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After selecting Epic as your electronic health record (EHR) software of choice, this robust, highly flexible application can then be configured and customized for your healthcare facilities’ unique needs. Plenty of careful planning and behind the scenes work will take place as experts prepare for the red-letter moment: Epic go live day when the application will be used by physicians, insurance specialists, and more to manage your healthcare records.

The processes involved in a seamless cut over require an experienced team, and this is where HealthTECH Resources comes in. We specialize in just one niche: supplementation of healthcare IT staffing for EMR and EHR projects, including Epic.

To benefit from our unparalleled experience, track record of success, and premier consultants, please contact us by filling out the form below or calling (602) 903-7961. We’re happy to help you create a staff augmentation plan and provide the professionals you need.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Epic Go Live Planning and Preparation

Going live with the Epic application is the target throughout the implementation, integration, and optimization process with the goal of leveraging this technology to provide world-class health care. Steps of the overall Epic implementation process include setting objectives and timelines, budgets and scope—and then analyzing workflows and processes to ensure that configurations and customizations will dovetail with them.

Role-based training sessions, process documentation, change management initiatives and more are involved in the implementation process—before testing, validating and, finally, Epic go live day takes place.

It’s important to have knowledgeable, seasoned Epic consultants in place for the cut-over process to maximize the financial benefits.Less time-tested consultants may unnecessarily complicate the process because they don’t have the needed experience to fall back on. This can lead to missed deadlines, extra expenses, and plenty of frustration.

Experienced professionals from the HealthTECH network will gather input from key people in diverse roles to minimize any issues and avoid potential pitfalls. They will double check the cleanliness and accessibility of data, design and test the Epic setup, and systematically mark off punch list items as they are optimally completed.

Finally, they ensure that end users are trained in their specific roles, appropriate support systems are ready to go, and all is properly configured. Then, Epic go live professionals manage an effective transition to the application.

HealthTECH for Epic Go Live Staff Augmentation Services

HealthTECH Resources is the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team in the EMR/EHR industry, thanks to our sole focus on fulfilling healthcare IT human resource needs. Our agency has more than 20 years of industry experience in the EMR/EHR market, and we’ve developed extensive networks of and in-depth connections with professionals who provide in-demand services to medical facilities across the United States.

We respond rapidly to staffing requests to meet your most stringent staff requirements under the most urgent timelines. This means you can count on top quality service and the ability to fill in staffing gaps with second-to-none professionals.

Though we have experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years, it doesn’t impact our ability to rapidly fulfill your staffing requests. Why? We proactively expanded our operations and specialized recruiting functions and streamlined our processes and delivery systems so that you can continue to benefit from our premier staffing augmentation services.

In fact, you can now benefit from an increasingly broader and wider network of first-in-class consultants. The result: an even greater ability for HealthTECH to offer the professionals you’ll need for your Epic application’s go live and to optimize your ability to deliver world-class health care services.

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Epic Go Live FAQs

What does Epic go live support offer?

When your healthcare facility chooses Epic as your EHR application, this highly flexible application is typically configured and customized to dovetail with your specific workflows and processes. To ensure each member of your staff is utilizing the application effectively, it would be ideal to have professionals with expertise in your specific setups to offer ongoing end user support after the application goes live.

Many facilities designate certain members of their in-house IT staff as “super users” and they receive special training in Epic usage and can also serve as points of contact when additional support is needed, in-house. HealthTECH can then provide your organization with these professionals who can offer this ongoing support, as needed, with the Epic application.

How long does an Epic go live process take?

The actual go live transitions are not lengthy as they consist of switching from one application to another after all of the components to go live are in place. The entire process, from selecting the Epic software to going live can take several months and, in complex situations or when the application is implemented in stages, it can take a couple of years. In certain circumstances, it can make sense to transition all at once, meaning every healthcare department and all users. Other times, it’s more logical to go live in strategic phases.

HealthTECH Resources can provide your healthcare facility with consultants who can guide you through the decision making process, crafting an approach that fits your timeline, budget, and care environment. One key benefit of the all-in approach is that your facility may need a shorter amount of significant support services; a key benefit of a phased-in approach is that users can receive more personalized support along the way.

What are some tips for a successful Epic go live?

First, the overall Epic project should include inputs and feedback from people throughout the organization to ensure that all workflows and processes are efficiently and cost effectively addressed. As part of this, it’s important to incorporate the cutover into an overall implementation plan, carefully planning the transition and strategically checking off all punch list items before going live. This includes successful migration of clean, de-duped data; effectively completed, role-based end user training; comprehensive testing and validation; and more. Plus, any support services must be ready to go before the application goes live.