Optimizing Your Epic Patient Access Modules

“Patient access” refers to a consumer’s ability to get—to “access”—the healthcare services they need. The ease in which they receive access will play a significant role in their overall patient experience and subsequent loyalty.

This in turn fuels a healthcare organization’s ability to continue to generate income. This is true because of increased loyalty and also because registration processes are the ideal time to get accurate patient information to use for billing purposes.

Epic software provides hospitals and other healthcare organizations with streamlined patient access applications, ones customizable to unique workflows. To maximize benefits and results, create a powerful Epic team by filling in staffing gaps with HealthTECH Resources.

We have just one niche—the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space—and our unsurpassed network of Epic consulting professionals, accelerated solutions, and unparalleled experience will allow you to fill staffing gaps to implement, integrate, and optimize Epic Patient Access modules.

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We Support These Epic Patient Access Modules

Epic Grand Central / Epic Prelude Enterprise Registration

This is the admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) module. This system allows healthcare facilities to track inpatient visits from when people arrive and are admitted to when they’re transferred throughout the facility through the point of discharge. Grand Central contains workflows for bed planning (in multiple facilities), patient location abilities, housekeeping management and more with real-time reporting and analytics available.

Epic BedTime

This patient access module focuses on reducing the amount of time it takes for admitted patients to receive a bed and otherwise optimizing bed flow. Once the admittance decision is made, your team will place a bed request order and, after verification is made, personnel will assign one.

Epic Cadence

This is Epic’s scheduling module for outpatient and specialty healthcare clinics, used to schedule patient appointments and then track them. After a physician appointment is made, the scheduling team will have access; you can decide whether a team member will only see their own patients or the entire schedule. Scheduling staff can then check a patient in and otherwise manage daily flow.

Epic MyChart

Available as both a web-based system and an app for Apple and Android, Epic MyChart allows patients to manage their own medical care. They can view test results, prescriptions, past and upcoming doctor visits, as well as request appointments with their physicians—along with many other features.

Epic Welcome Kiosk

To streamline the registration process, healthcare facilities can combine the power of MyChart with Epic Welcome Kiosks to empower patients and streamline the registration process. Patients can begin registering at home through MyChart online and then complete the process when arriving at their appointment through self service kiosks. This eliminates stress associated with lines and waiting times when registering.

Epic Security

This module allows Epic end users to safely and efficiently access their workflows with customizable security levels that can be set appropriately for each module and group of users. Security allows IT teams to create integrated security templates that can be used across Epic modules.

Epic Cheers

Epic Cheers is a robust CRM module that’s designed to help patients who are seeking direct care while streamlining the intake process. Plus, it allows patients to remain connected to healthcare providers while outside the walls of a doctor’s office or hospital. Epic Cheers provides healthcare organizations with deep, transparent insights about populations being served, which allows them to proactively prepare for patient needs, broadly speaking, and then enrich the individual patient care experience. This module will send targeted messaging to patients using Epic MyChart and otherwise keep them engaged in ways that give facilities a competitive advantage.

Contact HealthTECH Resources for Epic Patient Access Module Professionals

HealthTECH Resources has more than 20 years of experience in helping healthcare organizations like you augment their IT teams. You can engage with our outstanding network of experts as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements—ones that specialize in Patient Access modules and fulfill roles such as: analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors, training professionals, and more.

Niche roles that can be filled include these, among numerous others:

  • Epic Grand Central/Epic Prelude Analyst
  • Epic MyChart Consultant
  • Epic Cadence Instructional Designer

Our boutique-style agency meets the most stringent staffing requirements on the most urgent timetables. In fact, we often have requested professionals from our deep, wide, and extensive networks on site within 48 hours. HealthTECH Resources is the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team in the EMR/EHR industry and we’re ready to help you.

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FAQS: Epic Patient Access Modules

What does patient access mean?

Patient access starts with registration and scheduling and provides support to patients and providers throughout the healthcare experience—and is considered a key part of the revenue cycle.

During registration, your intake teams can gather demographic and insurance-related information to begin to capture a medical record of this visit. This information can then be used by numerous teams within your healthcare organization. During this process, your staff can determine what a patient’s financial responsibility will be, based upon insurance coverages, along with deductibles, co-pays, and more. This can help your organization to manage revenue while informing patients of what their financial portion may be.

Epic Patient Access modules are available to seamlessly handle functions across the patient access and revenue cycle, providing quality records for future reference and much more.

What types of functions do the Epic Patient Access modules perform in a healthcare IT system?

At the heart of patient access processes: admission, transferring, and discharging. Epic Grand Central/Epic Prelude manages these functions from the time of a patient’s arrival until they depart with customizable planning functions, real time reporting, analytics and much more.

To further streamline these processes, healthcare facilities can have patients begin their registration at home by using MyChart online and then leveraging the technology of Epic Welcome Kiosk by having them finish the registration process in a self-service way on-site. This reduces stress on the patient and the provider.

Epic BedTime can shorten the patient wait time for a bed by optimizing the flow while Epic Cadence serves as an outpatient/speciality clinic scheduling module. Epic Security is used to provide safe and efficient usage of these modules.

What type of job positions are there for Epic Patient Access professionals?

You can combine these roles—analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors, training professionals, and process documentation experts—with each of the Epic Patient Access modules. The result? A specialized professional to help you with the specific modules you need.