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The implementation of the Epic EHR software may be one of the most complex IT projects that your healthcare facility will undertake and need to manage. Here at HealthTECH Resources, we specialize in EHR/EMR implementation and understand the critical nature of Epic implementation. You can count on us to provide you with precisely the right professionals, for your most urgent staffing needs. In fact, we’re the fastest, most knowledgeable, and most reliable EMR/EHR staffing resource in the country.

Benefit from the unparalleled expertise of HealthTECH’s leadership in healthcare IT staffing and our deep network of outstanding Epic implementation consultants. Please fill out the form below or call (602) 903-7961 to leverage HealthTECH’s experience and find the perfect Epic implementation consultant for your facility.

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Creating Your Epic Implementation Process Team

From the planning stage to the post-go-live support stage, having the right EHR implementation team is crucial for successful projects. While building this team, you’ll likely discover skills gaps. Filling those at the beginning of the process through staff augmentation services enhances your healthcare facility’s ability to optimally implement your Epic application.

The Epic consultants from our premier network can help you to establish EHR implementation goals, tasks, timelines, and deadlines within your project’s scope and budget. They will collaborate and work closely with your in-house team, allowing your healthcare facility to leverage internal and external resources for maximum implementation success.

To analyze your facility’s skills gaps and determine the most effective ways to right-size Epic implementation human resources, just contact us. We specialize in helping healthcare facilities create laser targeted teams with professionals having exactly the right experiences and talents.

Optimizing Your Epic EHR Implementation

Specialists within our deep and wide professional network will optimally implement your Epic application to help your facilities maximize usage of this highly flexible, exceptionally robust technology. They’ll leverage their experiences with other implementations to provide top quality services to your facilities, which includes optimal pacing.

If Epic EHR applications are implemented too quickly, some of your facility’s workflows will likely be given minimal attention—when this leads to added steps for end users, medical professionals and other staff will unnecessarily need to spend more time on routine tasks. Conversely, when processes move too slowly, the implementation becomes less cost effective for your facility and you must wait a longer amount of time to realize its benefits.

Choosing Epic specialists who leverage their extensive levels of experience to right-pace your implementation, though, will allow you to move forward on the optimal timeline. This permits your healthcare facility team to put less time on unnecessary tasks and more time and attention on quality patient care.

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When you choose HealthTECH for your Epic EMR/EHR staffing services, you benefit from our more than two decades’ worth of deep industry experience. You’ll also benefit from our broad connections with industry professionals and our highly developed networks—and our sole focus on this particular niche.

As a boutique-sized staffing agency, HealthTECH Resources provides personalized services to each of our clients throughout the United States. No cookie cutter solutions! We’ll respond quickly to your staffing requests, recognizing the urgency of having just the right EHR implementation team for your Epic project.

As we’ve been experiencing unprecedented growth at HealthTECH Resources, we’ve accelerated our operations and specialized recruiting functions while streamlining processes and delivery systems. Why? This is what allows us to continue to provide rapid staffing fulfillment services during the momentum of our continuing growth. Even as your hiring needs ramp up, our proactive preparation will allow us to provide you with the first in class Epic professionals you need.

When you’re focusing on maximizing your IT technology to deliver world-class health care services, you can count on HealthTECH Resources to provide the Epic EHR consultants you need to truly go above and beyond.

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Epic Implementation FAQs

What is Epic implementation?

The Epic implementation process involves the configuration and customization of this particular brand of software to dovetail with the processes and workflows of your healthcare organization and its integration into the facility’s overall technology. Specific components of the Epic implementation process include analyzing the current EMR/EHR system and creating an implementation plan; cleaning and migrating data; integrating and optimizing the system; training end users; testing the application; and going live.

What is the EHR implementation process?

EHR implementation involves configuring and customizing the EHR software of choice, such as Epic, to integrate it into the healthcare facility’s overall technology. The goal is to dovetail the Epic EHR implementation to seamlessly mesh with the facility’s unique processes and workflows.

How long does an Epic implementation take?

It depends! Some projects are fairly straightforward while others can be much more complex. Some facilities are transitioning from a more manual system or from an EMR implementation to an EHR while others are switching from another EHR system to Epic to take advantage of all its functionalities and power. As a general answer, an implementation may take several months or more. For a more specific response, please contact us so that we can connect with you EHR professionals who are highly experienced with the Epic EHR implementation planning processes and timelines.

How many hospitals are using Epic?

According to a May 2020 KLAS report, 29 percent of acute care hospitals use Epic, which is the largest EHR market share. In 2019, Epic had gained 55 facilities, which shows the continuing momentum towards using this premier application. Phrased another way, the majority of top-ranked hospitals and medical schools, according to the U.S. News and World Report, use Epic. Answering this question from a patient usage perspective, more than 250 million people have their electronic health records in Epic. To augment your staff with first in class Epic implementation consultants, please contact us.