Maximize the Power of Epic Clinical Modules

The majority of hospitals use Epic software to manage their healthcare systems, maximize clinical care, and more. Workflows and applications can be flexibly tailored to meet the needs of each facility with a focus on efficiently and effectively improving healthcare outcomes.

To fully benefit from this application’s customizations, it’s crucial to build the right team of Epic consultants—and HealthTECH Resources specializes in filling in staffing gaps to optimize the process. Our accelerated solutions and unparalleled experience allow you to implement, integrate, and optimize projects more quickly.

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We Support The Following Epic Modules

EpicCare Inpatient


Epic’s information system application for emergency departments allows ER personnel to quickly see bed statuses/room occupations to efficiently manage ER patient visits. This information can be displayed on monitors by ER nursing stations so medical professionals can easily glean key information in a busy environment.


This anesthesia information management system module is used in pre-op evaluations and pre-admission testing, recordkeeping, and patient care during operations, patient recovery and beyond. This module integrates with OpTime, used to manage operating room functions.


This module helps your medical teams identify and monitor patients at risk for infection. This enhances your healthcare organization’s ability to manage antimicrobial processes, report infections to regulatory bodies, and know when and whom to isolate, among other functions. This module seamlessly integrations with Beaker (Epic’s laboratory module).


This nursing documentation module, also known as EpicCare Inpatient, focuses on documentation for admitted patients. Patient chart content can include assessments, flowsheets, medication administration, clinical notes, and patient monitoring and plan of care, as well as discharge instructions.


Epic’s operating room management application allows surgeons to plan an entire surgery in one convenient workflow: from scheduling and operating room utilization to anesthesia and pre-op activities to intra- and post-operative functions. This improves surgeon productivity and allows data access in surgical environments, both inpatient and ambulatory.


Manage the comprehensive continuum of care for a transplant patient from the initial evaluation to postoperative follow up. Transplant documentation tools are embedded into clinical workflows, and facilitates research and registry reporting. Phoenix supports waitlist management and reconciliation.


Epic’s obstetric module includes outpatient pregnancy care and in-hospital delivery documentation and allows medical teams to see complete obstetric care information. This includes all patient documentation as well as obstetric staff workflows.


EpicCare Ambulatory

EpicCare Ambulatory is one of the main elements of the Epic platform. Clinicians use this module for overall ambulatory/outpatient medical records management: from visit documentation to order placing, procedural performances, prescription ordering, and more, allowing professionals to review results and communicate information to their patients.

Healthy Planet

This population management system helps healthcare facilities provide better care for a defined patient population. This module arose from the establishment of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), which are part of the Affordable Healthcare Act. This module allows care managers to benefit from workflow tools, dashboards, customized reports and more.


This web-based portal provides patients with self-serve access to their medical records and allows them to interact with their caregivers via the internet. Patients can see their physician orders, test results, prescribed medications, and appointments, also empowering them to schedule their own appointments and send medical questions.


This module provides targeted ophthalmology and optometrist applications. This eye care module allows for customized procedural workflows, eye exam documentation, prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses, and so forth.

Willow Ambulatory

Epic’s outpatient pharmacy module permits medical teams to access medication histories, track medication dispensing, and retrieve prescription claims information from a centralized pharmacy. Note that there are both inpatient and ambulatory forms of Willow with the first type implemented in hospital pharmacies.

Nurse Triage

This module gives nurses seamless access to patient records so they can provide timely advice over the phone and streamline communication with patients. Your facilities can sub-license telephone triage guidelines for pediatric and adult use from Epic.


This application provides tools and workflows for dentistry procedures for dentists and their assistants and hygienists. Tools chart tooth health while the application allows your team to schedule patients, assess risk, create and enter treatment plans, and more.

HOD (Hospital Outpatient Department)

In this specialty department, patients receive outpatient care and may or may not be admitted to the hospital. Oftentimes, these types of departments utilize a combination of EpicCare Ambulatory and EpicCare Inpatient modules.

Choose HealthTECH Resources for Epic Clinical Software Support

HealthTECH Resources specializes in one niche—the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space—and we offer a comprehensive slate of in-demand professionals. Engage with them as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements with each highly experienced in Epic Clinical software modules. Our network of professionals can fill a wide range of roles including:

  • EpicCare Ambulatory Analyst
  • EpicCare Ambulatory Instructional Designer
  • EpicCare Ambulatory Consultant
  • Epic Healthy Planet Analyst
  • Epic Healthy Planet Instructional Designer

If you’re in need of Epic analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors, training professionals and more, contact our boutique-style agency that has 20+ years of experience. We meet the most stringent staffing requirements and urgent needs for healthcare organizations, often having professionals on site within 48 hours.

Thanks to our depth and breadth of experience and our extensive networks, your healthcare facilities will benefit from the best in the business when you source Epic professionals. HealthTECH Resources is, in fact, the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team in the EMR/EHR industry.

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Epic Clinical Modules FAQS

What are Epic modules?

Epic modules are the individual components of the Epic software system that perform specialized functions for the different areas of a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility. For example, OpTime is Epic’s operating room management application while Beaker manages the lab functions for hospitals, clinics, and more.

What types of functions do the Epic Clinical modules perform in a healthcare IT system?

These modules facilitate workflows and processes, store records for easy retrieval, and allow healthcare facilities to manage inpatient and outpatient care. Each module is specifically created for particular functions.

What types of job positions are there for Epic Clinical modules?

Here’s a sample list:

  • EpicCare Ambulatory Analyst
  • EpicCare Ambulatory Consultant
  • EpicCare Ambulatory Instructional Designer
  • Epic Healthy Planet Analyst
  • Epic Healthy Planet Instructional Designer
  • Epic Inpatient Consulting Professional

We can also help fill specialized roles with highly qualified candidates. Contact us online today to discuss your needs.