Maximizing the Power of Epic Mobile & Third Party Access Modules

These Epic modules allow physicians to stay secure and seamlessly connected with their patients and colleagues, as needed, around the clock. This allows them to review patient records and results; receive notifications when crucial new information is entered; and much more.

Mobile and third party access modules enhance communication, which in turn allows medical professionals to efficiently and effectively improve healthcare outcomes for their patients. Physicians can access information wherever they are, whether at home or doing hospital rounds.

To optimize usage of these modules, it’s crucial to have a powerful team of Epic consultants consisting of seasoned experts who can help your healthcare organization to implement, integrate, and optimize the chosen technologies. Our boutique-style agency will provide you with the accelerated solutions and top quality professionals you need to close staffing gaps for a successful project.

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We Support The Following Epic Modules

Epic Haiku/Epic Canto

Epic Haiku and Canto help physicians to stay securely connected with patients and other medical professionals, as needed, around the clock. These modules operate on portable devices: Epic Haiku is a mobile app for iPhone® and Android® while Epic Canto is an app for iPad®. Physicians can leverage the power of this convenient interconnectivity when offsite (whether at home or in another medical facility, as two examples) or when doing rounds in the hospital.

Epic Haiku and Canto allow your medical professionals to pull up patient charts and lists, review scheduling, and read messages, lab reports, imaging, notes, and more to prepare for the upcoming day or appointment, and otherwise review important information. Physicians can read outpatient reports, including diagnoses and orders, vitals, and more, as well as inpatient reports from admissions through the point of discharge. Epic Haiku and Canto can also highlight new or abnormal results to allow physicians to quickly and easily read these updates.

Additionally, doctors can reply to messages in their inbox; create orders; and use the integrated Dragon speech-to-text functionality.

EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link is a web-based portal that allows your facility’s physicians to have secure access to patient medical records around the clock. Through this portal, they can view a person’s visit information; inpatient and outpatient records; diagnoses; lab results; imaging results; imported documents; and more.

Physicians can receive notifications when a patient’s test results come in or they are in the emergency room, admitted to- or discharged from a hospital. Plus, physicians can conveniently message one another in a secure environment.

EpicWeb/Epic UserWeb

EpicWeb/Epic UserWeb is an online resource where users can receive training information, participate in discussion forums, learn of relevant events, see key documentation, and so forth.

Epic AppOrchard

Epic AppOrchard contains more than four hundred apps from five hundred-plus organizations that help developers with application programming interfaces, interoperability, and SMART, FHIR, data models, and APIs. You can leverage the power of sandboxes and test and demo technology in an isolated environment for technical, training, marketing, and networking purposes.

Epic Garden Plot

With Epic Garden Plot, independent medical groups can seamlessly leverage the power of Epic, creating holistic patient records. This in turn will allow them to enhance patient care, streamline their processes, and benefit from EHR software in ways that are ideally targeted to their size and needs. Epic Systems created this module for medical groups that can’t use the Community Connect program, a system that allows medical professionals to have access to the EHR technology without buying the infrastructure. With Epic Garden Plot, physicians and specialty care providers can conveniently access relevant third parties with minimal overhead.

Epic Best Care for My Patient

Slated to go live in early 2023, Epic Best Care for My Patient will allow healthcare providers to quickly access best practices information. Populated through real-world, de-identified patient records, this technology offers healthcare organizations in-depth analytics to enhance decision-making to continually improve patient care. Big data can be studied and then shaped to provide optimal individual care. Epic is partnering with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure clear, representative, up-to-date information so medical professionals can use this module with confidence. Epic Best Care for My Patient will also be an exceptional tool for medical researchers.

Choose HealthTECH Resources for Epic Mobile and Third Party Access Support

HealthTECH Resources specializes in just one niche: the healthcare IT/EMR/EHR space. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer healthcare facilities like yours with in-demand professionals as consultants, contractor-to-hire professionals, or permanent placements to implement, integrate, and optimize Epic applications.

Roles that we can fulfill upon include (but aren’t limited to) these:

  • Certified Epic Haiku/Canto Analyst
  • Certified EpicCare Link Analyst
  • Certified Epic AppOrchard Consultant

More broadly, if you need analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors, training professionals and more with expertise in Epic Mobile and Third Party Access modules, we can meet the most stringent staffing requirements and urgent timelines. In fact, we often have professionals on site within 48 hours. We also ensure that our network of candidates are up to date with most recent NVT (new version training) annual certifications.

Our agency is the fastest, most knowledgeable, and reliable recruiting team in the EMR/EHR industry. So, when you source Epic professionals from our staff augmentation firm, you’ll benefit from our unsurpassed depth and breadth of experience and our extensive best-in-the business networks.

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Epic Mobile and Third Party Access Modules FAQS

What are Epic modules? What are Mobile/Third Party Access modules?

Epic, overall, is a robust electronic health record (EHR) system that can be customized through the selection and configuration of modules, including those with mobile/third party purposes. Modules, then, are individualized components of the overall application, each with specialized functions that allow healthcare facilities to have the specific technologies for their needs.

Mobile/third party access modules include Epic Haiku and Canto, EpicCare Link, and EpicWeb/Epic UserWeb.

What types of functions do the Epic Mobile/Third Party Access modules perform in a healthcare IT system?

These modules focus on seamless communication and the secure sharing of information. For example:

  • Epic Haiku/Epic Canto: Each of these modules help physicians to easily and securely connect and communicate with patients and other medical professionals, as desired, around the clock. Epic Haiku is designed for iPhone® and Droid®; Epic Canto is for iPad®. Physicians can review scheduling, charts, messages, lab/image reports, diagnoses, results, and more.
  • EpicCare Link: This web-based portal provides physicians with secure access to medical records and sends them notifications at key moments: when test results come in, for example, or when a patient is in the emergency room, is admitted as an in-patient, or is being discharged. This is also a robust messaging tool.
  • EpicWeb/Epic UserWeb: This online resource serves as a central source for training information, discussion forums, events data, documentation, and more.
What types of job positions are there for Epic Mobile/Third Party Access modules?

Here’s a sample list:

  • Certified Epic Haiku/Canto Consultant
  • Certified EpicCare Link Analyst
  • Certified Epic AppOrchard Consultant

If you don’t see what you need in this sample list: we can provide analysts, application coordinators, instructional designers, project managers, program managers, directors, training professionals and more for each of the modules described. To get started, contact us online today to discuss your needs.