Optimizing Your Epic Revenue Cycle Modules

Epic software provides hospitals and other healthcare facilities with customizable solutions to streamline revenue management. As each module is flexibly personalized, you can focus on improving healthcare outcomes with a steady eye on ROI.

After optimizing Epic Revenue Cycle modules, they’ll need to be monitored, in part because providers and payers change rules and processes. To avoid delayed payments or claims denials, you can seamlessly update the Epic modules to reflect new processes.

To get the most out of your technological investment, it’s vital to build a strong team of Epic consultants. Fortunately, our boutique-style agency specializes in healthcare IT staff augmentation services so you can fill in the gaps and implement, integrate, and optimize projects more effectively. Contact us to benefit from our accelerated solutions and unparalleled experience.

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We Support The Following Epic Revenue Cycle Modules

Epic HIM

Your organization can implement some to all of the following health information management modules, depending upon your medical records needs. Epic HIM modules are typically used by differing groups of end users.


This release of information module allows you to track and fulfill patient health information requests through streamlined workflows. You can create digital copies of a person’s legal health record and release it through appropriate channels with the ROI module providing alerts about release restrictions.


This module manages duplicate records, whether multiple ones for a particular patient or numerous records for patients with the same names. You can identify duplicates and resolve them within the module. This allows you to streamline your records and save time when searching for a patient’s information.

Coding & Abstracting

This module allows your billing department to see the financial activity for a hospital account. Coding & Abstracting contains tools that will allow you to simplify the management of your medical records (paper and electronic). You can verify information, review procedures and diagnoses, and otherwise document key data.

Deficiency Tracking

Automatically create chart deficiencies with this module or identify outstanding ones and monitor them to completion. These deficiencies can range from missing documents to incomplete charting, unsigned documents and so forth that have a crucial impact on record completeness.

Care Everywhere

Share patient records among other healthcare organizations that use the Epic system as part of a seamless health information exchange. This module can be especially vital during times of hospital crowding when patients may need to be moved among facilities where available capacity exists—facilities that may not otherwise be connected outside of their shared Epic use.

Epic Resolute

These modules allow you to optimally manage patient accounting (inpatient and outpatient) with Epic Resolute modules drawing info directly from Epic clinical modules. This provides your hospital staff with ready access to tools that streamline billing, as well as outstanding claims and collections.

Hospital Billing

As one of the account maintenance modules, this allows you to monitor financial activities in hospital accounts. This, along with Professional Billing, are Epic Resolute’s two overall billing modules.

Dorothy and Comfort

This Epic Resolute module is specifically designed for home health and hospice usage and has been renamed as EpicCare Home Health. This module allows visiting nurses, aids, physical therapists, and other caregivers to document care given in a patient’s home, even when there is not an internet connection.

Professional Billing

Use this account maintenance module to address patient accounting needs in clinics. This is one of the two overall billing modules in Epic Resolute; the other is Hospital Billing.

Single Billing Office

As the name implies, this module is ideal when billing from a single office and it combines workflows from Hospital Billing and Professional Billing into an integrated system. This module also incorporates the self-pay functionalities of these two billing systems.

Benefits Engine

Your billing team can find benefit information for each insurance plan to quickly know which services are covered. This streamlines the work of your billing department while offering in-demand information to patients needing your services.

Charge Router

This robust module can conveniently create new charges, evaluate ones made for errors, and update charge records, modifying them for billing purposes. Additionally, role-based charges can be deleted as needed.

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When you need outstanding staff augmentation support in the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space, you can engage with HealthTECH Resources professionals as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements.

Our unsurpassed network of experts specialize in Epic HIM and Epic Resolute, fulfilling roles such as analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors, training professionals, and more. Our network of professionals can fill positions at your healthcare facility including:

  • Epic HIM Analyst / Consultant
  • Epic Resolute Analyst / Consultant

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FAQS: Epic Revenue Cycle Modules

What is the revenue cycle process?

This cycle includes administrative functions that are part of the documentation, management, and collection of revenue for patient services provided. This cycle starts when a patient arrives and ends when payment is made—and there are Epic Revenue Cycle modules for each step.

What types of functions do the Epic Revenue Cycle modules perform in a healthcare IT system?

EPIC HIM modules allow your organization to manage health information requirements, address duplicate records, monitor account deficiencies, and much more, depending upon the module. Epic Resolute focuses on optimal patient accounting in hospital, clinic, practice, and hospice settings.

What type of job positions are there for Epic Revenue Cycle professionals?

As a few examples, positions can include Epic Resolute and Epic HIM consultants, Epic HIM analysts/Epic Resolute analysts, trainers, process documentation pros and much more.

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