mistakes. For example, for team members who only need to know front end applications, it typically only confuses them when back end issues are discussed. Or, when training sessions get too long, it can be hard to comprehend and retain what’s learned later in the session. Instead, Epic trainers from our extensive network avoid these pitfalls and provide targeted, highly effective, scalable training solutions.

EMR to EHR Implementation Considerations

Pre-computers, healthcare facilities used paper healthcare records. Some then transitioned from those to using emergency medical records (EMR) while others went directly to using much more robust electronic health records (EHR). From a training perspective, it’s important to consider how much of a leap in computer/technology knowledge that healthcare staff members will need to make and provide the appropriate amount of training that starts where they are, knowledge-wise.

Process Documentation

Process documentation is an important part of implementing EHR software. Fortunately, the HealthTECH network contains top-notch technical writing professionals who can create Epic process documents that can be used for training purposes and for access at your facility’s workstations, as needed.

Post Go-Live Epic Training Support

After the EHR application is in use, users will have questions and documentation will likely need to be enhanced. Professionals from our network are experienced in this phase of the process, and are ready and willing to provide the necessary support as users continue to gain proficiency and apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations. In certain cases, retraining is helpful; if so, experts available through our staff augmentation services possess those skill sets.

More About Epic Staff Augmentation Services

Whether you’re looking for an Epic Instructional Designer, or other knowledgeable Epic professional, HealthTECH Resources provides top-quality professionals with boutique IT staff augmentation services being at the very heart of what we do as we provide accelerated, ultra-efficient solutions. With more than 20 years in the staff augmentation industry, we have unparalleled experience in the EMR/EHR space as we help clients like you get projects off the ground more quickly.

In fact, we’re one of the top providers of healthcare IT consultants to hospitals, universities, pharmacies, and insurers in the United States in the EMR/EHR niche. We’re proud of that and of our proven track of excellence and ability to solve pain points with far less red tape.
Trainers experienced in these Epic modules can be available on site within 48 hours. Our accelerated fulfillment processes allow your facilities to meet the most stringent staffing requirements and urgent needs by using consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, and permanent placements.

We also provide Epic consultants for implementation, optimization, go-live cutovers, and more. When you contact us for your training needs, also consider what other Epic consultants you’ll need for a streamlined, outstanding start to finish experience. HealthTECH Resources can quickly provide you with top talent who get the job done right! Please contact us online or call (602) 903-7961.

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