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EHR implementations are complex projects that involve strategic planning and nuanced decision making with numerous pitfalls to proactively navigate. At HealthTECH Resources, we specialize in helping healthcare organizations like yours undertake and manage Cerner implementations with finesse.

HealthTECH is in fact the fastest, most knowledgeable, and most reliable EMR/EHR staffing resource in the country. Because we focus on just one niche—the EHR/EMR implementation space for healthcare facilities—you can count on us to rapidly provide you with highly qualified Cerner experts on your tightest deadlines, often within 48 hours.

To find the professionals you need from our network of outstanding EHR/EMR consultants and to benefit from our leadership and unparalleled expertise in healthcare IT staffing, fill out the form below or call (602) 903-7961.

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Our mission is to drive excellence in healthcare through tailored IT consulting solutions.

Building Your Oracle Cerner Implementation Team

Having the right EHR implementation team throughout your project, from planning to post go-live support, is vital for success. As you assess the skills and specialties of your in-house team and analyze how much time they would have to dedicate to an EHR implementation without damaging other initiatives, you will likely discover skills gaps and time concerns. To address those challenges and to enhance your healthcare facility’s ability to optimally implement Cerner, leverage the power of staff augmentation services.

Premier Cerner consultants from our in-depth network will collaborate with your in-house team, working closely with them to maximize implementation success. Within your project’s scope and budget, they can help you to establish:

  • Goals
  • Tasks
  • Timelines
  • Deadlines

Having these Cerner professionals on your implementation team empowers your healthcare facility to fully leverage internal and external resources. HealthTECH, though, goes beyond supplying human resource talent. We’ll also help you to analyze skills gaps and recommend the best ways to right-size your EHR implementation team.

Oracle Cerner Implementation and Optimization

During your implementation, it’s crucial to take the complexity of all of your workflows into account, undertaking the intricate process with significant attention to detail. In other words, you need to optimize the robust, highly flexible Cerner software through the use of specialists, including professionals gleaned through staff augmentation.

As the Cerner application is efficiently streamlined, the software should be set up so that end users will be freed up from handling repetitive, routine tasks. Instead, physicians and other medical professionals can focus more of their time on quality patient care. As your implementation team identifies pitfalls and crafts viable workarounds, the application is further enhanced to help medical professionals and patients alike, and to improve your facilities’ bottom line.

Specialists in the HealthTECH network appreciate the importance of pacing. Rushing an EHR implementation process typically gives too little attention to some workflows. This can result in clunky processes that frustrate end users and patients, which will waste valuable time. Slow pacing and/or stalled implementations, on the other hand, are less cost effective with a delayed return on investment.

Leverage the experience of the Cerner specialists in our professional network to right-pace your implementation and optimization. This allows you to focus on necessary tasks without getting tied up with unimportant ones—keeping a focus on quality patient care that’s enhanced through optimal use of modern technology.

Oracle Cerner Staff Augmentation Through HealthTECH Resources

When you choose HealthTECH Resources for your EMR/EHR staffing services, you and your organization will benefit from our more than two decades’ worth of industry service and connections. As a boutique-sized staff agency with a sole focus on healthcare IT, we provide personalized services to each of our clients, responding quickly to requests.

Over the past few years, HealthTECH has experienced unprecedented growth and, to continue to offer rapid staffing fulfillment, we’ve accelerated our operations and specialized recruiting functions while streamlining processes and delivery systems. So, even as your hiring needs ramp up, we can still meet urgent timelines with premier professionals who truly go above and beyond.

We’re ready to meet your Cerner staff augmentation needs!

CIO or IT Director Needing Oracle Cerner Consulting Support?

Our experts are eager to discuss your needs today.

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Oracle Cerner Implementation FAQs

What is Cerner implementation?

Cerner implementation is a process in which this brand of software is configured, customized, and installed to manage the workflows of your healthcare organization, integrating it into the technology of your facility. Organizations that use Cerner include medical practices, retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, laboratories, and more. Some projects are reasonably straightforward while others are more complex. For example, some organizations may be transitioning from an EMR implementation to the robust Cerner application to leverage its functionalities, which may be more time-consuming than when switching from one EHR implementation to another software brand.

What is entailed during the Cerner implementation process?

This process begins with choosing this application and defining the project’s overall goals and scope. After creating a budget and allocating human resources, Cerner experts can create timelines and milestones before determining how to implement the software that will most efficiently manage facility workflows and processes. Cerner can be configured and customized in unique ways and, as this takes place, the implementation team will need to proactively avoid pitfalls and create workarounds for optimal integration with your facilities’ overall IT structure. The overall implementation process also includes change management initiatives, the development of training programs and process documentation, data analysis, cleaning, and migration, go-live checklists and processes, and post-go-live support.

How does Cerner consulting contribute to a successful implementation project?

Strategic use of Cerner consultants throughout the implementation process will help to fill in skills gaps and otherwise support your in-house IT team. Each professional consultant brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with them, allowing them to contribute to the most efficient, cost effective, successful implementation possible. They can train end users in a variety of ways, ensure that all is ready to go live before the cutover takes place, offer post-live support, and more. Call (602) 903-7961 for stellar staff augmentation services or fill out the form on this page.