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Planning For A Successful EHR Epic Data Migration

When migrating data to your new Epic application, the process can be complex—and decisions made will have a significant impact on the integrity of your patient medical records going forward. To maximize the success of this endeavor, whether your healthcare facility is planning a legacy EMR data migration to Epic or switching your EHR software, it’s crucial to have an experienced team with exactly the right people on the project.

HealthTECH Resources specializes in augmenting healthcare IT staffs for EMR and EHR projects, including with Epic data migration. To benefit from our unparalleled experience and premier consultants, please contact us by filling out the form below or by calling (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Components of EHR Migration Planning

At the project’s inception, it’s important to create migration goals and objectives, which is supported by every action taken from that point on. Armed with this information, your healthcare facility can determine the scope and budget of this migration, then set timelines and deadlines and allocate resources, including for human resources, that fit within the overall Epic project.

Decisions needing to be made will likely include:

  • What data should not be migrated; this can include balances on patient bills
  • What data to archive; this can include patient records that are no longer active
  • How to determine the cleanliness and quality of data
  • How to address data duplication

Here at HealthTECH Resources, we specialize in just one niche—the EMR/EHR space—and our in-depth network of Epic consultants includes highly experienced people with expertise in optimally addressing each of these issues. Using their EHR data migration knowledge and experience, they’ll collaborate with your in-house team to minimize risk, identify and avoid potential pitfalls, and maximize the quality of the data cleaning, conversion, and migration.

Whether you are uploading records that currently exist on paper only or migrating data to the robust Epic application from another EMR/EHR system, we can help by optimally augmenting your healthcare IT team. Professionals from our network can be on site quickly, often within 48 hours, to meet your most urgent project needs and stringent staffing requirements. Epic migration experts are available as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements.

Epic Data Cleaning, Conversion, and Migration

As part of the Epic data migration process, our professionals can help to assess which data should be retired and which data is not of sufficient quality (based on your healthcare facility’s definitions/attributes) to be migrated. They can also archive what should be kept for regulatory, tax, or other purposes.

Data cleansing can take place manually or automatically, or in tandem, again based upon agreed-upon rules and definitions. Once completed, data verification processes can ensure that relevant information is complete and accessible for migration purposes. As it’s being migrated, data checks can ensure that any changes taking place during the cleaning or migration processes have not impacted their values or negatively affected any other processes within the system or your healthcare facility’s overall IT.

HealthTECH for Your Epic Migration Staff Augmentation

As one of the top Epic consulting companies in the country, our firm has more than 20 years of industry experience focusing solely on EMR/EHR consulting. This depth and breadth of experience has allowed us to develop extensive networks of Epic professionals and facilitate industry connections. We are able to respond rapidly to Epic staff augmentation requests and provide personalized service to fill in staffing gaps throughout the United States.

Over the past few years, we have experienced unprecedented growth in our company, thanks to our ability to match healthcare facilities with in-demand experts, and we anticipate that this growth will continue. To prepare, we’ve expanded our operations and specialized recruiting functions to give organizations like yours an increasingly greater network of EHR professionals.

We’ve also streamlined our processes and delivery system to be able to continue to provide professional consultants as our clients keep ramping up their hiring needs. This win/win scenario positions your facilities to continue to provide world-class healthcare while being supported by best-in-class technology.

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Epic Data Migration FAQs

What is Epic migration?

When healthcare facilities choose to implement Epic software as their EHR system of choice, data from previous systems (either from paper records or from another brand of EHR) will need to be moved to the Epic application. Steps involved include developing a migration plan; determining what data should be archived and what should be migrated; handling data cleaning and post-cleaning verifications; and much more. This is a crucial process in the overall implementation of the application because the quality of patient medical records going forward rests in large part on the cleanness and relevancy of the migrated data.

How should we prepare for our Epic data migration project?

Your EHR migration is a key step in an application’s overall implementation—and its goals, objectives, timelines, resource allocations, and so forth must seamlessly fit within the overall project. This includes assessing the current system, whether EMR or EHR, and comparing that to the functionalities of Epic software. Determine what data will be migrated and what will be archived; how it will be cleaned (manually, automatically, or a combination); verified; and so forth.

As part of your EMR/EHR migration to Epic, it’s crucial to ensure you have the appropriate staff for the project, perhaps through a combination of your current healthcare IT team and strategic staff augmentation. If you need to take current team members off other important tasks to migrate data, is that doable? The best use of human resources?

Contact us to discuss how to optimally augment your Epic migration team.

What kind of patient information is migrated to Epic during this upgrade?

Epic is an electronic medical health (EMH) record system. These records include the basic information such as a patient’s name and age, in addition to a person’s medical history, including diagnoses, medications, allergies, immunizations dates and more will be migrated during an Epic data migration. With Epic, you can also store lab data, wellness device data, imaging reports, insurance information and more.